World Trade Center Demolition

There ARE conspiracies, the fake attack on the world Trade Center on 11 September 2001 was a controlled demolition with thousands of kilogrammes of military grade explosives carefully placed over a period of months in order to demolish the towers -- it is mechanically impossible for an aircraft crash to cause the damage that we saw -- refer to the article below for more information

This conspiracy was apparently directed at enabling the US Government to embark on war in the Middle East, exactly what their motives were, who exactly instigated the placing of explosives, etc is NOT known, that there was a conspiracy is provable from an engineering consideration of the nature of the collapses and is supported by thousands of highly qualified professionals

The fact that the truth is NOT exposed publicly, other than on the Internet DOES support allegations of high level collusion to conceal the truth but the fact that the truth IS widely publicised on the Internet and NOT suppressed does indicate that those responsible are NOT particularly concerned if the truth does leak out

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09.09.04 911 Shocking Information -- Choose This Day Who You Will Serve

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This document reports information that evidences conclusively that the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 and all the associated events, including the impacts by the aircraft, the attack on the Pentagon and the apparent crash of an aircraft in open country were all fraudulent and were perpetrated by a group of people who must have been part of the Government of the United States of America with the express objective of providing an excuse to engage in war with Muslim states and in particular Afganistan and Iraq.

Various items of information are presented and contrasted with practical experience to evidence that the twin towers could not possibly have been destroyed by aircraft impact since they were in fact designed to accommodate such impact safely.

Other information evidences the presence of sophisticated explosive residue throughout the dust and waste from the aftermath and considerable evidence of massive explosions of the sort that would be required to demolish such huge buildings in the way they fell.

There is very much other evidence that is not discussed in this article, links are provided to various websites where other information may be obtained.

Further reports evidence molten steel in the basements of the buildings six weeks after the event which point to massive high temperature events that cannot possibly result from no more than ten thousand gallons of jet fuel, most of which ignited on impact, as claimed in various reports.

Readers are referred to their own life experience to establish that the burning of paper and other material soaked in petrol will not melt or even materially soften steel, particularly high strength steel encased in fire protection that is designed to withstand fire for hours.

The structures of the towers were massive compared to the mass of the aircraft, the aircraft mass was of the order of 0.02% of the mass of the towers.  Roughly the equivalent of throwing an egg filled with petrol into your living room and expecting the entire house to collapse.

Discussion is presented with regard to the reality of secret societies and of those illuminated by the demons of Satan, that is filled with demonic spirits in a manner that is comparable to the manner in which servants of Yah the eternally self existing, the Almighty Creator, are filled with His Spirit.

It is pointed out that the existence of these organizations and these people is widely documented and widely known although most people are ignorant and disbelieving of such things.  Such people can be your colleagues at work, your next door neighbour or even your spouse without you realizing it.

Finally, Yah confirms this situation and warns that the majority of Christians have never known Him or had a personal relationship with Him and nor have the majority of Muslims.  The war between the Christians and the Muslims is between the son’s of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael the majority on both sides being servants of Satan while on both sides there are remnants of limited size who are serving Yah the eternally self existing, the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and some who are teetering on the fence.

Yah further states that ALL GRACE with respect to use of the blasphemous names “The  LORD”, “God”, “Jesus” and “Christ” has been withdrawn and that He now expects those who claim to love Him to use His true Name “Yah the eternally self existing” or “Yahooeh” and call his son “Yahooshua” meaning Yah is salvation and to refer to the anointing as the “anointed of the Spirit of Yah”.

Yah also expects those who claim to love Him to keep ALL TEN of the commandments as He defines them and not as the apostate church has corrupted them -- see end note for more detail.

In particular He points out that 29 September 2009 from sunset on the 28th to sunset on the 29th is the Day of Atonement, the most set apart day of the year and a fast day and that He requires all who claim to love Him to observe this fast and abstain from all work, sanctify themselves and set themselves apart to His service and start seeking Him and His truth with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength.

He states:

I am calling those who claim to LOVE ME and claim to truly desire to serve me to ‘choose this day who they will serve’ ...


He further says:

“I am calling them to choose, I will NO LONGER answer to ‘The LORD’ or ‘Lord’ or ‘God’ or ‘Allah’ or “Elohim’ and I will NO LONGER respect prayer in the name of ‘Jesus’ or ‘Christ’.



Conditions in the spiritual realm are about to become MUCH MORE SEVERE and all who claim to believe are challenged to press in to the Almighty and seek His Face and His Truth and forsake their evil ways, traditions of the elders, blasphemous names, etc.

Please read the endnote to this document for headlines of many issues that you should be aware of.





The World Trade Center.

The Pentagon.

El-Qaeda” – of course!

The war against terror” – yes!

We had to attack Iraq before they attacked us – see what they did on 911!”

God preserve our soldiers in Iraq who are fighting your battle!”

Are you sure?

Until a few weeks i WAS sure or i thought i was.

Then, a friend sent me an email with the following:

“James, take a look at this video when you get a moment...highly recommended, though challenging....

It took several days before i viewed the video, it has the rather strange name of “Loose Change”.

It is a one and a half hour presentation of reasons why the events of 9 September 2001 were not as they appeared and arguing quite convincingly in favour of a conspiracy by the Government of the United States in order to provide a pretext for war.

I watched the entire video with a mixture of disbelief and shock.

I have never favoured conspiracy theories so my initial reaction was one of scepticism.

I was at home on 9 September 2001 and was watching CNN when the second plane hit the second tower and i watched CNN for the rest of the day.

In the days that followed back there in 2001 the Almighty gave me a series of messages relating to Judgment on the United States, the spiritual factors that needed to be understood in order to understand the situation, etc.

Thus, as i watched the Loose Change video on Google Video i could verify that many of the video clips were indeed of those terrible events.

As i watched i found myself challenged by various unavoidable aspects of the situation.

In particular, i am a Civil Engineer, at University i undertook a lot of work with structural steel, i also wrote a final year mini-thesis on “Fire Protection and Prevention in High Rise Buildings”, I was also a Lieutenant Colonel in my countries Citizen Force army reserve in the Engineer Corps so i have experience of explosives, demolitions, etc and finally as a do-it-your-self hobbyist i have welded, heated and formed steel and studied foundry work.

So, i understand structural steel and the structural design of buildings, i understand the fire protection of high rise buildings and the manner in which fire spreads, is fought and its impact on high rise buildings, i also understand explosives, i have set and detonated explosives and demolished things, and i understand the behaviour of steel when subject to heat.

All of this context confronted me with some harsh “in my face” realities as i watched the  Loose Change video.

Many things seemed suspect but the item that stood out for me was a simple realization that my entire training as an engineer, a soldier and a person who has worked with steel was that there was absolutely NO WAY WHATSOEVER that the World Trade Center Twin Towers, let alone building seven nearby could possibly have collapsed the way they did as a consequence of impact by an aircraft.

Even if the floors had collapsed to some extent the structural steel core would have remained standing, even if bowed over and buckled and bent and there was no way that the towers could have collapsed in the way they did leaving the rubble they did as rapidly they did without MASSIVE controlled explosive demolitions carefully placed BEFORE the planes hit and carefully detonated after the planes hit.

I was faced with the harsh realization that some human beings had at the very least intentionally destroyed those buildings together with the people in them in an absolutely cold blooded chain of events which by implication supported the assertion that the aircraft were flown into those buildings by the same agency.

By extension, other allegations in the video made it very difficult to ignore the assertion that it was none other than the United States Government that had set this up and executed it with military precision.

The nature of the demolition of those buildings is such that the only way the real cause of their destruction was not immediately recognized and exposed was if the HIGHEST POWERS IN THE LAND were themselves responsible and covered it up!

This was a CHILLING OBSERVATION, one that at some level i recognized but one which i really did NOT want to believe.

At the same time it seemed to make some level of perverse sense.

After all, despite the pretext of atomic warheads in Iraq as a basis for the invasion, NO WARHEADS have ever been shown to the press or the world.

Having been to Iran i struggle to believe that the Iranians are the massive threat to world peace that the Americans and others claim they are.  How can i say that?  Simple, during my time there i found that senior people in the Iranian petrochemical industry were making use of US based satellite communications for their Internet and Intranet connections without the least awareness that this provided direct access to all their information to any US Government agency that was the least bit interested.  They were broadcasting video conferences of their executive meetings over US owned communication channels.   Hardly the work of a country that was covertly developing nuclear weapons.  In my time in South African military circles we were MUCH more aware of preventing that sort of access.

Do i digress?  Perhaps but i think these observations have a bearing.


In the days that followed i shared this information with a few people but was rather reticent, it was a huge conclusion.

I also studiously avoided praying about it.


Last Friday the Star newspaper in Johannesburg  reported a plane crash in Durban, South Africa.

I visited the website which provides images and found the following images:

The aircraft crash landed following engine failure at take off and crashed into a concrete paling fence, see left hand side of the top photograph.

I was struck by the extremely fragile nature of the craft and the extent of the damage from a relatively low speed impact.



From there i somehow found my way to and from there i found a link to a discussion of the aircraft crashes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on where i found links to all sorts of other sites including – Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth which includes a petition signed by 881 Certified Architecture and Engineering Professionals.

Then it struck me.

In my consulting work one of the points i stress is that “engineers do NOT design structures to stand up, they design structures NOT to fall down”.  It is unthinkable for any engineer that buildings such as the Twin Towers and the adjacent building should fall down under any circumstance whatsoever other than something close to a direct hit by a massive nuclear device.

For three structures adjacent to one another to collapse within minutes of one another with only two of the three having been impacted by a machine as fragile as that depicted in the photographs above is unthinkable for any professional engineer.


It is fundamental to the “Art and Science of Engineering” that any failure, no matter how small, should be examined in depth in order to ensure that such a failure NEVER reoccurs.

The reason we drive over bridges, fly in aircraft, go to work or live in high rise buildings is because we have huge confidence that structures and machines designed and built by engineers hardly ever fail.

It is unheard of for any high rise building to fail in the way the Twin Towers and adjacent building failed, let alone for THREE buildings to fail that way.

Only controlled demolition could cause that form of collapse.

I will NOT presume to offer you a comprehensive analysis of my argument, if you follow the links above you will find much information.  Together with this article i will email some of the articles off the Internet that assisted me to reach my conclusion.



As i probed further, i found the images on the right of an aircraft smashed deliberately at high speed into a concrete block.

It disintegrated into SMALL fragments and the concrete block was hardly damaged at all!!



On the left we see the impact of the second plane into the second tower.

Notice the fireball – that is most of the jet fuel burning off -- and notice the fragments, presumably of the aircraft and the building resulting from the impact.

Not dissimilar to the image above.

Probably not a lot of the aircraft left.

Notice the tower on the right.

Plumes of black smoke.

What produces black smoke?

NOT high temperature fires, low temperature fires.

Your barbeque / braai fire smokes when it is starting NOT when it is burning at high temperature.


So, the fire was NOT very hot.


the buildings collapsed totally.

Two towers, each of in excess of five hundred thousand tonnes mass demolished in a couple of hours by an aircraft of approximately one hundred tonnes of which about half was supposedly jet fuel, much of which, as we see above, burned off in the explosion at impact.

So we have an object of about 0.02% of the mass of the building causing the entire building to collapse in a couple of hours.  Roughly the equivalent of throwing an egg filled with petrol against the wall of your living room and expecting the house to explode and collapse.

All fire prevention and protection regulations require a high rise building to stand for hours unaffected and fire proofing is designed to prevent the structure from collapsing except after a very protracted fire.

None of the fire fighters who survived expected what happened, they had not ever experienced such a situation.  It had NEVER happened before ANYWHERE in the world!


Six weeks later as the rubble was unceremoniously and hastily cleared the demolition crews were finding steel at very high temperatures in the basement of the towers, in fact, MOLTEN STEEL.

Now, given that most of the Jet A1 burned off at impact how did the steel the in the basement melt?

This was high strength structural steel, protected with asbestos and other insulation to make it able to withstand fire for hours if not days before it was damaged.

It is alleged that Jet Fuel and paper and furnishings were blown down the lift shafts into the basement and burned there.

Check this out with your own experience.

Firstly, elevator shafts are closed off by very solid steel doors and the elevator lobbies are protected by fire proof doors, so how did the stuff get down the shaft, after all there were elevators in the shafts as well that would block them.

Secondly take some paper, some cloth, some floor carpet tiles and other flammable material of the sort you would expect to find in an office, place it in your steel garden wheel barrow, soak it with petrol, pour excess petrol onto it and set it alight – you can visualize yourself doing that i suspect AND i suspect that you are entirely confident that the wheel barrow will NOT melt into a puddle of molten steel.

After all, you have probably had a barbeque or burned garden waste or even had a coal or charcoal or gas or log fire in the fireplace of your home in a STEEL grate and NEVER experienced those materials materially deforming the steel let alone melting it in a way that it totally collapses into a puddle that stays liquid for six weeks!

How then would some of these materials twenty metres underground in an oxygen starved environment melt massive steel columns in a couple of hours such that these huge structures would collapse?

Surely the designers of these buildings allowed for fires of that nature in their designs?


Then i discovered that these structural steel columns in the basement that were melted by this mixture of office debris and unburned jet fuel were each two and a half feet by four feet in external dimension with walls four inches thick of high strength structural steel.  That is about 0.75 m by 1.2 m with wall thickness 100 mm.

The walls are as thick as the width of a brick.  I have never seen such massive steel columns and i guess very few people reading this have seen such a steel column.

This size is the size of a full size single bed.

Consider a full size single bed with solid base to the floor turned on its end and then consider that as high strength structural steel the thickness of a brick all around.

Then visualize piling all the carpeting, files, books, papers, etc that you can find against this massive structural steel monolith, pouring petrol over it and setting it alight.

Do you really visualize that steel tower melting and staying molten for six weeks?

What if i tell you there were 47, that’s right forty seven, of those steel columns in the basement of each of the two towers.

That is huge, YET those buildings collapsed in about two hours catastrophically in a way that NO OTHER HIGH RISE BUILDING HAS EVER COLLAPSED in the history of modern high rise buildings except when DEMOLISHED using controlled demolitions!



The next challenge is exemplified by the photograph to the right.

AFTER the aircraft has disintegrated there is a massive explosion.

In fact, eye witnesses report NUMEROUS explosions and a seismograph reports massive explosions.

By now the aircraft is reduced to rubble and the jet fuel is burnt out, or as the story goes, leaked into the basement.

But there is this massive explosion that sends pieces of the building flying in all directions, including UPWARDS.

In the dust and the rubble is found evidence of highly advanced explosives, the ONLY type of explosive that could be used to demolish such massive structures and a type of explosive not found in civilian life.  In fact, one interpretation might even be that it was developed specifically for this PROJECT!

And, it is an explosive that only the United States and perhaps a few other highly advanced countries would be able to produce let alone have any reason to produce so the rag tag bunch of El-Qaeda ruffians would have been hard pressed to make it and smuggle it in and place it all over the World Trade centre buildings in carefully concealed and disguised packaging.


Then, as i was wrapping up this article i linked to:

To discover the statement:

Fact. The twin towers were designed to withstand a collision with a Boeing 707. 

In the early 1970's the World Trade Center's chief structural engineer, Leslie Robertson, calculated the effect of the impact of a Boeing 707 with the World Trade Center towers. His results were reported in the New York Times where it was claimed that Robertson's study proved the towers would withstand the impact of a Boeing 707 moving at 600 miles an hour. Little did he know that decades later, two aircraft, almost identical to the Boeing 707, would impact the towers.”

Take note that this statement alone should raise the question as to why there has not been a criminal inquiry into the negligence of the design engineers for failing in their duty of care to design the buildings to withstand an entirely possible event, an aircraft colliding with one of the towers.

Surely the magnitude of negligence would be high since both buildings collapsed.  But, again these realities have not been recognized in this situation.



With this article i will distribute a number of Adobe Acrobat pdf files from various websites that provide further information.

I suggest that you do NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR THIS!

Go and research for yourself.

Follow the links i have given you.

Read the attachments.


And reach your own conclusion.

My conclusion?

High ranking officials in diverse areas of the United States Government, Military, etc assisted by diverse people in the private sector systematically and deliberately planned these events in order to create a pretext to engage in the “War on Terror” which is primarily a Christian attack on Muslim countries whether we like it or not.

Muslim’s have been portrayed as blood thirsty savages who deserve no mercy in order to generate an excuse for war.

And, some allege, for key people and corporations in the know to benefit hugely financially.

There are all sorts of theories about motives, about who benefited, about how the explosives were placed, etc.

You are welcome to research and form your own opinions BUT that is not really the important conclusion, certainly from my perspective anyway.



Having realized the magnitude of the crime that had been committed against the occupants of the buildings and possibly of the aircraft on 11 September 2001, the crime that was committed against all the citizens of the United States of America, against all the people of the world and against the nations of Islam i was struck by the reality that setting up this entire elaborate hoax must have involved at least hundreds but more likely thousands of people.

People who told little lies and people who told huge lies AND who continue to do so!

People who actively plotted and gave instructions to manufacture and plant what was probably tons of explosives.

People who after the event told elaborate lies to trusting and shocked citizens AND continue to do so.

At least several people who actually guided those aircraft into those buildings and at least one person who detonated the charges that destroyed those massive structures and committed wholesale murder.



As i pondered this i was forced to consider another set of truths that i have at some level wanted to ignore or believe were exaggerated.



The reports of secret societies that take blood oaths and bind their members to lie to protect the brotherhood on pain of terrible and excruciating death.

Societies that take oaths like “that my tongue be torn out by the roots and my heart ripped from my chest while i still live if i betray this trust” and other similar oaths while drinking blood ranging from human blood to pigs blood.

One such organization, reported to operate in one or more prestige US Universities purportedly drinks blood out of a human skull.

These organizations and their people DEEPLY UNDERSTAND COVENANT in a way few servants of Yah understand it – they know that IF YOU BREAK COVENANT YOU DIE – and they perform that death rite quickly, efficiently and mercilessly.  So it is seldom necessary for them to do it because everyone knows it is dependable except in extreme cases where our Father, Yah, takes them out and protects them, such as in the case of the man whose testimony was shared in the previous article.

Allegedly membership of one or more of these secret societies is necessary to progress in many organizations, institutions, political parties, governments, etc.

Allegedly members of these organizations will lie under oath and judges who are members will defeat justice so that members of the brotherhood may go free.  Such organizations exist in every society and every culture and every religion.

Free Mason’s are allegedly an example in Western societies, there are MANY others.

I have heard of these organizations and tended to downplay these reports as exaggerated.

I HAVE encountered the demons associated with these blood oaths in my own blood line and others.

Other reports have for several years been claiming that some of these groups have been planning to crash the global economy for the purpose of hijacking the currencies of the major nations, particularly the United States -- but that is another discussion.

Again, i have tended to regard these reports as exaggerated and downplayed them.

Now i have to conclude that crime as extreme as the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center and the associated events, which must also now be viewed as similarly inspired,  is only possible through a very substantial network of people who in presumably years of planning BEFORE 11 September 2001 and in the conspiracy of silence and misinformation and downright lies that have followed up to this day to conceal the truth that such secret societies ruled by fear and extreme blood oaths coupled to death vows ruthlessly carried out on those who break them, must in fact be operating.

Thus, where i was shown the hand of Satan on the Twin Towers at the time, that hand was and is far more pervasive than i could imagine, the evil more deep rooted than anything that i had previously considered possible.  Refer to “1A1.01.09.06_Satan's Presence At The World Trade Centre ‑ Confirmed in Photographs.pdf



You may have heard of the “Illuminati”.

Many people think this is a secret society, perhaps it is.

It is however also the description of those who are illuminated by Satan.

Illumination is a counterfeit of the anointing of the set apart Spirit of Yah – what many people have mistakenly known as the ‘Christ’ – one of the incorrect terms that has created confusion about the true identity of Yahooshua, the one many call mistakenly “Jesus Christ” which is an incorrect translation of “Yahooshua the anointed of Yah” referring to the Spirit of Yah that comes upon a human being.

Yahooshua is the most extreme example of how a man can be filled with and controlled by the Spirit of Yah but there are others who have been similarly filled, of which Moshe {Moses} is a good example.  There have been many others who have been filled to varying levels and today we are called to be so filled in order to restore the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and to prepare the earth for the return of our King (Yahooshua).

Such infilling of the set apart Spirit requires dedication, setting apart, seeking the face of the Almighty, dealing with sin, extreme sanctification, strict observance of the commandments of Yah, etc.

The illuminated ones are Satan’s equivalent.

They counterfeit Yah’s anointed in almost every way.

They can even perform “miracles” by withdrawing the demons that are causing illness and other actions.

You will even find them in churches praying to “God” in the name of “Jesus” and laying hands on people, prophesying over them and demonizing them!

BUT they achieve their “anointing” in the Satanic through fear, worship of Satan, inviting stronger and stronger demons into themselves until they become CONTROLLED by the demons that have taken up residence in them (in the cavity in the heart intended for the set apart Spirit of Yah), these people are “DEMON POSSESSED” as opposed to “demon oppressed” which is the case of nearly all the rest of the population of the earth.  Only a minute fraction of human beings on the earth today are sanctified (set apart) at a level where they are not carrying some demons.

In the recent article “Combat in the Heavenly Realm” we read of such an illuminated one who was able to perform astral travel, levitate and perform other demonically inspired feats.

Illuminated one’s can be witches, wizards or warlocks or any other category of Satanic servant, they occur in every culture, every society, they are everywhere.

They are NOT ugly hags as depicted in children’s stories.

They may be unattractive but they may also be the most attractive men and women around.  Satan enjoys collecting beautiful people and rewards them for serving him.

The person behind you at the bus stop could be an illuminated one but so could the person bestowing your cap on you at your University Graduation Ceremony or sitting in the judges seat when you appear in Court, or your local medical practitioner, or your member of Parliament or even your national President or local Bishop or pastor of your local church.

In fact, anywhere where you might pray for Yah the eternally self existing to place strongly anointed believers, Satan’s servants are praying and conniving and plotting and scheming and manipulating and lying and murdering to place their anointed ones.

And, on balance right now, there is MORE LIKELY to be an illuminated one than one anointed of Yah in those positions.

This is not to say that they are necessarily either.

Many are just run-of-the-mill ordinary citizens who sort of think they sort of serve the Almighty but do not really try and who spend most of their time sort of serving Satan but not really trying there either.  They represent the huge middle ground of human beings who are referred to as “lukewarm” in Revelation, neither hot for Yah or cold for Yah (hot for Satan).

Fact is that there are many illuminated ones around at various levels of illumination and they do NOT LOOK ANY DIFFERENT TO THE AVERAGE HUMAN BEING than a highly sanctified servant of Yah filled with the Spirit of Yah.

You could even be married to one and not know it!


Thus, it is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE for the illuminated one’s to plan and execute the entire range of crimes involved in the events of 11 September 2001 and all that has followed!

All coordinated and controlled by the forces of darkness, Satan and his messengers and demons and human servants through the principalities, powers, thrones and dominions of the spirit realm which operate on the earth.  Remember that Satan is in the Pit but all the remaining servants of Satan are operating on earth and above the earth barring those that anointed believers are sending to the Pit as the battle unfolds.

It is wise NOT to get too focused on the human beings, whether your local witch or warlock, the Government minister you suspect of being “one of them”, the church leader or leader of a denomination that you suspect to be “the beast” or whatever.

Unlike Yah who gave all authority on earth to Adam who gave it to Satan who remains the God of this world, the forces of darkness are NOT constrained as to who controls what.  So the Satanic messengers are controlling things in a way that few human beings understand.

They have agenda’s across the world that are executed by human beings in all nations, tribes, tongues, religions, etc so it is wise NOT to get too focused on the human beings.

BUT, you say, Yahooshua said “all authority in heaven and earth have been given unto me”.

True, BUT he then immediately delegated this to those who follow him and went and is “seated at the right hand of the Father WAITING for his enemies to be made his footstool”.

So, IF you claim to be a follower of Yahooshua, how many servants of Satan have YOU sent to the Pit this week?

Did you know you can do it?

Do you know how to do it?

Do you want to do it?

Do you CARE?

Or are you playing games with people while letting their souls go to hell?

Or are you just too busy enjoying life and making money to worry?

So, right now, as was reported shortly after 911, “Satan Is Winning the Battle Hands Down What Are You Going to Do About It?” (01.09.03)



By the time i had reached the above conclusion on Friday evening (25 September 2009) i sat stunned.

I could still not fully accept what my entire engineering and military training told me was the case.

I turned to our Father:

He confirmed that the broad conclusion was true.

That the government of the USA had actively murdered its nationals and others and caused massive damage in order to create a pretext for war with the Muslim nations.

He then said something that shocked me further:

“More than half the people who call themselves ‘Christian” have never known me and have been serving Satan through the blasphemous names ‘The LORD’ [= Baal], ‘God’, ‘Jesus’ [Approximately = Zeus] and ‘Christ’ but they have never known ME or had a personal relationship with me.

“Of the remainder who have had some level of personal relationship with me the vast majority have fallen away in the last decade and in particular since the grace for the use of these blasphemous names was withdrawn in 2001.

“And more than half the Muslims have also never known me and have been serving Satan through ‘Allah’ which is no more specific to me than ‘God’ and a similar falling away has taken place on that side.

“Thus, when the Muslim’s refer to Christianity and the United States as ‘The Great Satan’, they have been correct and when the Christians have made similar allegations against the Muslims they have also been correct.

“Thus we have the classic case of servants of Satan fighting against each other and embroiling my true servants in the deception because very few of my true servants have discerned that although most Christians are serving Satan a few are serving me and that although most Muslims are serving Satan a few are serving me.

“So, in causing war between these factions of his servants Satan embeds the lies on both sides that they are right and the other side are wrong and in the process more and more of my true servants are deceived and fall away together with the masses.”


He went on to say:

“The 28th of September, from sunset on the 27th to sunset on the 28th is the DAY OF ATONEMENT!.

“'I am calling those who claim to LOVE ME and claim to truly desire to serve me to ‘choose this day who they will serve’ ...

“Will they serve me through my true name ‘Yah the eternally self existing’ or ‘Yahooeh’ and my title ‘Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth’ or will they persist in using Satanic and idolatrous names?

“Will they come to me through the covenant that I made with and through ‘Yahooshua’ whose name means ‘Yah is salvation’ and who I created and will they refer to the anointing of my Spirit or will they persist in using idolatrous names, worshipping Yahooshua, a created being and using meaningless titles for themselves?

“I am calling them to choose, I will NO LONGER answer to ‘The LORD’ or ‘Lord’ or ‘God’ or ‘Allah’ or “Elohim’ and I will NO LONGER respect prayer in the name of ‘Jesus’ or ‘Christ’.




Thus says Yah the eternally self existing, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the Alpha and the Omega, the Almighty who is a consuming fire and whose wrath is now kindled against the blasphemers on the earth who presume to call themselves His servants and are not!

       I, James Alexander Robertson hereby testify that this was given to me and i accept full responsibility on the Day of Judgement if my claim is in error.



Yah has also stressed that He expects all who claim to love Him to keep ALL His commandments, that is all ten as headlined in the endnote to ETI emails and appended at the end of this document.

This includes observing the Day of Atonement from sunset 27th September 2009 to sunset 28th September 2009 as a fast and set apart day on which NO work shall be done.


The information in this article is challenging and stunning.

We are now called to choose sides.

Are you FOR YAH the eternally self existing, the Creator of the Heaven’s and the Earth, the Almighty and His created servant Yahooshua?


are you for The LORD, God, Allah, Jesus, Christ and therefore for SATAN!?

May Yah guide you to make the right choice and overcome your inhibitions and your compromises and traditions.

The time for traditions is PAST.

The time for compromise is PAST.

You are either SOLD OUT TO YAH or you are a servant of Satan.

It is as simple as that.

Satan is the God of this world, if you choose the world’s way and the world’s system and the comforts and privileges that go with serving Satan in this life.

Prepare to burn for eternity!

I hope that this article will help you to draw closer to the Almighty.


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Download pdf version of attachment: 911 Research - An Independent investigation of the 9-11-2001 Attack

Download pdf version of attachment: Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Download pdf version of attachment: 118 Witnesses World Trade Center Fire-fighters Testimony to Explosions in the Twin Towers

Download pdf version of attachment: Grabbe Direct Evidence for Explosions -- Flying Projectiles and Widespread Impact Damage

Download pdf version of attachment: Explosive Residues found in World Trade Center Dust

Download pdf version of attachment: Red Hot Spots under the World Trade Center

Download pdf version of attachment: World Trade Center Demolition -- WTC Designed to Survive Impact of Boeing 767

2011.09.05 - Do NOT concern yourself with conspiracy theories

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With the anniversary of the controlled demolition of the World Trade Centre towers and other related events upon us and faced with reports of feared follow-up attacks it is very easy to get sucked into all the different conspiracy theories that abound.

Yesterday I received a link to a video relating to allegations that the bomb blasts in London some years ago were also contrived in order to generate negative attitudes towards the Muslim people and keep Britain in the war in Iraq.

Yes, it is so that those aircraft could NOT have cause the buildings of the World Trade Center to collapse (refer detailed article and reference material on this) AND it is so that there are innumerable other conspiracy theories that abound.

Others suggest that the Roman Catholic Church is an agent of Satan and name the Pope as the anti-christ completely missing the point that the word anti-christ refers to anti-anointing and NOT a person and that the sins and errors of the Roman Catholic Church are not that different to those of all the other Christian denominations which use the pagan names, observe the pagan holy days, worship Jesus, etc.

Others suggest that rulers of this world are actually reptilian in form and not human and "shape-shift" to human form fuelled by gorging themselves on human blood.  Yet they lose sight of the reality that ONLY sons of Adam have authority on the earth and that all human beings on earth descended from Noah about 4,500 years ago.

In considering all of this I refer you to the article "Seek Truth NOT Error" that was published last year.  Yah does NOT want us dwelling on sin, error, lies, conspiracies, etc.

Yah has clearly instructed us to SUBMIT to those in authority over us as His agents, as the rulers we have been given in recognition of the fitness of our people for those rules – if we do NOT like the rulers we have been given we are to pray for them and NOT engage in rumour mongering, tale-bearing, criticism, etc and then seek to bring about constructive change within our society IF that is something we feel impressed by Yah to do.  Alternatively go somewhere where you can agree with the rulers.

The same applies to issues with church leaders and other religious leaders.

Either get constructively involved or remain silent and concentrate on what Yah has called you to do which is to prepare ourselves and others for the Day of Judgment and to serve Yah in the intervening period.

The ONLY exception to the above in our OWN LIVES is that we scrupulously observe Yah's commandments as set out to the Israelites by Yah on the Mountain in the wilderness of Sinai:

  1. Worship Yah only, do NOT worship Yahooshua
  2. No idols, do NOT worship the bible
  3. Do not take the name of Yah the eternally self-existing in vain
  4. Observe Yah's Sabbaths and do not observe other Sabbaths
  5. Honour your father and your mother
  6. No murder, no abortion
  7. No adultery, virginity is set-apart in the sight of Yah as is the covenant that results from the giving and receiving of virginity
  8. No stealing, includes false representations
  9. No lying, includes having pure doctrine and avoiding the mass of false doctrines that exist
  10. No lusting or coveting

We are called to observe these commandments in our OWN lives and to teach others these commandments without fear or favour and to take any punishment that comes our way for obeying Yah trusting Him to deliver us as he did with the men in the book of Daniel.


Yah does not want us speaking against the leaders of our nations or engaging in tale-bearing, critical speaking, etc.  In particular He does not want us engaging in speculative and fanciful conspiracy theories.

Yah wants us to either get constructively and actively involved or to limit our writings and our actions to things which advance His kingdom and do NOT bring us into rebellion.

Yah DOES require us to observe His ten laws / commandments in our own lives and to teach others to observe them.

May Yah bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

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Dr James Robertson, emissary and spokesman of Yah, founder of End Time Issue Ministries

Dr James A Robertson is called as an emissary {Apostle} and spokesman {prophet} of Yah, the Almighty Creator and has been set-apart for a number of years writing and publishing what he believes that the Almighty has said to him.

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Contact James at


An Engineering approach to the matters of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth whose true name is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing

By "engineering approach" is meant rigorous, precise, verified, tested, proven, questioning, critical, investigative, scientific, analytical, evolving, improving practical, no nonsense, learn from mistakes, intolerant of sloppiness, realistic, REAL



Random Selection of Articles Published on the End Time Issue Ministries Mailing List Since the Day of Atonement 2009

2012.11.07 Yah judge me severely

Yah judge me severely is the most fundamentally important prayer we can pray.

A person on this list has recently prayed that prayer and found himself in severe distress -- a measure of the sin there was in his life.

BUT he is pressing through and his life will never be the same.

Are you willing to seek total transformation in your life?

2011.02.07 Leviticus and Grace

There is major lack of understanding regarding Grace and Law

2011.07.08 Death with Yahooshua

One of the most fundamental principles of walking with Yah is dying so that Yah can live through us

2012.07.16 Lilith -- Adam's first woman

In discussing divorce it is vital to take note of the fact that Adam divorced Lilith, his first woman, because of her treachery.

2011.09.02 Ten Commandments in Hebrew on Large Rock in the central USA The Los Lunas Stone

Evidence of Hebrews in the USA thousands of years ago -- The Ten Commandments engraved on a rock in the USA at Los Lunas

2011.01.01 NOT I that live but YAH that lives in me

It is vital to understand that Yah wants to dwell in us and guide us and have a deep personal relationship with us

0030 About this site

This article provides more information regarding this site.

2013.05.01 Seek truth NOT error

Many years ago Father prompted me to write an article "Seek Truth NOT Error" with regard to a fundamental principle of life that He was teaching me

Some years ago I revisited the article and found that, notwithstanding that there was much truth in it, there was also significant error

Accordingly I wrote a new article which is attached -- I commend this for your consideration as a vital life principle if one is seeking to serve the Almighty

There is SO MUCH ERROR, focus on what is true and good

WHY Believe in the Almighty Creator and seek relationship with Him

IF YOU do NOT believe that the Almighty Creator exists and therefore do NOT have a personal relationship with Him you face a terrible fate when you COULD be blessed for eternity

The Creator has said regarding YOU "why would I want someone to spend eternity with me when they do NOT believe I exist?

Please go immediately to the WHY Believe page and give careful consideration to what is presented there

IF you have a DEEP inner conviction of the reality of the Creator, in other words you claim to be a "believer", but you do NOT have a deep personal relationship with Him such that He speaks to you clearly and regularly and you seek His guidance in every area of your life then He has said of you “why would I want someone to be close to me in Heaven, which inherently means I will give them great authority, if they do NOT have a deep personal relationship with me and have NOT proven to me that they can be trusted?”

Please go immediately to the Relationship with Yah page


This site is growing -- Re Blank Pages

As the site grows we from time to time add blocks of new pages which may NOT contain content for a while -- please accept my apologies for the inconvenience, you may find the information you require elsewhere on the site, alternatively email me for the information you are seeking
Note that words in curly brackets {} are words that although they are in common use are inaccurate in terms of the matters of the Almighty and should therefore be avoided

The Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, says: "It is time to choose -- will you be my friend, or my foe? -- there is NO middle ground!"

Yah says further:

"Ultimately THE AIM of this entire experiment is to find those who will make the sacrifices necessary to become My FRIENDS -- NOTHING is more important"
"A friend is one who is concerned about the well-being of the one they call friend and desires to treat that person as they would be treated -- HOW do you choose to treat Me?"
"True friendship is about what you can GIVE -- NOT what you can GET! -- what are YOU prepared to give Me (Yah)?"
"A true friend seeks to know ALL truth about the one whom they call friend AND to help others to know that truth -- Do YOU know the truth about me? Do YOU care?"
"In this age I (Yah) am MASSIVELY CONSTRAINED by the 'Rules of Engagement' in terms of what I can say and do EXCEPT through those true friends and true servants who will do the necessary work to KNOW my will AND proclaim it AND action it"
"There is NO greater love than that a man should lay down his life for his friend! -- Will YOU lay down your life for Me?"
"Technically a martyr is one who lays down their life for Me, NOT necessarily in physical death but also by sacrificing their comfort and well being in favour of doing MY will -- will you do ALL that it takes to serve Me and love Me as your friend, NO MATTER what it costs you? -- Will you be a martyr for Me by your way of living?"
"My true friends take time to spend quality time with Me daily and communicate with Me and consult Me constantly"
"Why Believe?
"Because if you do NOT you WILL find that when you die you are forced to serve and worship Satan for ever or at least until the day the winner of the 'The Contest' is adjudicated
"Realize that serving Satan after you die could be a really HORRIBLE experience, particularly IF you regard yourself as a GOOD person!"
"Imagine what it will be like as an ancestor spirit (demon) knowing the truth about the lies you believed and watching your loved ones making the same mistakes and believing the same lies that you believed and being unable to do anything about it!"
"Imagine what it will be like when you discover that you are irrevocably locked into the same dispensation that is behind the most barbaric and savage cultures on earth"
"IF you are a 'GOOD' person: when you die you may find yourself secretly hoping that Satan WILL lose 'The Contest' so that you can be cast into the Lake of Fire and utterly consumed in a moment of torment and terror, rather than being a participant in the progressive degradation of the human race into utter depravity, barbarism and perversion! -- and yet you will be POWERLESS to do anything about it!"
"The consequences of dying without a PROFOUND realization of my (Yah's) existence AND a DEEP life changing decision to serve Me is too ghastly to contemplate IF you take the trouble to REALLY understand the truth about the world you live in!"
"Imagine what it will be like to be a demon (ancestor spirit) riding on your favourite grandchild and watching them participate in the same empty rituals and mouthing the same meaningless platitudes that you practised during your life and being UNABLE to warn them of the terrible destiny that they are locking themselves into!"
"A person who reaches the end of their life as my TRUE FRIEND, one who has progressed from 'Wise Steward', to 'Good and Faithful Servant', to 'Overcomer' and ultimately to 'Friend' will receive rewards and authority of unimaginable splendour including a high throne, status and apparel that is far beyond anything that even the most powerful rulers on earth have ever dreamed of, let alone experienced -- contrast this with the other extreme -- an angry and depraved ancestor spirit (demon) desperately seeking favour in a kingdom where favour is a lesser level of torment and the right to exercise greater control and depravity over those less inclined to serve Satan and his Masterminds  wholeheartedly"
"Do YOU REALLY want to be part of a kingdom where the tortured murder of infants is regarded as one of the highest privileges of rank?"
"The evidence is ALL around you IF you have eyes to see -- the choice is CLEAR -- a Kingdom of beauty, love (chesed) and benign power or a kingdom of atrocities and perversion, a kingdom that regards torture and tormented and protracted death of human sacrifices followed by cannibalism, preferably while the victim still lives, as the HIGHEST form of worship?"
"It is TIME for those who still have some smattering of knowledge of me and my ways to STOP playing games with Satan and start taking back this earth while there is STILL TIME -- it is time for believers to STOP marrying unbelievers and allowing their children to marry unbelievers,, it is TIME to STOP marrying those from Satan worshipping cultures, and to STOP welcoming them into your homes, your cities and your lands -- it is time to STOP acceding to Satanic demands that you cast ME (The Almighty) out of your schools, your halls of Government and your workplaces -- it is TIME to publicly open the day with worship and prayer to me, whether in your places of education, your places of Government or your places of work -- it is TIME to cast out those who will NOT comply instead of being cast out and secretively serving me behind locked doors and, IF you CANNOT set apart that place of learning, or government or work then EXIT PUBLICLY and DECLARE your reasons and gather together with those who WILL agree with you in these matters for it is so that in the spirit one TRUE believer FREE OF SIN can put 1,000 to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight and the power of TRUE BELIEVERS who choose to deal with ALL their sin and live in ALL truth is such that massive transformation IS possible -- note the impact of Noah, Abraham, Moshe {Moses}, Yahooshua {Jesus}, Mohammed and Luther -- YOU TOO can bring about RADICAL reformation and renaissance IF you will lay down your life and seek DEEP and ENDURING FRIENDSHIP with Me!"
"IF you believe, it is TIME to assess exactly WHAT you believe about me and then ACT accordingly!"
"IF you do NOT believe, it is time to assess EXACTLY what you DO believe and then act accordingly!"
"There is NO place for fence sitters -- YOU are either FOR me or by default you are AGAINST ME!"
"Know this -- IF you choose to be a TRUE friend, which means you deal with ALL sin and ALL error and do ALL that is required to ensure that your house is FULLY united behind you the forces of darkness CANNOT TOUCH YOU -- BUT, IF you play games and continue to dabble in your favourite sins and errors in your divided house the forces of darkness will TEAR you limb from limb and UTTERLY destroy you -- there has NEVER been a time in all the history of man on earth where life above sin and total unity of your house has been more important!"
"IF you choose to serve ME (Yah), understand that you are choosing a VERY strait and VERY narrow path leading to a VERY small door -- gird your loins and FOLLOW the example of the mighty set-apart ones of previous generations!"

Footnote: ALL the above references to "friend" relate to people like you and me seeking to become true friends of Yah, the Almighty Creator

About names, words, etc

The majority of visitors to this site will encounter names and words they are NOT familiar with

It is a harsh reality that the true Name of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth whose true Name is "Yah the eternally self-existing" has been concealed as have all the important names, laws, commandments, principles and concepts

What is taught by the "Christian" church is almost entirely incorrect as is the case with EVERY religion

This website seeks to present these truths for your prayerful consideration and adoption -- see the prayers elsewhere in this side bar for more information on what to pray

Key names and words that are used throughout this site and which are fundamentally important are:

The true Name of the Almighty Creator is "Yah the eternally self-existing", frequently translated as "Yahweh", more accurately "Yahooeh"

The name of the man commonly known as "Jesus" is "Yahooshua" meaning "Yah is salvation"

The commonly used names of "God", "The LORD", "Christ", "Jesus" are ALL of pagan, that is Satanic origin and the Almighty has only responded to these names as an act of Grace, this Grace has now been withdrawn



Business Interests -- James A Robertson and Associates -- The Business Systems Doctor

In addition to this ministry I operate a management consulting business specializing in the strategic application of computer based business information systems - a business in which Father has taught me many leading edge concepts, principles and methods


My logo is based on Professor Malcolm McDonald's strategy -- tactics matrix -- strategy, doing the right things horizontally and tactics, doing things right on the vertical axis -- if your organization does the right things well, it will thrive -- top right quadrant -- this is a fundamental principles when it comes to the matters of the Almighty as well

In my consulting work I seek to enable my clients to do the right things well

I regard Father as my partner, Chairman, counselor and I seek to conduct business in a way that is pleasing to Him, within the context of prayer that He will judge me severely and correct me harshly that I may serve Him more perfectly


I truly believe that Father has given me extremely high value knowledge and experience which will enable your organization, be it commercial, governmental or non-governmental to be more effective and efficient in its operations and, IF profit is your measuring stick, more profitable



I am based in London, United Kingdom and can be contacted for business purposes on

About the articles on this site

Most articles on this site are classified with a reference number comprising the year, the month and a sequence number within the month, thus 2013.12.03 is the third article published in December 2013

Most detailed webpages are organized with the most recent articles at the top and the Article List displays with the most recent articles at the top.  Searches on the articles list in the same way

Because I am constantly learning, newer articles will almost certainly be an elaboration or refinement of earlier articles and in some cases may significantly revise what I said in earlier articles, in most cases the later article is likely to be more accurate than earlier articles

In ALL cases Father Yah forbids me to go back and edit or correct articles, He wants YOU to have a close personal relationship with Him and therefore to turn to Him for clarification where things that I write contradict or appear to contradict one another

The articles from 2009 onwards are generally much more reliable than those earlier but there are important articles from the earlier days as well, in particular, the articles written in 2000 onwards were written during a period when my understanding was being radically changed on a very intense basis and when I was also getting closer to the Almighty at a very rapid rate

Accordingly the early articles should be given appropriate prayer, particularly if the later articles contradict or appear to contradict what is written in the early articles

That said Father Yah has said that there is much of value in the earlier articles and that they should, accordingly, remain on the site

Third Party Articles

This site includes some articles from third parties

In such cases Father Yah forbids me to censor, edit or correct such articles but requires me to present them in their entirety with little or no comment, as with the previous point He requires YOU to research and pray and reach your own conclusion regarding what is truth

Inclusion of third party articles does NOT indicate any form of endorsement of the person who wrote the article other than that it is my understanding that the article contains information of importance.  Such inclusion also does NOT imply any endorsement of this ministry by the person whose work is cited

It is up to each one of us to discern the truth for ourselves See the article on Seek Truth NOT Error for more information

Content you do NOT agree with

It is probable that you will find material on this site that you do NOT agree with, there is much that is highly controversial, click HERE for an article that proposes a way of responding to such differences

See also article -- Getting close to Yah -- Appropriate prayer and fasting are VITAL -- the answer to doctrinal differences


Important prayers to pray IF you believe that the Almighty Creator exists

IF you believe that the Almighty Creator exists then take note that He has said of YOU why would I want someone to be close to me in Heaven, which inherently means I will give them great authority, if they do NOT have a deep personal relationship with me and have NOT proven to me that they can be trusted?

IF you believe that the Almighty Creator DOES exist the following are amongst the most important prayers you can pray

Note that the true name of the Almighty Creator is "Yah the eternally self-existing" NOT "The LORD" or "God"

Father Yah, I ask you to help me to overcome to the end that I may be found to  be a "good and faithful servant" on the Day of Judgment

Father Yah I ask you to show me the level of my present deception and how to correct it

Father Yah I ask you to help me to draw MUCH closer to you and to know your will and to do it

Father Yah I ask you to fill me with your Spirit and lead me into ALL truth by your Spirit

Father Yah I give you my life to do with as YOU see fit

Father Yah I ask you to bring the people that YOU want into my life and to take the people that you do NOT want in my life out

Father Yah I ask you to open the doors in my life that YOU want open and to close the doors in my life that YOU want closed

Father Yah I ask you to judge me severely and correct me harshly that I may serve you more perfectly

There are many other prayers that you can pray but these are amongst the most important

See also the page on developing a close relationship with the Almighty at


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Fasting as a vital component of being a believer

Worship is essential in drawing close to the Almighty

What to Read once you have come to belief

The First Year after coming to belief

Those who come to limited belief initially

Those who come to limited belief initially

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Instances Of Yah In The Hebrew Lexicon Of The Online Bible

Closure Regarding The Name Of Yah

This website is the culmination of applying Engineering Principles to the matters of the Almighty Creator since 1993

Yah, the Creator, desires to have deep personal relationships with people who become His friends

Creator Desires Deep Relationship

7 Components of Growing Close to Yah

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Where will YOU Spend Eternity?


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Descent into ALL Error

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The Majority is ALWAYS Wrong

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Bible study versus deep relationship

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Demonically inspired bible versions

Believers who abdicate their intellect

Your Heavenly Account

The contents of the bible are but a pin prick in the history of mankind

Clarification re THE WORD

New Testament? No No No

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Yah is at SOME measure in EVERY book (and so is Satan through his demons)

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Yah works through His anointed prophets NOT committees

The origin of the Christian bible

Those who followed Yahooshua did NOT know Torah

What IS inspiration?

The seventy facets of Yah's jeweled words

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 4

The bible IS a useful reference work – period

Covenant – NOT New Testament

James: What do YOU believe about the bible? REALLY?

Pastors – the Prison Warders of Yah's people

Why Yah could do much greater works thousands of years ago (level of anointing and level of prayer)

Proof of a Global Flood -- Turning history on its head

Where will YOU spend eternity?

Are visions precise and free of error?

Understanding Satan's devices

Clergy versus laity

The Name of Yah in the book {bible}

The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Summary

What is the origin and the purpose of man? -- creation versus evolution

Older Articles -- Prior to 2009

Conclusion -- The Bible is NOT what is claimed for it

Yah (The Almighty) says that the bible is "the Greatest Idol" on earth today

Anointed Life

Anointed Life Part 1

What or Who IS an Anointed One?

Worship is Critical

Filled with the Spirit of Yah

Led by the Spirit of Yah

Guardian Messengers {Angels}


Death with Yahooshua

The Mind of Yah



Supply of Needs

Poverty in the Body of Believers

Anointed Life Part 2

Power Anointing

In the World NOT OF the World

Yah is everywhere

The Race

The Armour

Trust and Belief


Your Heavenly Account


Anointed Life Part 3

Good and Faithful Servant


Angelo beggar on a high throne

Authority of Believer

Works that Yahooshua did



Immersion NOT Baptism

Tearing Down Strongholds

The Battle

Spiritual Warfare

The 144,000

Single Anointed Women

Anointed Life Part 4









Let your Yes be Yes


Judge me Severely and correct me Harshly that I may serve You more perfectly

Seek Truth NOT Error

Anointed Life Part 5

Man and Woman in Harmony


Right Confession

Four phases of the Wilderness

Critical Success Factors for Life

Highly Anointed Ones Make Mistakes and Sin

Even the highly anointed are falling away



Body Mind and Spirit


Believe in Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, the Almighty

Chesed {love} the Almighty with all your heart, mind, soul and strength

Yah is ONE

Who IS Yah?

Who IS Yahooshua?

Who IS Satan?

Demonic "gods"

No Trinity

NO Idols

Not Worship the Bible

Not Worship Jesus

Not Worship Cross

Not Worship People

Not Worship Things

Name Yah NOT in Vain


Yes in Afrikaans and German

True Names

Keep Sabbaths

Day Begins at Sunrise

True Sabbath Saturday Sunrise

New Moons

1st Aviv

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Shavuot -- Pentecost

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Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement

Sukkot -- Tabernacles 1st Day

Sukkot -- Tabernacles Great Day

False Sabbaths

Levites BREAK the Sabbath

Chesed {love} your Neighbor as yourself

Honor Parents


Curse Mother or Father and Die

NOT Old Age Homes

NO Murder

NO Abortion

NO Abortive Contraception

Death Penalty for Murder

WHY Death Penalty?

NO False Teachings

Anal intercourse is valid birth control

NO Adultery

What IS Adultery?

Breaking Covenant / Treachery


Male with Male

Female with Female


Serial Polygamy



Chick Flicks are Pornography TOO


Phone / Skype Sex

Oral and Anal Sex

Church Marriage

False Monogamy

NO Stealing

Most Prosperity Teaching is Fraud

Fraudulent Contracts

Misrepresentation in Sales

Outright Theft


NO False Witness or Lying

False Teaching by Church

False Teaching in Other Religions

Misrepresentation in Sales

White Lies

ALL Liars will burn

Believe Lies and Die

NO Coveting or Lusting



Most Adverts

Valentines Heart

Lust is visible in the spirit realm

The MARK of the Beast

All of the 10 Commandments as well as the Principal Commandment have been almost universally broken and made of NO effect

The Satanic

The Satanic Part 1

Who is Satan

Fallen Messenger

Principalities, Powers, Thrones, Dominions, etc

We wrestle NOT against flesh and blood

Combat in the Heavenly Realm

The Forces of Darkness Reign and Yah is constrained to act through believers

Illuminated Ones



Ancestor Spirits {Demons}


If Jesus is living in your heart you have a problem

The Satanic Part 2


Take Care is a Curse

Secret Societies

Free Masonry

The Authority of the Believer


Satan's Most Effective Lies

Lilith Adam's first wife

The Satanic Part 3

Treachery is a Spiritual Force

The Peace of Satan

Fear is Faith in the Satanic

Tsunami of Evil Covers the Planet

Satans Devices

What is REALLY happening

Satan sentenced to one thousand years in the Pit on 3 May 2003

Power from drinking blood

Power from eating human flesh

Power from murder

Satanic Dominion

General Satanic

True Names




Mighty One


My Darling Mighty One


Anointing of Yah


Other True Names

The TRUE name of the prophet from Nazareth is "Yahooshua" NOT "Jesus"

Blasphemous Names

Grace withdrawn






Other Incorrect Names



NOT Christ

True Sabbaths

Day Begins at Sunrise

True Sabbath Saturday Sunrise

New Moons

1st Aviv

Pesach -- Passover

Shavuot -- Pentecost

Yom Teruah -- Day of Trumpets

Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement

Sukkot -- Tabernacles 1st Day

Sukkot Great Day

Year of Jubilee

Saturday is the 7th day of the week and is Yah's true weekly Sabbath

Satanic Feasts



On what day was Yahooshua born?


New Year

Valentine's Day

Other Satanic Feasts

Sunday Sabbath

Sunday is the Pagan day of the Sun god and is NOT appropriate for worshipping Yah, the Almighty Creator

Christmas is a Pagan Feast and is an abomination in the sight of the Almighty Creator

Yahooshua died on a Stake NOT a Cross

It is NOT Baptism it is Immersion

The Coninuum between Good and Evil


True Religion

The Great Falling Away

Even the highly anointed are falling away

Seek Truth NOT Error

The End of the Age



Most Christians are NOT Anointed Ones

The Church put Yahooshua to Death

If Jesus is living in your heart you have a problem

Clergy versus Laity

Judgement on the church of Jesus Christ

Planet X Nibiru


Believers who Beg

History Revisited

This Evil Generation

Christian Denominations

Roman Catholic


Jehovah's Witnesses




Who IS Allah

Other Religions

The Inquisitions have had a major impact on believers today

The upsurge of civilization following the Reformation, that is the Renaissance, masks the long term degradation of human beings over time

The turnaround prophets of history are Noah, Moshe, Yahooshua, Mohammed and Luther -- we need to understand their role to understand the world today

The True Religion of the Almighty Creator, Yah, is a synthesis of, and bracketed by, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Christianity has from the outset compromized with paganism and almost every doctrine of Christianity is fatally corrupt and does NOT define the Creator

Tithes are Invalid in this age

Judaism is one of the three main religions serving the Creator

Islam is the third of the main religions serving the Creator


Yahooshua Part 1

Who IS Yahooshua

Yahooshua IS the mightiest CREATED being in the entire creation

Yahooshua was an OLD Testament Prophet

How DID Yahooshua Accomplish what he did?

Thank Yah that the Jews Killed Jesus

Why Yahooshua HAD to die THAT way

Father forgive them they do not know what they are doing

My Darling why have You forsaken me?

The Covenant of Yahooshua

As oft as you eat it in remembrance of Yahooshua

Death with Yahooshua

Yahooshua Part 2

Yahooshua is WAITING for his enemies to be made his footstool

What IS special about Yahooshua?

Yahooshua will return once the true message has been preached to ALL the earth

The Church put Yahooshua to Death

Authority IN the Name of Yahooshua

LIMITATIONS in the Name of Yahooshua

The Blood of the Covenant

Who Yahooshua is NOT

Old Testament versus New Testament

On what day was Yahooshua born?

Those who followed Yahooshua did NOT know Torah

Greater Works than Yahooshua did

There is NO Trinity

Yahooshua is NOT the ONLY way

The man Yahooshua, commonly called Jesus was and is a human being and is NOT the Creator

Yahooshua, commonly called "Jesus" will only return around 3003 and is NOT "coming soon"

The Great Falling Away is right now


Judgment in THIS Life

Judgment of Believers Who Die

Judgment of Unbelievers Who Die

The Day of Judgment

High Throne with Yahooshua

The Outer Darkness in Heaven

The Foolish Virgins in Heaven

The Lake of Fire and Brimstone

Satan to the Pit for a Thousand Years

Judgement on the church of Jesus Christ

Judgment at the End of the Age

Yahooshua is WAITING UNTIL his enemies are made his FOOTSTOOL

Yahooshua will return when the true message has been preached to ALL the world

No one is intentionally going to Hell

Few people are intending to become demons

Obedience as a Basis of Judgement

Judgment THIS Life





Judge me Severely and Correct me Harshly that I may serve You more Perfectly

Believing Men in Lack

Highly anointed ones also make mistakes and sin


Burn for Eternity Yes? or No?

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Part 1 of the eBook -- Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

A Critical Question

An Important Caveat

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

A Vital question: Do we know what sin is? - What is the essence of Judgment?

Cause for Concern - Nearly ALL of mankind is breaking most of the commandments

Part 2 of the eBook -- Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Is there an alternative? -- can one aspire to a High Throne?

It is NOT just heaven or the lake of fire, there is a continuum

It IS POSSIBLE to overcome

What indicators are there about pleasing the Almighty?

How do we overcome? What is the Price?

Some challenging passages from The Final Quest

Joyner's experience of the Judgment


The Final Quest by Rick Joyner

Yah speaks on Rick Joyner

The Call by Rick Joyner

Critical Success Factors for Life

Creation versus Evolution -- What is the Origin and Purpose of Man?

Engineered Creation

Sexual reproduction proves there is a Creator

Part 1 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man


An important assumption and some painful deductions

Some important preparatory points

Use of statistics from

Argument from Incredulity

Progressive development versus Instantaneous Creation

Other religions and spirits

Some other issues with certain religious views of creation

What next?

Part 2 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man


Does this mean deadlock?

A Different approach?

Some issues that arise from the above questions

Science - Engineering - Religion


Suggested principles for further analysis

"Planned (Engineered) Creative Evolution" versus "Unplanned (Unengineered) Spontaneous Evolution"

Part 3 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man

Evidence in Immediate Physical Environment

Tying up loose ends

Various bits and pieces

Some other considerations regarding creation versus evolution

Soft attributes of human beings

 If all else fails, ask for a "sign"?



The World Before the Flood

The Flood Itself

The World After the Flood

Understanding the Impact of the Flood

Why Millions of Years is Invalid

Flood Videos

Overview of the Flood Videos

Section 1 -- Proof of a Global Flood -- Introduction

Section 2: Gold Mines -- Evidence of Massive Hydraulic Flood Action

Section 3: Layered Sedimentary Rocks -- Evidence of a Global Flood

Section 4: The Halfwayhouse Granite Dome -- Massive Surface Disruption

Section 5: African Erosion Surface -- massive flood cutting action

Section 6: Incised Valley deep in massive Granite -- evidence of massive flood action

Section 7: The REAL Age of all this - a flood as recently as 4,500 years ago?

Section 8: Signs Of Judgment -- Real Mount Sinai and Ten Commandments

Section 9: Where DID the water came from? And where did it go? -- Proof of a Global Flood

Section 10: Summing Up -- Proof of a Global Flood

Section 11: End Notes -- Proof of Global Flood

There is global proof of a global catastrophe which is FAR beyond a "flood"

Evolutionary Creation is the ONLY practical explanation of what exists today


The Spiritual Nature of Sex

Yah Created Sex and it was good

The Virgins Covenant

Sex is a Covenant Act

The One-Flesh Bond

Making Love

Transfer of Demons

Soul Ties


Role of Man

Role of Woman

Monogamy and sexual lovemaking

The Bed is Undefiled

The Joy of Sex

Sex -- Permitted and Prohibited

"Sex Before Marriage"

One Night Stands

Men with Men

Women with Women

Anal Sex

Oral Sex




Sexual Thoughts


Spiritual Separation of Man and Woman

Coping with Sexual Need

The Virgin's Covenant is CRITICAL to understand sex, marriage, adultery and divorce

Men & Women

Men and Women and covenant

The Virgins Covenant

Age to Marry



Cleave is NOT Adhere

Isaiah 4:1

Men and Women and Family


Separation of Man and Woman







Is Polygamy Scriptural?



The Book -- The Scriptural Definition of Marriage, Adultery and Divorce

Preamble and Table of Contents

1: Introduction & Concepts

2: How does scripture define the marriage covenant?

3: What does scripture say about adultery?

4: Scriptural Divorce

5: Is monogamy scriptural?

6: Some other scriptures on marriage issues

7: The Tradition of the Elders and Other heresies

8: Consequences of the Heresy of Monogamy and Related false Doctrines

9: Summary and Conclusion

Appendices A to G

Appendices H to P

Appendices Q to V

Appendices W to Index of Key words

Man and Woman in Harmony

Marriage Strategy

Marriage Teachings

Part 1: The Coming Tribulation

Part 1: The Coming Tribulation


Part 3: Scriptural definition of Marriage, Divorce & Adultery

Part 4: Towards Heaven on Earth in Marriage

Part 5: Practical Application of Marriage Teachings

Part 6: Deliverance

Part 7. Conclusion

The Almighty designed us from the beginning such that one man can covenant with more than one woman, this is evidenced by the seal of virginity

There are seven times as many believing women as men on earth today so most need to remain celibate and single

The Responsibility of Believing men towards single believing women

A Letter to a Single Woman

The need of Single Women for Companionship

The impact of Wild Oats (children from casual sex) on the world today

The truth about Divorce



Yahs Commandments

Contest or Compromise

The Mark of the Beast

This Life


ALL are Seed of Noah

Nearly ALL alive on earth today are Seed of Abraham

Most of those alive today are Seed of Yisrael





Yahoodah {Judah}










Middle East


Babylon / Iraq


United Kingdom

Rest of Europe

North America


Central America and Bahamas

South America




The Curse of Canaan

South Africa


Rest of Africa

The Majority is Always Wrong


Yahoodite = Jew

Thank Yah that the Jews Killed Jesus

The Jews are Yisraelites and NOT Khazars

The Jews are Yisraelites and NOT Seed of Satan

Jews are NOT Ominipotent

Blessed for Relative Faithfulness


The Colour of a Person Tells Nothing About Their Bloodline

The Hammite African Spiritual Dispensation

The Curse of Canaan on many Africans


World Trade Center Demolition

New World Order etc

Do NOT Concern yourself with Conspiracy

Y2K (The Year 2000 Computer Fear) -- What WAS it? -- an immature believes conspiracy theory

The REAL Conspiracy



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