The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Summary

Summary of the extent to which the TRUE names of the Almighty occur in the source manuscripts of the Bible

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2010.11.02 The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Summary

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About ten years ago I became aware that the name of the Almighty was "Yahooeh" or "Yah the eternally self existing". At the same time I came to understand that "the LORD" was an accurate translation of "Baal" and was therefore blasphemous and that it was only through the mercy and grace of our Almighty Father in Heaven that He answered to the commonly used names.

As I continued in my research, led by His Spirit I came to understand that God was the name of a pagan deity and that the word Elohim commonly translated God should in fact have been translated Mighty One or Almighty depending on context.

I also came to understand that the name of the man commonly known as Jesus Christ was in fact "Yahooshua the anointed of Yah" and that Christ referred to the anointing or impartation of the Spirit of the Almighty on any human being. Yahooshua means "Yah is salvation".

I learned many other things in this context and this opened up a new understanding of many key issues.

In January 2002 I published a formal document titled "The Names of Yah in Scripture" which examined in depth the use of the name Yah.

This article is an update of that article, nine years on to take account of what I have learned in the intervening period as I have sought to walk in these truths.

Something that has become very clear to me is that we GRIEVE the heart of our Father in Heaven when we use the traditional names and that it is only as an act of great mercy and grace on His part that He tolerates our error and still loves us and answers us.

I have also come to understand that the use of the true names brings a much richer understanding of many things, for example, the name you may know as "John the Baptist" should be translated as "Yahoochanan the immerser" and Yahoochanan means "Yah has Graced" which is a prophetic indication that the arrival of Yahooshua would usher in a dispensation of Grace.

I pray that you will find what follows informative and that you will chose to change your use of language to that which is more pleasing to our Father in heaven.


Exodus 20:7 "Thou shalt not take the name of Yah the eternally self existing (Yahooeh) {the LORD} thy Mighty One {God} in vain; for Yahooeh will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain." (KJV, names adjusted)

Hosea 2:17 "For I will take away the names of Baalim [the LORD] out of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name." (KJV)


Father, in the Name of Yahooshua the Anointed of Nazareth, if there is anything in this document that is not according to Your Word or Your perfect will please prevent it taking root in the heart of the reader and let all that IS according to Your Word and Your Will take deep root in the hearts of all who read it.

The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the bible


Dr James Robertson


Following on the articles on the Name of Yah, Yahweh, etc in Scripture, and particularly the article 1AD.02.01.30 "Yah versus Yahweh" (18 January 2002) which reported that in fact the Father's essential Name is YAH, further analysis of the Scriptures has been undertaken with a view to better understanding how the Name Yah is fundamental to understanding the Scriptures.

In order to do this, a limited analysis has been undertaken to identify words that are readily identified as containing the Name "Yah" or being derived from the Name Yah. This limited analysis has opened up considerable further understanding for the writer and it seemed appropriate to publish this information to the list.

This article is NOT intended to be an in-depth or comprehensive analysis but rather to report that information that is currently to hand.




The objective of this document is to give English speaking readers who do not have the benefit of in-depth knowledge of Hebrew some fundamental insight into the Names applied to Yah, our Creator and Heavenly Father, in the Hebrew texts.

The principal objective is to give readers a clear understanding of the frequency with which the ESSENTIAL SACRED NAME "YAH" permeates the breadth and depth of Scripture AND the names of His chosen people in a powerful way.

This document also makes certain anomalous translation practices previously reported more graphically visible.


In this document and others that may follow, graphical extracts have been taken from the Interlinear Bible contained in PC Study Bible version 2.1G of October 1997 published by BibleSoft. The form of each entry as presented in the accompanying figures is as follows:


<The first line is the Hebrew text, written RIGHT to left.

<The second line (Yahweh) is the transliterated English.

<The third line is the King James Version English words RIGHT to left.

<The fourth line, in red, is the Strong's number.

<The fifth and sixth lines in small text have been added by the writer to make the name of Yah more visible or to provide other comments - referred to as footnotes.

Where the footnotes are in black this indicates that what is written is more or less directly based on other sources, most frequently the Brown, Driver, Briggs Hebrew Lexicon in the same version of PC Study Bible.

Where the note is followed by one or two question marks (??) this indicates that the writer has a concern about the validity of the interpretation.

In all cases the writer has substituted Yah for Yahweh where the Hebrew appears to contain ONLY Yah and not Yahweh. This is done in accordance with the conclusion published in the article 1AD.02.01.30 "Yah versus Yahweh" (18 January 2002).

Where the footnotes are in blue this indicates an interpretation given by the writer which deviates materially from that given in other sources.

In the case of Yahooshua the footnote is in red because of the significance of this name.

In the transliteration the Name of Yah is variously transliterated as "Yaah", "Yah", "yaah" or "yah". In most cases this is clearly evident in the transliterated text.

Casual inspection indicates that Yah generally does NOT appear in the English word used and hence the principal objective of this document is to draw the attention of English readers to the PRESENCE OF THE SACRED NAME YAH in many more locations than most have previously been aware of.

In the sections that follow, a number of conventions are applied:

1) The heading for the word comprises:

  • the transliterated name as it appears in the graphic

  • in some cases this is followed by the KJV English word or a seemingly appropriate transliteration - this is NOT consistent, the writer has found it difficult to formulate a clear view of what should be used in all cases and time and resources do not currently permit a comprehensive analysis so this information should NOT be regarded as authoritative.

  • the Strong's number

  • the writers best estimate of the meaning based on Brown, Driver, Briggs and own interpretation and prayer

2) The transliteration adopted is that given in the graphic although the writer is not entirely certain that this is necessarily the most accurate transliteration. In this regard refer the article 1AD.02.01.01 "Sacred Name of God YHVH, YHWH, Yahveh, Yahweh, Yeshuah, Yashuah, Yehshuah, Yahshuah, Yahushuah, Yahoshua" (9 January 2002).

This makes it apparent that there are widely divergent views as to the "correct" transliteration and that technically speaking there is probably no such thing as a "correct" transliteration. Accordingly, since the PC Study Bible Interlinear makes the Name of Yah clearly apparent it has been adopted in most cases for the purposes of this document since this is NOT the principal objective.

It does, however, seem to the writer that with prayerful consideration it may be possible to adopt anglicizations of the transliterations that are more readily pronounced and remembered. This is not the objective of this document.

3) Occurrence: reports the number of occurrences of each English variation in the "Authorized Version" (AV) which as the writer currently understands it is essentially the same text as the "King James Version". This is provided in order to provide a clear picture of the frequency of occurrence of various translation variations. These statistics are obtained from the Hebrew Lexicon in the OnLine Bible from In the case of words typically associated with Yah our Creator and Heavenly Father it is instructive to note the number of occurrences of specific words associated with other entities in the context of words that are generally considered to be exclusive to Him.

4) In most cases a sample verse is included to demonstrate application of the word.

5) Strong: is a quote from the Hebrew or Greek dictionary by Strong included in PC Study Bible.

6) Brown, Driver, Briggs or BDB is a quote from the Hebrew dictionary by Brown, Driver and Briggs included in PC Study Bible.

7) Thayer: is a quote from the Greek dictionary by Thayer included in PC Study Bible.

8) Other notes are by the writer.

This document is intended to be primarily a mechanical analysis directed at assisting readers to gain some insight into the linguistic complexities behind the English versions. It is also hoped to make more visible the extent to which in certain cases very different Hebrew words are represented by the same English word and the level of inconsistency that accompanies this.

It is further intended to make visible to readers the extent to which the Name Yah is inherent in every aspect of Scripture and the life of Yah's people.


In presenting this document the writer must stress that he has NO material knowledge of Hebrew. The only knowledge is a few hours instruction on the basic principles of transliteration given by an Israeli Jewish friend some years ago.

What is presented herein is a straightforward mechanical analysis based on recognizable patterns in transliteration and supported by the opinions of the Lexicon authors. In a few limited instances the writer HAS expressly prayed over a particular interpretation and sought the guidance of Yah. The entire research and document preparation HAS taken place within a context of considerable prayer and therefore the writer has assurance that the overall content of the document is in accordance with the will of Yah at this time.


The following words are all used to refer to Yah in English translations through translation to the word "God" or "GOD" where the capitalization is generally accepted to indicate a reference to our Creator.

These words are discussed in more detail below. Notice the Aramaic word "Alaah" (426) which appears to correspond to the Islamic "Allah".

Elohiym (430) is the word most frequently translated "God" in proper case (first letter capitalized) but is ALSO applied to pagan "god's" as indicated second from right and also to men such as judges, etc, refer article 1AD.02.01.09 "Gods, God or Judges" (11 January 2002). "El" (410) in various forms is also applied to Yah when capitalized as "God" but also applied to other than Yah.

Yahweh (3068) meaning "Yah the eternally self existent One" is the particular extended Name of Yah applied by Yah in His communication's with Israel on many occasions. This is mostly but NOT always translated "GOD" (all capital letters) as discussed subsequently. Elohim or Yahovih (3069) is a scribal device to accommodate the DELIBERATE mispronunciation of Yahweh introduced at some time before the Babylonian exile. Refer article 1AD.02.01.05 "Nazarenes and the Name of Yahweh" (10 January 2002) and other articles which refer to this corruption. Further notes in this document.

Alaah - 426 - God

Notice the correspondence to "Allah" as used in Islam.

Occurrence: AV-God 79, god 16; 95

Not exclusively used for Yah.

Ezra 5:1 "Then the prophets, Haggai the prophet, and Zechariah the son of Iddo, prophesied unto the Jews that were in Judah and Jerusalem in the name of the God [Alaah] of Israel, even unto them." (KJV)

Strong's 426 'elahh (Aramaic) (el-aw'); corresponding to 433; God: KJV-- God, god.

BDB 426 'elahh (Aramaic)- god, God a) god, heathen deity b) God (used of Israel)

Derived from Elohiym / El / Eloah.

Elohiym - 430 - Mighty Ones (plural)

This word is widely translated "God", however, it actually means "Mighty Ones" (plural) and is used in many other applications. The Sacred Name "Yahweh" is MISPRONOUNCED "Elohiym" in many cases and has been substituted by "Elohiym" in eight locations according to the Institute of Scripture Research.

Yah has indicated that Elohiym has ALSO been substituted for "Yah" the essential Name of our Creator and Heavenly Father in many locations well before the tradition of mispronouncing Yahweh as Elohiym came about and before the substitutions referred to above.

Yah indicates that 80% of all occurrences of Elohiym in the Hebrew texts are in fact substitutions for "Yah"!

Occurrence: AV-God 2346, god 244, judge 5, GOD 1, goddess 2, great 2, mighty 2, angels 1, exceeding 1, God-ward + 04136 1, godly 1; 2606.

Out of 2606 occurrences 259 do NOT refer to Yah.

It is therefore not possible to build any doctrine relating to Yah based exclusively on Elohiym.

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God [Mighty Ones or Yah?] created the heaven and the earth." (KJV)

Strong 430 'elohiym (el-o-heem'); plural of 433; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative: KJV-- angels, X exceeding, God (gods)- dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty.

BDB 430 'elohiym- 1) (plural) a) rulers, judges b) divine ones c) angels d) gods 2) (plural intensive -singular meaning) a) God, a god, a goddess b) god-like one c) works or special possessions of God d) the one true God e) God

It is apparent that any verse that uses elohiym CANNOT be used on it's own for any doctrine that is taken to apply to Yah. By implication any verse that uses elohiym can also NOT be taken as evidence that Yahooshua IS Yah.

Yahweh - 3068 - and Yahovih - 3069

Discussed in a subsequent section on page 11.

El - 430 - Mighty One

Essentially it appears that "El" is the preferred description of Yah as Mighty One. However, this form is NOT exclusively applied to Yah.

"El" occurs in numerous words such as "Israel", "Bethel", "Eliyah" (Elijah), "Eliezer", etc apparently generally but NOT always referring to Yah.

Occurrence: AV-God 213, god 16, power 4, mighty 5, goodly 1, great 1, idols 1, Immanuel + 06005 2, might 1, strong 1; 245

Note that out of 245 occurrences, 32 are NOT referring to Yah. Accordingly it is not possible to build any doctrine relating to Yah or Yahooshua based on El alone. This includes debate on whether Yahooshua is Yah or not.

Brown, Driver, Briggs 410 'el- 1) God, God-like One, the Mighty One a) mighty men, men of rank, mighty heroes b) angels c) a god, a false god, (demons, imaginations) d) God, the one true God, Jehovah (Yahweh) 2) mighty things in nature 3) strength, power

Strong 410 'el (ale); shortened from 352; strength; as adjective, mighty; especially the Almighty (but used also of any deity): KJV-- God (god), X goodly, X great, idol, might (-y one), power, strong. Compare names in "-el."

It is not possible to build any doctrine relating exclusively to Yah out of verses which use El.

Eliy (my mighty one) ALSO 410

As used by Yahooshua on the stake before he died in Matthew 27:46-47 "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?" that is, "My Eliy {God}, My Eliy {God}, why have You forsaken Me?" 47 Some of those who stood there, when they heard that, said, "This Man is calling for Elijah!"" (NKJ)

Notice there is more to the statement "calling for Elijah" once one recognizes that the name of EliYah means effectively "my Eliy is Yah" or "my might is Yah".

This raises the question as to whether the people said "this man is calling for Elijah" or whether they ACTUALLY said, this man is calling for "mighty Yah" (Eliy Yah) - which makes a lot more sense and is FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT! In this regard it is important to note that the use of the Sacred Name was apparently forbidden at the time of Yahooshua's death and that Yahooshua may even have been put to death simply for uttering the Sacred Name. Refer article 1AD.02.01.05 "Nazarenes and the Name of Yahweh" (10 January 2002). Under such circumstances it is quite likely that the bystanders MIGHT have MISTAKEN what Yahooshua said to indicate that Yahooshua was calling on EliYah when in fact he was calling on "mighty Yah" = "El Yah" or "my mighty Yah" = "Eli Yah".

Again we see the vital necessity of understanding the TRUE Names!

The passage in Matthew quotes Psalm 22:1 "My Eliy {God}, My Eliy {God}, why have You forsaken me? Why are You so far from helping me, and from the words of my groaning?" (NKJ, adjusted)

Eliy (410) is distinct from Eli (5941) the High Priest when Samuel entered service to Yah.

Exodus 15:2 "Yahweh is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; he is my Eliy [= my might / Mighty One], and I will praise Him; my father's Elohiym [= Mighty One], and I will exalt Him." (NKJ)

The first occurrence of "God" is Eliy, the second is "Elohim" (father's mighty one('s)).

Variations: Following are some variations of 410 "El" relating to variations in case, etc which the writer is not conversant with. This provides some indication of the variability of prefixes and suffixes which is inherent in the Hebrew text and how these relate to the English.


It seems clear to the writer that the exact correlation is at best tenuous in some cases. Consider the cases of la-'Eel, laa-'Eel and la'eel translated "of God", "unto God" and "might" as the fourth, fifth and sixth words from left above. The nuances in the Hebrew in terms of jot's and tittles appears to be very fine to non-existent to the untrained eye. This is NOT to suggest that there is not a difference, only that one needs considerable knowledge and experience to discern the difference and that, accordingly, the potential for transcription error or difference of opinion in translation appears to be significant.

We must come to terms with the reality that the collection of inspired writings traditionally referred to as "The Bible" is extremely large and complex and that the nuances of language recorded up to four thousand years ago are NOT necessarily as evident as one might suppose.

This reinforces the need for us to be led by the set apart (Holy) Spirit of Yah in gaining full understanding of Scripture. It also clearly demonstrates that complex semantic analysis in English based on English words, spelling and capitalization, as encountered in more than one recent article, is largely or entirely futile. We cannot build doctrine solely on English text and we SHOULD NOT enter into divisive dispute based solely on English text.

The need for the Spirit of Yah to guide us and particularly the need for the recognition of the vital role of prophets in restoring doctrine becomes daily more apparent to the writer from this analysis.

Update: I have increasingly come to understand Eli as meaning "my personal mighty one" or a term of endearment when used by Yahooshua in particular.

Adonay - 136 - Lord or Master

Used as a term of respect.


Occurrence: AV-Lord 431, lord 2, God 1; 434

Almost exclusively applied to Yah but NOT exclusively. In 290 instances occurs as "Adonay Yahweh" in conjunction with 3069 (Yahovih), the scribal device referred to subsequently.

Genesis 15:2 "And Abram said, Lord GOD [Adonay Yahweh], what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless, and the steward of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus?" (KJV)

Strong 136 'Adonay (ad-o-noy'); am emphatic form of 113; the Lord (used as a proper name of God only): KJV-- (my) Lord.

BDB 136 'Adonay- 1) my lord, lord a) used of men b) used of God 2) Lord (a title) spoken instead of Yahweh as a Jewish display of reverence

Is "used of men". Notice reference to substitution of Yahweh with Adonay.

Yah - 3050 - The Essential Name of Our Creator and Heavenly Father

The articles 1AD.02.01.01 "Sacred Name of God YHVH YHWH Yahveh Yahweh Yeshuah Yashuah Yehshuah Yahshuah Yahushuah Yahoshua" (9 January 2002); 1AD.02.01.11 "The Name (Yahweh)" (11 January 2002) and 1AD.02.01.26 "Re: REALLY IMPORTANT : Please give me a SIMPLE explanation" (18 January 2002) together with other recent articles and notes to articles posted over the last year provide context to understanding the Sacred Name Yahweh (Yah the eternally self existent One).

The article 1AD.02.01.30 "Yah versus Yahweh" (18 January 2002) explained that "Yah" is the essential Name of our Creator and Heavenly Father and that Yahweh is a specific extension or explanation of His Name. Much of the balance of this document investigates the presence of the sacred Name "Yah" in Scripture.

Occurrence: AV-LORD 48, JAH 1; 49

Also embedded in numerous Hebrew words as discussed in subsequent sections. "Yah" is SURELY the GOLDEN THREAD OF SCRIPTURE!

Variations: The variations encountered are shown below:

Exodus 15:2 "{The LORD} Yah is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; he is my Mighty One, and I will praise Him; my father's Mighty One, and I will exalt Him." (NKJ)

Psalm 68:4 "Sing to Mighty One, sing praises to His name; Extol Him who rides on the clouds, by His name YAH, and rejoice before Him." (NKJ)

Song 8:6 "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave; its flames are flames of fire, a most vehement flame." (NKJ)

Strong 3050 Yahh (yaw); contraction for 3068, and meaning the same; Jah, the sacred name: KJV-- Jah, the Lord, most vehement. Compare names in "-iah," "-jah."

Brown, Driver, Briggs 3050 Yah- Jah (Jehovah (Yahweh) in the shortened form) a) the proper name of the one true God b) used in many compounds: 1) names beginning with the English letters `Je-' 2) names ending with `-iah' or `-jah'

Notice that the above refer to "Yah" as a "contraction" of Yahweh. However, reverence surely dictates that we should not abbreviate the essential Name of our Creator and Heavenly Father and that, given His focus on precision of words, it is unlikely that He would do this.

Yah has clearly indicated to the writer that His ESSENTIAL NAME IS YAH and that all other names BUILD ON that Name as opposed to being SUB-SETS of His True Name.

The Sacred Name Yah occurs in numerous other names and words as examined in some detail later in this article.

Notice also the reference to English words beginning with "Je" and ending with "iah" or "jah". Many of these words are highlighted in the sections that follow.

It also seems anomalous that "Yah" is transliterated as "Jah". This was addressed to some extent in other articles posted earlier in January 2002 on the ETI informal list.

Yahweh - 3068 - "Yah the eternally self existent One"

The most frequently encountered Name applied to Yah in the Scriptures.

Occurrence: AV-LORD 6510, GOD 4, JEHOVAH 4, variant 1; 6519


Used 185 times in the couplet "the LORD God" note capitalization and note the direct contrast with "Adonay Yahweh", "the Lord GOD" above. In one case Yahweh is translated Lord and in the other GOD!

The perversion of expressing the Sacred Name "Yahweh" as "the LORD" occurs 6,510 times in the vast majority of English translations! This is IN ADDITION to the 45 times "Yah" is ALSO translated as "the LORD" and the 1 time that 3069 (Yahovih = scribal device for Yahweh) is also translated "LORD" instead of "GOD"!

This should be considered in the broader context that the word generally translated "Baal", the Phoenician pagan (= demonic) deity could accurately be translated "lord", see below.

Genesis 2:4 "These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that Yahweh Elohiym made the earth and the heavens," (KJV)

Strong 3068 Yehovah (yeh-ho-vaw'); from 1961; (the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: KJV-- Jehovah, the Lord. Compare 3050, 3069.

BDB 3068 Yehovah- Jehovah (Yahweh) "the existing One"; the proper name of the one true God; unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of 0136

Notice that "Yahweh" IS documented in various authoritative works going back a considerable period of time.

Variations: The following variations have been identified:


The above are in part variations in the Hebrew but are ALSO variations in translation, specifically Jehovah and GOD. Notice also the small difference in the Hebrew in the item bottom right (3069) or Yahovih which is discussed in the next section.

Update: Since this article was written I have come to understand that it is more accurate to translate the word referred to Yahweh as Yahooeh but to change this throughout this article is technically impossible because of all the images which contain it.

This again points to the level of error in modern texts.

Yahovih - 3069 - alternative form of Yahweh - Scribal Device

This word, with very minor differences in the Hebrew is used to cater for a very specific set of SCRIBAL AND TRANSLATION circumstances. Yah has indicated to the writer that this is "not a real word, it is a scribal device"!

Occurrences: AV-GOD 304, LORD 1; 305

Genesis 15:2 "And Abram said, Adonay Yahweh, what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless, and the steward of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus?" (KJV)

Strong 3069 Yehovih (yeh-ho-vee'); a variation of 3068 [used after 136, and pronounced by Jews as 430, in order to prevent the repetition of the same sound, since they elsewhere pronounce 3068 as 136]: KJV-- God.

BDB 3069 Yehovih- Jehovah (Yahweh), used primarily in the combination `Lord Jehovah (Yahweh)' equal to 3068 but pointed with the vowels of 0430

Referring to Strong "Yehovih (yeh-ho-vee'); a variation of 3068 [used after 136, and pronounced by Jews as 430, in order to prevent the repetition of the same sound, since they elsewhere pronounce 3068 as 136]:"

136 is Adonay; 430 is Elohiym

In other words - "a variation of Yahweh (3068) (the Sacred Name) [used after Adonay (Lord - 136), and pronounced by Jews as Elohiym (Mighty Ones (pl) - 430), in order to prevent the repetition of the same sound, since they elsewhere pronounced Yahweh (3068) as Adonay (136)]"!

So this is the Sacred Name Yahweh PRONOUNCED as Elohim (Mighty Ones) in order to prevent repetition of Adonay since elsewhere they pronounce Yahweh as Adonay!

In other words, because the Sacred Name Yahweh is elsewhere incorrectly pronounced as "Adonay", they require ANOTHER DEVICE here in order to tell readers to incorrectly pronounce the Sacred Name Yahweh as "Elohiym" and NOT as "Adonay" otherwise in this location they would have to say "Adonay Adonay" INSTEAD OF "Adonay Yahweh".

In light of the writers background in engineering, military and computers the writer has great difficulty in expressing an opinion on this in non-judgmental terms. We are dealing here with the Sacred Name of the Most High Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and our Heavenly Father and yet the Name is arbitrarily substituted with other sounds which happen to be words that in some cases are ALSO applied to demonic deities!!

It seems to the writer that this is a MASSIVE INSULT to Yah and Yah confirms that He views it that way!



Note translation variously as GOD and LORD.

Refer also last example "of the Lord GOD of" where 3069 is used in conjunction with Adonay in order to avoid pronouncing 136 3068 as Adonay Adonay since 3068 is traditionally pronounced as 136 Adonay!

Baal - 1166, 1167, 1168, 1169 - lord, master, husband, owner

This word is NOT applied to Yah. However, it has a connotation that IS applied to Yah in English when we substitute words like "Lord" and "master" for Yahweh. This was discussed in some detail in article 1AD.01.10.02 "Why do you say that "the LORD" means "Baal"?" (23 October 2001) and will accordingly NOT be discussed in detail here.

There are a number of Hebrew words all of which are built around the essential Hebrew letters of "baal" these are numbers 1166, 1167, 1168 and 1169 all of which are presented in the graphic at right:


Notice that the first three Hebrew characters from right to left are all recognizably the basic three characters of "baal" with fine nuance. In the case of "ha-Baaaliym" in the middle of the bottom row the "ha" precedes the "baal".

All of these words have to do with headship, dominion, rulership, etc.

From casual inspection of the above graphic the distinction between the different Strong's numbers appears to be relatively fine, particularly when viewed in light of the definitions that follow. This seems particularly noticeable to the writer who is increasingly becoming aware of what seem to be contrastingly COARSE distinctions made with regard to certain other words which seem to apply primarily to Yah and Yahooshua and which will, Yah willing, be touched on in future articles.


1166 AV-marry 8, husband 3, dominion 2, wife 1, married wife 1, Beulah 1; 16

1167 AV-man 25, owner 14, husband 11, have 7, master 5, man given 2, adversary 1, archers 1, babbler + 03956 1, bird + 03671 1, captain 1, confederate + 01285 1, misc 12; 82

1168 AV-Baal 62, Baalim 18; 80

1169 AV-chancellor + 02942 3; 3

Brown, Driver Briggs:

1166 ba` al- to marry, to rule over, to possess, to own a) (Qal) 1) to marry, to be lord (husband) over 2) to rule over b) (Niphal) to be married

1167 ba` al- an owner, a husband, a lord a) an owner b) a husband c) citizens, inhabitants d) rulers, lords e) (noun of relationship used to characterize, that is, master of dreams) f) lord (used of foreign gods)

1168 Ba` al- Baal = "lord"; as a proper noun, masculine: 1) the supreme male divinity of the Phoenicians or Canaanites 2) a Reubenite 3) the son of Jehiel and the grandfather of Saul proper noun, location: 4) a town of Simeon, probably identical to Baalath-beer

1169 be` el (Aramaic)- an owner, a lord

Notice repeated reference to "lord".

This should all be read in the context of Yah's words in:

Hosea 2:17 "For I will take away the names of Baalim [Lord] out of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name." (KJV, adjusted)

and Jeremiah 23:26-29 "26 How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart; 27 Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal [the Lord]. 28 The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith Yahweh {the LORD}. 29 Is not my word like as a fire? saith Yahweh {the LORD}; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?" (KJV, adjusted)

These Scriptures are referring to the heresy of substituting "Adonay" and "Elohiym" for "Yah" and "Yahweh" in the days of Jeremiah and Hosea. They apply just as much today as they did in the time of Jeremiah when Judah went into exile in Babylon, the first Temple was destroyed and the Ark of the Covenant was hidden by Jeremiah until found in the early 1990's.

In fact, these Scriptures apply MORE today since we are under a "new and better covenant" as set out in Hebrews 8:6 "But now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises." (KJV)

This covenant was purchased by Yahooshua, the son of Adam (man) on behalf of ALL mankind at a terrible price so that we can ALL have the set apart (holy) Spirit within us to teach us. Refer Hebrews 8:10-11 which quotes Jeremiah 31:33-34 "10 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith Yahweh; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a Mighty One, and they shall be to me a people: 11 And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know Yahweh: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest." (KJV, names adjusted)

James 3:1 states "My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation." (KJV) The New King James and many other versions translate "masters" as "teachers".

Furthermore, as set out in the article 1A1.01.12.02 "Prophetic Strategic SWOT Analysis of the Body of Believers" (24 December 2001) we have access to over 100 English translations, numerous reference books, numerous electronic tools, etc. We are WITHOUT EXCUSE and will be judged accordingly.

We MUST take these scriptures VERY seriously and cease substituting other words for the Sacred Names of Yah and Yahweh!

It must be noted that the writer is still seeking greater understanding surrounding the apparently disparate number of occurrences of Yahweh versus the relatively few occurrences of Yah although Yah is embedded in numerous other words as presented below. Until the writer has clarity on this, where Yahweh occurs in the Hebrew text the adjustment made to the English reflects Yahweh. However, in general writing, the writer is IMPRESSED by the Spirit of Yah to use Yah almost exclusively!


As previously stated, there are a large number of names and words in Hebrew that are based on the essential Name "Yah". This section lists a number of words that have been encountered in an initial relatively superficial search together with some basic information about each word.

It is likely that there are more occurrences.

In each case a series of words are displayed from the BibleSoft PC Study Bible version 2.1G Interlinear Bible together with extracts of notes from the Strong's and Brown, Driver, Briggs Hebrew Lexicons. In most cases interpretation is based on Brown, Driver, Briggs which seems to be more aware of the reality of the Sacred Name.

In many cases the writer has substituted "Yah" for "Yahweh" since casual inspection of the Hebrew words and basic transliteration indicates that only the syllable "Yah" is present and NOT "Yahweh". There ARE a few instances of words based on "Yahweh". Where it seems appropriate the writer offers a version of the word that emphasises the existence of "Yah".

In the first stage of the analysis words adjacent to Yah (3050) were examined. It was found that Jedaiah or JedaYah (3048) appeared to be the first word which included "Yah" in that number range. It was then found that most of the words through to 3116 started with Yah or were perceived by Brown, Driver and Briggs to be based on "Yahweh" which the writer took to be "Yah" unless expressly otherwise noted.

It is STRESSED that what follows is NOT intended to be definitive, particularly anglicizations by the writer are approximations that, unless expressly indicated as given by Yah MAY be in error.

Note also that the examples in the graphics have been randomly selected and included prefixes and suffixes applicable to the particular instance from which they were selected. It is not the writer's intention to examine these or explain them since currently the writer has no material knowledge in this context. The principal objective is to DEMONSTRATE graphically the extent to which letter patterns corresponding to "Yah" occur and draw on available resources to offer interpretation where possible.


Ezra 5:1, a portion of which is displayed to the right of this paragraph, gives an indication of the extent to which the Name of Yah occurs in a fashion that has not been visible to most English speaking readers.

Notice the presence of "Yah" as either "yaah" or "Yah" in 2148 Zechariah (Zakaryaah), 3061 Judah (Yahuwd) and 3062 Jews (Yahuwdaayee).

The sections that follow provide data with regard to specific words together with graphical representation of the Interlinear text.

Yaah - 3050 - Yah

The essential Name of our Creator transliterated here as "Yaah". Discussed above.


- 3048 - Jedaiah (JedaYah) - Yah has known

Occurrence: AV-Jedaiah 11; 11

BDB 3048 Yekda` yah- Jedaiah = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has known"; 1) a priest in Jerusalem 2) a man who returned with Zerubbabel 3) a ruler of the priests in the days of Jeshua 4) a post exilic priest 5) one honored by Jehovah (Yahweh), perhaps one of the above

Yahab - 3051

Sorts numerically after Yah, not sure it relates specifically to Yah always seems to be transliterated haabuw therefore ignored in this analysis.

mityaheeb - Yaheeb - 3052 - deliver, provide, give

Occurrence: AV-give 21, given + 01934 2, delivered 1, laid 1, paid 1, prolonged 1, yielded 1; 28

Strong 3052 yehab (Aramaic) (yeh-hab'); corresponding to 3051; -deliver, give, lay, + prolong, pay, yield.

BDB 3052 yehab (Aramaic)- to give, to provide a) (P'al) 1) to give 2) to place, to lay (foundations) b) (Hithp'al) 1) to be given 2) to be paid

There seems to be some conceptual correlation with Yah as our provider.

yahaabakaa - yahab - 3053 - burden, lot, given by Providence (= Yah)

Occurrence: AV-burden 1; 1

Psalm 55:22 "Cast thy burden upon Yahweh, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." (KJV)

Strong 3053 yehab (ye-hawb'); from 3051; properly, what is given (by Providence), i.e. a lot: KJV-- burden.

BDB 3053 yehab- a burden, a lot (what is given)

There appears to be some correlation between Yah being our provider in the context of "providence" in particular and also relates to "lot's" being from Yah and prophetic "burdens" being from Yah.

mityahadiym - yahad - 3054 - become a Yahuwdite (Jew)

Occurrence AV-became Jews 1; 1

Esther 8:17 "And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king's commandment and his decree came, the Jews [Yahudiym] had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews [Yahudiym] fell upon them." (KJV)

Strong 3054 yahad (yaw-had'); denominative from a form corresponding to 3061; to Judaize, i.e. become Jewish: KJV-- become Jews.

BDM 3054 yahad- (Hithpael) to become a Jew (in fact or in fraud), to become Judaized

wi-Yahud - Yahud - 3055 - beauty

Occurrence AV-Jehud 1; 1

Joshua 19:45 "And Jehud, and Beneberak, and Gathrimmon," (KJV)

BDB 3055 Yehud- Jehud = "beauty"; a town in Dan, located between Baalath and Bene-berak and 8 miles east of Joppa


adaay - Yahdai - 3056 - whom Yah will place

Occurrence AV-Jahdai 1; 1

1 Chronicles 2:47 "And the sons of Jahdai; Regem, and Jotham, and Geshan, and Pelet, and Ephah, and Shaaph." (KJV)

Strong 3056 Yehday (yeh-dah'-ee); perhaps from a form corresponding to 3061; Judaistic; Jehdai, an Israelite: KJV-- Jehdai.

BDB 3056 Yehday- Jahdai "whom he will place" one of the family of Caleb

Yahudiyaah - Yahudiyah - 3057 - feminine of Yahuwdiy (a Jewess)

Occurrence AV-Jehudijah 1; 1

1 Chronicles 4:18 "And his wife Jehudijah bare Jered the father of Gedor, and Heber the father of Socho, and Jekuthiel the father of Zanoah. And these are the sons of Bithiah the daughter of Pharaoh, which Mered took." (KJV)

BDB 3057 Yehudiyah- as an adjective, feminine: 1) the Jewess or as a proper noun, feminine: (CLBL) Jehudijah = "Jewess"; 2) a Calebite, the wife of one named Ezra

Yeehuw - Yahuw - 3058 - Yah is He

The transliteration "Yeeh" does not appear to correlate with the transliteration "Yah" or "Yaah" for the surrounding words with what appears to be the same Hebrew letters.

Occurrence AV-Jehu 58; 58

1 Kings 16:1 "Then the word of Yahweh came to Jehu the son of Hanani against Baasha, saying," (KJV, adjusted)

Strong 3058 Yehuw' (yay-hoo'); from 3068 and 193 l; Jehovah (is) He; Jehu, the name of five Israelites: KJV-- Jehu.

BDB 3058 Yehuw'- Jehu = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is He"; 1) the king of the northern kingdom Israel who overthrew the dynasty of Omri 2) son of Hanani and an Israelite prophet in the time of Baasha and Jehoshaphat 3) the Antothite, a Benjamite, one of David's mighty warriors 4) a descendant of Judah of the house of Hezron 5) son of Josibiah and a chief of the tribe of Simeon

Yahow'aachaaz - Yahow'achaz - 3059 Yah has seized

Occurrence AV-Jehoahaz 20; 20

2 Kings 10:35 "And Jehu slept with his fathers: and they buried him in Samaria. And Jehoahaz his son reigned in his stead." (KJV)

Strong 3059 Yehow'achaz (yeh-ho-aw-khawz'); from 3068 and 270; Jehovah-seized; Jehoachaz, the name of three Israelites: KJV-- Jehoahaz. Compare 3099.

BDB 3059 Yehow'achaz- Jehoahaz = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has seized"; 1) a king of Judah and son of Josiah 2) a king of the northern kingdom of Israel and son of Jehu 3) a king of Judah and son of Jehoram (Ahaziah)

Yahow'aash - Yahow'ash - 3060 - given by Yah

Occurrence AV-Jehoash 17; 17

2 Kings 11:21 "Seven years old was Jehoash when he began to reign." (KJV)

Strong 3060 Yehow'ash (yeh-ho-awsh'); from 3068 and (perhaps) 784; Jehovah-fired; Jehoash, the name of two Israelite kings: KJV-- Jehoash. Compare 3101.

BDB 3060 Yehow'ash- Jehoash = "given by the Lord"; 1) a son of king Ahaziah and the 8th king of Judah 2) a son of king Jehoahaz and the 12th king of the northern kingdom of Israel


Yahuwd - Yahuwd - 3061 - the territory of Yahuwdaah - Judea

Occurrence AV-Judah 5, Judea 1, Jewry 1; 7

Ezra 5:1 "Then the prophets, Haggai the prophet, and Zechariah the son of Iddo, prophesied unto the Jews that were in Judah and Jerusalem in the name of the God of Israel, even unto them." (KJV)

Strong 3061 Yehuwd (Aramaic) (yeh-hood'); contracted from a form corresponding to 3063; properly, Judah, hence, Judaea: KJV-- Jewry, Judah, Judea.

BDB 3061 Yehuwd (Aramaic)- Judah -the territory of the tribe of Judah

Yahuwdaayee - Yahuwda'iy - 3062 - the descendants of Yahuwdaah - Jews

Occurrence AV-Jews 10; 10

Ezra 4:12 "Be it known unto the king, that the Jews [Yahuwday'iy] which came up from thee to us are come unto Jerusalem, building the rebellious and the bad city, and have set up the walls thereof, and joined the foundations." (KJV)

Strong 3062 Yehuwda'iy (Aramaic) (yeh-hoo-daw-ee'); patrial from 3061; a Jehudaite (or Judaite), i.e. Jew: KJV-- Jew.

BDB 3062 Yehuwda'iy (Aramaic)- a Jew

The descendants of Yahuwdaah (Judah)

Yahuwdaah - Yahuwdah - 3063 - praise Yah - Judah

Occurrence AV-Judah 808, Bethlehemjudah + 01035 10; 818

Genesis 29:35 "And she conceived again, and bare a son: and she said, Now will I praise Yahweh: therefore she called his name Judah [Yahuwdah]; and left bearing." (KJV, adjusted)

Strong 3063 Yehuwdah (yeh-hoo-daw'); from 3034; celebrated; Jehudah (or Judah), the name of five Israelites; also of the tribe descended from the first, and of its territory: KJV-- Judah.

BDB 3063 Yehuwdah- Judah = "praised"; 1) the son of Jacob by Leah 2) the tribe descended from Judah the son of Jacob 3) the territory occupied by the tribe of Judah 4) the kingdom comprised of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin which occupied the southern part of Canaan after the nation split upon the death of Solomon 5) a Levite in Ezra's time 6) an overseer of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah 7) a Levite musician in the time of Nehemiah 8) a priest in the time of Nehemiah

Yahuwdiym - Yahuwdiym - 3064 - descendants of Yahuwdaah - Jews

It is important to understand that the people we call Jews in fact have a name that includes the essential Name of our Creator and Heavenly Father. Accordingly, when one uses "Jew" as a sware word or when one curses the "Jews", one is in fact speaking against Yah and His people.

Occurrence AV-Jew 74, Jew + 0376 1, Judah 1; 76

2 Kings 16:6 "At that time Rezin king of Syria recovered Elath to Syria, and drave the Jews [Yahuwdiym] from Elath: and the Syrians came to Elath, and dwelt there unto this day." (KJV)

Strong 3064 Yehuwdiy (yeh-hoo-dee'); patronymically from 3063; a Jehudite (i.e. Judaite or Jew), or descendant of Jehudah (i.e. Judah): KJV-- Jew.

Yahuwdiy - Yahuwdiy - 3065 - a descendant of Yahuwdaah - Jehudi

Occurrence AV-Jehudi 4; 4

Jeremiah 36:14 "Therefore all the princes sent Jehudi [Yahuwdiy] the son of Nethaniah, the son of Shelemiah, the son of Cushi, unto Baruch, saying, Take in thine hand the roll wherein thou hast read in the ears of the people, and come. So Baruch the son of Neriah took the roll in his hand, and came unto them." (KJV)

Strong 3065 Yehuwdiy (yeh-hoo-dee'); the same as 3064; Jehudi, an Israelite: -Jehudi.

BDB 3065 Yehuwdiy- Jehudi = "Jew"; a son of Nethaniah and servant of king Jehoiakim


uwdiyt - Yahuwdiyt - 3066 - the language of the Yahuwdiym

Occurrence AV-Jews' language 5, Jews' speech 1; 6

2 Kings 18:26 "Then said Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, and Shebna, and Joah, unto Rabshakeh, Speak, I pray thee, to thy servants in the Syrian language; for we understand it: and talk not with us in the Jews' language [Yahuwdiyt] in the ears of the people that are on the wall." (KJV)

Strong 3066 Yehuwdiyth (yeh-hoo-deeth'); feminine of 3064; the Jewish (used adverbially) language: KJV-- in the Jews' language.

BDB 3066 Yehuwdiyth- in the Jewish language, in Hebrew

Yahuwdiyt - Yahuwdiyt - 3068 - feminine of Yahuwdiy - Judith

Occurrence AV-Judith 1; 1

Genesis 26:34 "And Esau was forty years old when he took to wife Judith [Yahuwdiyt] the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite:" (KJV)

Interesting that a Hittite woman was named "Judith" / "Yahuwdiyt", a name containing the essential Name of Almighty Yah. Note that Esau was the son of Isaac and therefore they were not YET the people of Israel and certainly not the people of Yahuwdaah (Judah). By implication the name, INCLUDING YAH, PREDATES "Jewess" and suggests that the Hittites ALSO knew Yah which is to be expected since all descended from Noah.

This suggests that the following lexicon entries which include the word "Jewess" have not accurately distilled the essence of the name.

Note also that the spelling of the name is almost identical to the previous word for "Jews language".

Strong 3067 Yehuwdiyth (yeh-ho-deeth'); the same as 3066; Jewess; Jehudith, a Canaanitess: KJV-- Judith.

BDB 3067 Yehuwdiyth- Judith = "Jewess" or "praised"; the daughter of Beeri the Hittite and wife of Esau

Yahweh - 3068 - Yah the eternally self existent One

Occurrence AV-LORD 6510, GOD 4, JEHOVAH 4, variant 1; 6519

Discussed on page 11.

Yahovih - Yahweh - 3069 - Scribal device for 3068

Occurrence AV-GOD 304, LORD 1; 305

Discussed on page 12.

This is a scribal device, NOT a separate word. Used to assist with deliberate mispronunciation of the Name of Yah Most High.

Yahweh-yir'eh - 3070 - Yahweh provides

Occurrence AV-Jehovahjireh 1; 1

Genesis 22:14 "And Abraham called the name of that place Yahweh provides [Yahweh-yir'eh]: as it is said to this day, In the mount of Yahweh it shall be seen [provided]." (KJV, adjusted)

Strong 3070 Yehovah Yir'eh (yeh-ho-vaw' yir-eh'); from 3068 and 7200; Jehovah will see (to it); Jehovah-Jireh, a symbolical name for Mount Moriah: KJV-- Jehovahjireh.

BDB 3070 Yehovah yireh- Jehovah-jireh = "Jehovah (Yahweh) sees"; symbolic name given by Abraham to Mount Moriah in commemoration of the interposition of the Angel of Jehovah (Yahweh) who prevented the sacrifice of Isaac and provided a substitute

Many other versions translate this as Yahweh provides, for example, in the New American Standard Genesis 22:14 "And Abraham called the name of that place Yahweh Will Provide, as it is said to this day, "In the mount of the Yahweh it will be provided."" (NAS, adjusted)

Accordingly this is reflected as Yahweh provides.


weh-Nicciy - 3071 - Yahweh is my banner

Occurrence AV-Jehovahnissi 1; 1

Exodus 17:15 "And Moses built an altar, and called the name of it Yahweh is my banner [Yahweh-nicciy]:" (KJV, adjusted)

Strong 3071 Yehovah Nicciy (yeh-ho-vaw' nis-see'); from 3068 and 5251 with the prononimal suffix; Jehovah (is) my banner; Jehovah-Nissi, a symbolical name of an altar in the Desert: KJV-- Jehovah-nissi.

BDB 3071 Yehovah nicciy- Jehovah-nissi = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is my banner"; the name given by Moses to the altar which he built in commemoration of the discomfiture of the Amalekites

Yahweh Tsidqeenuw - 3068-3072 - Yahweh is our righteousness

Occurrence AV-LORD our Righteousness 2; 2

Jeremiah 23:6 "In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, YAHWEH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS." (KJV)

Strong 3072 Yehovah Tsidqenuw (ye-ho-vaw' tsid-kay'-noo); from 3068 and 6664 with pronominal suffix; Jehovah (is) our right; Jehovah-Tsidkenu, a symbolical epithet of the Messiah and of Jerusalem: KJV-- the Lord our righteousness.

BDB 3072 Yehovah tsidqenuw- Jehovah (Yahweh) is our righteousness a sacred name symbolically applied to Jerusalem and the Messiah

Important to note the express statement that Yah (Yahweh) is our righteousness. This is challenging in the context of Scriptures like Romans 8:22 and 26 and 5:17 and 21 and 1 Corinthians 1:30 which are widely interpreted as indicating that "Jesus Christ is our righteousness" or "Yahooshua Messiah is our righteousness".

1 Corinthians 1:30 "But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:" (KJV)

This relates to the discussion regarding the exact meaning of "Christ" which has been touched on in various articles and which will, Yah willing, shortly be discussed in detail. However, in the context of this particular statement that Yahweh is our righteousness it seems worth touching on.

Recently the writer has taken to frequently interpreting "Christ" in terms of "anointed one", "anointing", etc all of which relate to the anointing of the set apart Spirit of Yah. On this basis the above verse becomes:

"But of him are ye in the anointing [of the set apart Spirit of Yah] of Yahooshua, who of Yah is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:"

As long as we interpret "Christ" in this passage as "the anointing of the set apart Spirit of Yah" then it is YAH who is our righteousness, NOT Yahooshua! In this case there is no conflict between the statements relating to the anointing of Yahooshua and statements that Yah or Yahweh is our righteousness.

Yahweh-Shalowm - 3073 - Yahweh is peace

Occurrence AV-Jehovahshalom 1; 1

Judges 6:24 "Then Gideon built an altar there unto the LORD, and called it Yahweh-shalowm [Yahweh is peace]: unto this day it is yet in Ophrah of the Abi-ezrites." (KJV)

Strong 3073 Yehavah Shalowm (yeh-ho-vaw' shaw-lome'); from 3068 and 7965; Jehovah (is) peace; Jehovah-Shalom, a symbolical name of an altar in Palestine: -Jehovah-shalom.

BDB 3073 Yehavah shalowm- Jehovah-shalom = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is peace"; the name of a sacred altar built by Gideon in Ophrah


Yahweh shammah - 3074 - Yahweh is there

Occurrence AV-The Lord is there 1; 1

Not found in the PC Study Bible which lists 8033 as shammah separated from Yahweh by "is" inserted by the translators in the "King James Version". The OnLine Bible lists 3074 in the "Authorized Version".

However, 3074 IS listed in the Lexicon's in the PC Study Bible.

There ARE many instances of 8033 shammah NOT in conjunction with Yahweh, it appears that there is one special case which is treated differently in the two software packages.

Strong 3074 Yehovah Shammah (yeh-ho-vaw' shawm'-maw); from 3068 and 8033 with directive enclitic; Jehovah (is) thither; Jehovah-Shammah, a symbolic title of Jerusalem: KJV-- Jehovah-shammah.

BDB 3074 Yehovah shammah- Jehovah-shammah = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is there"; a symbolic name for Jerusalem

Yahowzabad - Yahowzabad - 3075 - Yah has endowed

Occurrence AV-Jehozabad 4; 4

2 Kings 12:21 "For Jozachar the son of Shimeath, and Jehozabad the son of Shomer, his servants, smote him, and he died; and they buried him with his fathers in the city of David: and Amaziah his son reigned in his stead." (KJV)

Strong 3075 Yehowzabad (yeh-ho-zaw-bawd'); from 3068 and 2064; Jehovah-endowed; Jehozabad, the name of three Israelites: KJV-- Jehozabad. Compare 3107.

BDB 3075 Yehowzabad- Jehozabad = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has endowed"; 1) son of Shomer, a Moabitish woman, who murdered Joash, king of Judah 2) a Benjamite, captain of 180,000 armed men, in the days of Jehoshaphat 3) a Korhite Levite, second son of Obededom, and one of the porters of the Temple and of the storehouse there in the time of David

Yahowchaanaan - Yahowchanan - 3076 - Yah has graced

Occurrence AV-Jehohanan 6, Johanan 3; 9

Notice two renderings for nominally the same word.

1 Chronicles 26:3 "Elam the fifth, Jehohanan the sixth, Elioenai the seventh." (KJV)

Strong 3076 Yehowchanan (yeh-ho-khaw-nawn'); from 3068 and 2603; Jehovah-favored; Jehochanan, the name of eight Israelites: KJV-- Jehohanan, Johanan. Compare 3110.

BDB 3076 Yehowchanan- Jehohanan = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has graced"; 1) a priest during the high priesthood of Joiakim who returned with Zerubbabel 2) a high priest in the time of Ezra 3) a Levite priest who took part in the dedication of the wall in the time of Nehemiah 4) a son of Tobiah 5) a Korhite Levite and one of the doorkeepers to the tabernacle in the time of David 6) a captain of Judah under king Jehoshaphat 7) an Ephraimite 8) an Israelite with a foreign wife in the time of Ezra 9) a Jewish captain after the fall of Jerusalem 10) the oldest son of king Josiah 11) a post-exilic prince of the line of David 12) father of Azariah, priest in Solomon's time 13) a Benjamite, one of David's mighty warriors 14) a Gadite, one of David's mighty warriors 15) a returning exile


Yahowyaadaa - Yahowyada - 3077 - Yah knows

Occurrence AV-Jehoiada 51; 51

2 Samuel 8:18 "And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada was over both the Cherethites and the Pelethites; and David's sons were chief rulers." (KJV)

Strong 3077 Yehowyada` (yeh-ho-yaw-daw'); from 3068 and 3045; Jehovah-known; Jehojada, the name of three Israelites: KJV-- Jehoiada. Compare 3111.

BDB 3077 Yehowyada`- Jehoiada = "Jehovah (Yahweh) knows"; 1) the father of Benaiah, David's mighty warrior 2) the leader of the priests who joined David at Hebron 3) a high priest at the time of Athaliah's usurpation of the throne of Judah; hid Joash, the king's son, for six years and eventually replaced him on the throne of Judah 4) the second priest, or sagan, to Seraiah the high priest

Yahowyaakiyn - Yahowyakiyn - 3078 - Yah establishes

Occurrence AV-Jehoiachin 10; 10


2 Kings 24:6 "So Jehoiakim slept with his fathers: and Jehoiachin his son reigned in his stead." (KJV)

Strong 3078 Yehowyakiyn (yeh-ho-yaw-keen'); from 3068 and 3559; Jehovah will establish; Jehojakin, a Jewish king: KJV-- Jehoiachin. Compare 3112.

BDB 3078 Yehowyakiyn- Jehoiachin = "Jehovah (Yahweh) establishes"; king of Judah, son of Jehoiakim, and the next to last king of Judah before the Babylonian captivity; kingship lasted for 3 months and 10 days before he surrendered to Nebuchadnezzar who took him to Babylon and imprisoned him for 36 years when he was finally released

Yahowyaaqiym - Yahowyaqiym - 3079 - Yah raises up

Occurrence AV-Jehoiakim 37; 37

2 Kings 23:34 "And Pharaoh-nechoh made Eliakim the son of Josiah king in the room of Josiah his father, and turned his name to Jehoiakim, and took Jehoahaz away: and he came to Egypt, and died there." (KJV)

Interesting that Pharaoh-nechoh gave him a name that included "Yah" and meant "Yah raises up".

Strong 3079 Yehowyaqiym (yeh-ho-yaw-keem'); from 3068 abbreviated and 6965; Jehovah will raise; Jehojakim, a Jewish king: KJV-- Jehoiakim. Compare 3113.

BDB 3079 Yehowyaqiym- Jehoiakim = "Jehovah (Yahweh) raises up"; son of Josiah and the third from the last king of Judah; subject vassel of Nebuchadnezzar who reigned for 11 years before he died a violent death either in combat or by the hands of his own subjects

Yahowyaariyb - Yahowyariyb - 3080 - Yah contends

Occurrence AV-Jehoiarib 2; 2

1 Chronicles 9:10 "And of the priests; Jedaiah, and Jehoiarib, and Jachin," (KJV)

Strong 3080 Yehowyariyb (yeh-ho-yaw-reeb'); from 3068 and 7378; Jehovah will contend; Jehojarib, the name of two Israelites: KJV-- Jehoiarib. Compare 3114.

BDB 3080 Yehowyariyb- Jehoiarib = "Jehovah (Yahweh) contends"; 1) a priest in Jerusalem 2) the head of the first of the 24 courses (shift) of priests in David's time

Yahuwkal - Yahuwkal - 3081 - Yah is able

Occurrence AV-Jehucal 1; 1

Jeremiah 37:3 "And Zedekiah the king sent Jehucal the son of Shelemiah and Zephaniah the son of Maaseiah the priest to the prophet Jeremiah, saying, Pray now unto Yahweh our Mighty One for us." (KJV, names adjusted)

Strong 3081 Yehuwkal (yeh-hoo-kal'); from 3201; potent; Jehukal, an Israelite: -Jehucal. Compare 3116.

BDB 3081 Yehuwkal- Jehucal = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is able"; a son of Shelemiah and a servant of king Zedekiah whom he sent to Jeremiah to entreat his prayers and advice


Yahownaadaab - Yahownadab - 3082 - Yah is willing

Occurrence AV-Jehonadab 3, Jonadab 5; 8

2 Samuel 13:5 "And Jonadab said unto him, Lay thee down on thy bed, and make thyself sick: and when thy father cometh to see thee, say unto him, I pray thee, let my sister Tamar come, and give me meat, and dress the meat in my sight, that I may see it, and eat it at her hand." (KJV)

Strong 3082 Yehownadab (yeh-ho-naw-dawb'); from 3068 and 5068; Jehovah-largessed; Jehonadab, the name of an Israelite and of an Arab: KJV-- Jehonadab, Jonadab. Compare 3122.

BDB 3082 Yehownadab- Jehonadab = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is willing"; 1) a son of Rechab, chief of the Rechabites, in the time of Jehu and Ahab 2) a nephew of David

Yahownaataan - Yahownathan - 3083 - Yah has given

Occurrence AV-Jonathan 79, Jehonathan 3; 82

Note two different representations of nominally the same word.

1 Samuel 14:6 "And Jonathan said to the young man that bare his armour, Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that Yahweh will work for us: for there is no restraint to Yahweh to save by many or by few." (KJV)

Strong 3083 Yehownathan (yeh-ho-naw-thawn'); from 3068 and 5414; Jehovah-given; Jehonathan, the name of four Israelites: KJV-- Jonathan. Compare 3129.

BDB 3083 Yehownathan- Jonathan or Jehonathan = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has given"; 1) a son of king Saul and a friend of David 2) a son of the high priest Abiathar and the last descendant of Eli of whom we hear 3) a nephew of David who like David slew a giant of Gath 4) an uncle of David 5) one of David's mighty warriors 6) one of David's treasurers 7) a scribe in the time of Jeremiah 8) a Levite and father of Zechariah, a priest who blew the trumpet at the dedication of the wall 9) a son or descendant of Gershom, the son of Moses, and a priest to the tribe of Dan 10) a son of Kareah and a brother of Johanan; a Judaite captain after the fall of Jerusalem 11) another Judaite father of Peleth 12) the father of Ebed in the time of Ezra 13) a son of Asahel in the time of Ezra 14) a priest of the family of Melicu in the time of Nehemiah 15) a son of Joiada and his successor to the high priesthood in the time of Nehemiah

Yahowceep - Yahowceph - 3084 - Yah has added

Occurrence AV-Joseph 1; 1

Joseph is also 3130

Psalm 81:5 "This he ordained in Joseph for a testimony, when he went out through the land of Egypt: where I heard a language that I understood not." (KJV)

Strong 3084 Yehowceph (yeh-ho-safe'); a fuller form of 3130; Jehoseph (i.e. Joseph), a son of Jacob: KJV-- Joseph.

BDB 3084 Yehowceph- Joseph = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has added"; the oldest son of Jacob by Rachel

Yahow`adaah - Yahow`adaah - 3085 - Yah has adorned

Occurrence AV-Jehoadah 2; 2

1 Chronicles 8:36 "And Ahaz begat Jehoadah; and Jehoadah begat Alemeth, and Azmaveth, and Zimri; and Zimri begat Moza," (KJV)

Strong 3085 Yehow` addah (yeh-ho-ad-daw'); from 3068 and 5710; Jehovah-adorned; Jehoaddah, an Israelite: KJV-- Jehoada.

BDB 3085 Yehow` addah- Jehoadah = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has adorned"; a descendant of Saul through Jonathan


Yahow'adaan - Yahowadaan - 3086 - Yah delights

Occurrence AV-Jehoaddan 2; 2

2 Kings 14:2 "He was twenty and five years old when he began to reign, and reigned twenty and nine years in Jerusalem. And his mother's name was Jehoaddan of Jerusalem." (KJV)

Strong 3086 Yehow` addiyn (yeh-ho-ad-deen'); or Yehowaddan (yeh-ho-ad-dawn'); from 3068 and 5727; Jehovah-pleased; Jehoaddin or Jehoaddan, an Israelitess: -Jehoaddan.

BDB 3086 Yehow` addiyn or Yehowaddan- Jehoaddan = "Jehovah (Yahweh) delights"; the wife of king Joash and mother of king Amaziah of Judah

Yahowtsaadaaq - Yahowtsadaq - 3087 - Yah is righteous

Occurrence AV-Josedech 6, Jehozadak 2; 8

1 Chronicles 6:14 "And Azariah begat Seraiah, and Seraiah begat Jehozadak," (KJV)

Strong 3087 Yehowtsadaq (yeh-ho-tsaw-dawk'); from 3068 and 6663; Jehovah-righted; Jehotsadak, an Israelite: KJV-- Jehozadek, Josedech. Compare 3136.

BDB 3087 Yehowtsadaq- Jehozadak or Josedech = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is righteous"; the grandson of the high priest Hilkiah; son of the high priest Seraiah; and father of the high priest Joshua; he never attained the office of high priest himself because he was carried captive to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar

Yahowraam - Yahowram - 3088 - Yah is exalted

Occurrence AV-Jehoram 23, Joram 6; 29

1 Kings 22:50 "And Jehoshaphat slept with his fathers, and was buried with his fathers in the city of David his father: and Jehoram his son reigned in his stead." (KJV)

Strong 3088 Yehowram (yeh-ho-rawm'); from 3068 and 7311; Jehovah-raised; Jehoram, the name of a Syrian and of three Israelites: KJV-- Jehoram, Joram. Compare 3141.

BDB 3088 Yehowram- Jehoram or Joram = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is exalted"; 1) the son of king Jehoshaphat of Judah and himself king of Judah for 8 years; his wife was the wicked Athaliah who was probably the instigator for his returning the nation of Judah to the worship of Baal 2) the son of king Ahab of the northern kingdom of Israel and king of Israel himself for 12 years; he was murdered by Jehu on the plot of land for which his father had murdered Naboth thus fulfilling the prophecy of Elijah to the very letter 3) a priest in the reign of Jehoshaphat

Yahowsheba - Yahowsheba - 3089 - Yah has sworn

Occurrence AV-Jehosheba 1; 1

2 Kings 11:2 "But Jehosheba, the daughter of king Joram, sister of Ahaziah, took Joash the son of Ahaziah, and stole him from among the king's sons which were slain; and they hid him, even him and his nurse, in the bedchamber from Athaliah, so that he was not slain." (KJV)

Strong 3089 Yehowsheba` (yeh-ho-sheh'-bah); from 3068 and 7650; Jehovah-sworn; Jehosheba, an Israelitess: KJV-- Jehosheba. Compare 3090.

BDB 3089 Yehowsheba`- Jehosheba = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has sworn"; daughter of king Joram of Judah and wife of the high priest Jehoiada alternate spelling `Jehoshabeath', 3090

Yahowshab`at - Yahowshab`ath - 3090 - Yah is an oath

Occurrence AV-Jehoshabeath 2; 2

2 Chronicles 22:11 "But Jehoshabeath, the daughter of the king, took Joash the son of Ahaziah, and stole him from among the king's sons that were slain, and put him and his nurse in a bedchamber. So Jehoshabeath, the daughter of king Jehoram, the wife of Jehoiada the priest, (for she was the sister of Ahaziah,) hid him from Athaliah, so that she slew him not." (KJV)

This is exactly the same person as 3089 above, this time reported in Chronicles. In other words the writers of Kings and Chronicles were NOT exactly certain of the spelling of her name. Therefore we can conclude that it IS possible that there will be other discrepancies between Kings and Chronicles and that these two Scriptures were NOT given by Yah in the form of letter and word perfect dictation as tradition suggests.

Strong 3090 Yehowshab` ath (yeh-ho-shab-ath'); a form of 3089; Jehoshabath, an Israelitess: KJV-- Jehoshabeath.

BDB 3090 Yehowshab` ath- Jehoshabeath = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is an oath"; the daughter of king Joram of Judah and wife of the high priest Jehoiada alternate spelling `Jehosheba, 3089

This is interpreted "Yah is an oath" whereas the previous version of the SAME NAME FOR THE SAME PERSON is given as "Yah has sworn". There is NOT absolute certainty on these matters.


Yahowshua - Yahooshua - 3091 - Yah is salvation

Occurrence AV-Joshua 218; 218

Exodus 17:9 "And Moses said unto Joshua, Choose us out men, and go out, fight with Amalek: to morrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of Mighty One {Elohiym} Yah in mine hand." (KJV)

This is an example of a verse where substituting "Mighty One" for "Elohiym" does not make sense, let alone substituting "Mighty Ones". Yah states "obviously that should read 'rod of Yah'!" (Yah's words).

Strong 3091 Yehowshuwa` (yeh-ho-shoo'-ah); or Yehowshu` a (yeh-ho-shoo'-ah); from 3068 and 3467; Jehovah-saved; Jehoshua (i.e. Joshua), the Jewish leader: -Jehoshua, Jehoshuah, Joshua. Compare 1954, 3442.

Refer also 3442 which is suggested as being essentially the same name.

BDB 3091 Yehowshuwa` or Yehowshu` a- Joshua or Jehoshua = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is salvation"; as a proper noun, masculine: 1) a son of Nun of the tribe of Ephraim and successor to Moses as the leader of the children of Israel; led the conquest of Canaan 2) a resident of Beth-shemesh on whose land the Ark of the Covenant came to a stop after the Philistines returned it 3) a son of Jehozadak and high priest after the restoration 4) the governor of Jerusalem under king Josiah who gave his name to a gate of the city of Jerusalem

This particular name has presented the writer with an ENORMOUS CHALLENGE on two fronts.

Firstly since becoming aware that the Name of "Jesus" was in fact Yahooshua, the writer has steadfastly wanted to believe that the Name "Yahooshua" was NOT the same as the name of "Joshua". The writer has also studiously avoided asking Yah about this.

However, during the process of extracting these names and other data it became apparent that the name traditionally translated "Joshua" in the books traditionally referred to as the "Old Testament" was EXACTLY THE SAME NAME given to the man we all know as "Jesus".

In other words, Yahooshua, our saviour, DID NOT HAVE A UNIQUE NAME, he had the SAME name that had been given to thousands of other believers through the ages!!

On going before Yah on this matter the writer was told "obviously Yahooshua could NOT have been given an exclusive name. It would have attracted too much attention to him and made life for Joseph and Mary totally unbearable!" (Yah's words)

Secondly, up to now the writer has been firmly persuaded that the Name Yahooshua meant "the salvation of Yah". However, having confronted the first point it was then necessary to confront the second, that is, that the Name "Yahooshua" means "YAH IS SALVATION"! In other words, Yahooshua, through his Name, POINTED US TOWARD YAH as our salvation NOT himself!

This confronts a whole spectrum of issues.


The man we have known as "Jesus" was actually called "Yahooshua" and that is the SAME name as the man who led Israel into Canaan and that occurs 218 times in the books we traditionally refer to as "the old testament" AND that name means "Yah is Salvation" NOT "Salvation of Yah"!

This is confirmed by the following Scriptures:

Psalm 106:21 "They forgat Yah El their saviour, which had done great things in Egypt;"

Isaiah 43:3 "For I am Yahweh thy Mighty One, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour: I gave Egypt for thy ransom, Ethiopia and Seba for thee."

Isaiah 43:11 "I, even I, am Yahweh; and beside me there is no saviour."

Isaiah 45:15 "Verily thou art a Mighty One that hidest thyself, O Mighty One of Israel, the Saviour."

Isaiah 45:21 "Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I Yahweh? and there is no Mighty One else beside me; a just Mighty One and a Saviour; there is none beside me."

Isaiah 45:17 "But Israel shall be saved in Yahweh with an everlasting salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end."

Isaiah 49:26 "And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I Yahweh am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob."

Isaiah 60:16 "Thou shalt also suck the milk of the Gentiles, and shalt suck the breast of kings: and thou shalt know that I Yahweh am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob."

Isaiah 63:8 "For he said, Surely they are my people, children that will not lie: so he [Yah] was their Saviour."

Jeremiah 14:8 "O the hope of Israel, the saviour thereof in time of trouble, why shouldest thou be as a stranger in the land, and as a wayfaring man that turneth aside to tarry for a night?"

Hosea 13:4 "Yet I am Yahweh thy Mighty One from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me."

All Scriptures from the KJV with Names adjusted

It is clearly apparent that Yah is the ONLY saviour. This must be reconciled with our understanding of who exactly Yahooshua the anointed of Yah is and what exactly he accomplished on our behalf through his life and death!

YahowshaapaaT - Yahowshaphat - 3092 - Yah has judged

Occurrence AV-Jehoshaphat 84; 84

2 Samuel 8:16 "And Joab the son of Zeruiah was over the host; and Jehoshaphat the son of Ahilud was recorder;" (KJV)

Strong 3092 Yehowshaphat (yeh-ho-shaw-fawt'); from 3068 and 8199; Jehovah-judged; Jehoshaphat, the name of six Israelites; also of a valley near Jerusalem: -Jehoshaphat. Compare 3146.

BDB 3092 Yehowshaphat- Jehoshaphat = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has judged"; as a proper noun, masculine: 1) a son of king Asa and himself king of Judah for 25 years; one of the best, most pious, and prosperous kings of Judah 2) a son of Nimshi and father of king Jehu of the northern kingdom of Israel 3) a son of Ahilud and chronicler under David and Solomon 4) a son of Paruah and one of the 12 commissary officers under Solomon 5) a priest and trumpeter in the time of David

as a proper noun, location: 6) symbolical name of a valley near Jerusalem which is the place of ultimate judgment; maybe the deep ravine which separates Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives through which the Kidron Creek flowed

yahiyr - 3093 - haughty

Occurrence AV-haughty 1, proud 1; 2

Proverbs 21:24 "Proud and haughty scorner is his name, who dealeth in proud wrath." (KJV)

Strong 3093 yahiyr (yaw-here'); probably from the same as 2022; elated; hence, arrogant: KJV-- haughty, proud.

BDB 3093 yahiyr- proud, arrogant, haughty

NOTE THE CLOSENESS TO THE NAME OF YAH - no wonder Yah hates pride - it is elevating ourselves to His level!!

Yahalel'eel - Yahalel'eel - 3094 - Yah my might is praised

Occurrence AV-Jehaleleel 1, Jehalelel 1; 2

1 Chronicles 4:16 "And the sons of Jehaleleel; Ziph, and Ziphah, Tiria, and Asareel." (KJV)

Strong 3094 Yehallel'el (yeh-hal-lel-ale'); from 1984 and 410; praising God; Jehallelel, the name of two Israelites: KJV-- Jehalellel, Jehalelel.

BDB 3094 Yehallel'el- Jehaleleel or Jehalelel = "God is praised"; 1) a Calebite descendant of Judah 2) father of Azariah and a Merarite Levite in the time of Hezekiah

"Mighty One is praised" or "praising Mighty One" does not make much sense when the word begins with a form of "Yah". This is not congruent. After prayer the interpretation "Yah my might is praised" was given.

yaahalom - 3095 - a diamond

Occurrence AV-diamond 3; 3

Exodus 28:18 "And the second row shall be an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond." (KJV)

Strong 3095 yahalom (yah-hal-ome'); from 1986 (in the sense of hardness); a precious stone, probably onyx: KJV-- diamond.

BDB 3095 yahalom- a precious stone (known for its hardness); perhaps the jasper, onyx, or diamond

It seems significant that the word for a diamond is ALSO derived from the Name of Yah - note the characteristics, it is intensely pure, transparent, beautiful but ALSO intensely hard and will burn with intense heat if ignited - it seems to me that this in a material sense describes Yah!!

However, the Hebrew transliterated Yaah does not appear to be that close to that transliterated Yah! This seems strange since it is in numerical sequence which, until now, had been assumed to be more or less alphabetic based on the Hebrew. In light of other instances of similar words with different numbers it seems that the numbering is probably LESS systematic than assumed. Given the magnitude of the task of cataloguing all this information manually at the time it was first done it is not unreasonable for there to be inconsistencies. This observation simply demonstrates that it is unwise to make assumptions about things of this nature!


Yaahatsaah - Yahtsah - 3096 - Yah has trodden down?

Occurrence AV-Jahaz 5, Jahazah 3, Jahzah 1; 9

Numbers 21:23 "And Sihon would not suffer Israel to pass through his border: but Sihon gathered all his people together, and went out against Israel into the wilderness: and he came to Jahaz, and fought against Israel." (KJV)

Strong 3096 Yahats (yah'-hats; or Yahtsah (yah'-tsaw; or (feminine) Yahtsah (yah-tsaw'); from an unused root meaning to stamp; perhaps threshing-floor; Jahats or Jahtsah, a place East of the Jordan: KJV-- Jahaz, Jahazah, Jahzah.

BDB 3096 Yahats or Yahtsah or (fem.) Yahtsah- Jahaz or Jahazah or Jahzah = "trodden down"; a place in Reuben east of the Dead Sea where Israel defeated Sihon king of the Amorites; the site is uncertain.

In this case the Hebrew seems fairly close relative to Yah, Yah has trodden down seems to fit the place and what happened there.

Yow'aab - Joab - 3097 - Yah is father?

Occurrence AV-Joab 145; 145

1 Samuel 26:6 "Then answered David and said to Ahimelech the Hittite, and to Abishai the son of Zeruiah, brother to Joab, saying, Who will go down with me to Saul to the camp? And Abishai said, I will go down with thee." (KJV)

Strong 3097 Yow'ab (yo-awb'); from 3068 and 1; Jehovah-fathered; Joab, the name of three Israelites: KJV-- Joab.

BDB 3097 Yow'ab- Joab = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is father"; 1) son of David's sister Zeruiah and general of David's army 2) a Judaite descendant of Kenaz 3) a post-exilic family

Yah is father seems an unlikely name?

Yow'aach - Joah - 3098 - Yah is brother?

Occurrence AV-Joah 11; 11

2 Kings 18:18 "And when they had called to the king, there came out to them Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, which was over the household, and Shebna the scribe, and Joah the son of Asaph the recorder." (KJV)

Strong 3098 Yow'ach (yo-awkh'); from 3068 and 251; Jehovah-brothered; Joach, the name of four Israelites: KJV-- Joah.

BDB 3098 Yow'ach- Joah = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is brother"; 1) son of Asaph and chronicler to Hezekiah 2) a Gershonite son or grandson of Zimmah 3) a Korhite, third son of Obed-edom and doorkeeper in the time of David 4) a son of Joahaz and chronicler to king Josiah

Yah is brother seems to be a very familiar name? Alternatively the relationship of Yah's people to Yah in the days when names like these were formulated was MUCH CLOSER than most people want to believe! (Yah says "that is so").

Yow'aachaaz - 3099 - Yah has grasped?

Occurrence AV-Jehoahaz 3, Joahaz 1; 4

2 Kings 14:1 "In the second year of Joash son of Jehoahaz king of Israel reigned Amaziah the son of Joash king of Judah." (KJV)

Strong 3099 Yow'achaz (yo-aw-khawz'); a form of 3059; Joachaz, the name of two Israelites: KJV-- Jehoahaz, Joahaz.

BDB 3099 Yow'achaz- Joahaz or Jehoahaz = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has grasped"; the father of Joah, Josiah's chronicler

It seems difficult for an untrained reader to recognize Yah in this Hebrew word.

Yow'eel - Joel - 3100 - Yah is Mighty One (El)

Occurrence AV-Joel 19; 19

1 Samuel 8:2 "Now the name of his firstborn was Joel; and the name of his second, Abiah: they were judges in Beersheba." (KJV)

Strong 3100 Yow'el (yo-ale'); from 3068 and 410; Jehovah (is his) God; Joel, the name of twelve Israelites: KJV-- Joel.

BDB 3100 Yow'el- Joel = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is God"; 1) a son of Pethuel and the second of the 12 minor prophets with a book by his name; probably prophesied in the time of king Uzziah of Judah 2) the oldest son of Samuel the prophet and father of Heman the singer 3) a Simeonite chief 4) a Reubenite 5) a chief of Gad 6) a son of Izrahiah and a chief of Issachar 7) a brother of Nathan of Zobah and one of David's mighty warriors 8) a son of Pedaiah and a chief of the half-tribe of Manasseh west of the Jordan River in the time of David 9) a son of Nebo who returned with Ezra and had a foreign wife 10) a Benjamite, son of Zichri 11) a Levite 12) a Kohathite Levite in the reign of Hezekiah 13) a Gershonite Levite chief in the time of David 14) a Gershonite Levite, son of Jehiel and a descendant of Laadan; maybe the same as meaning no. 13

"Yah is God" is actually "Yah is El", in other words "Yah is Mighty One".

Yah is not easily recognized in this word suggesting that the traditional meaning of the word goes beyond the exact spelling of Yah being embedded in the word.


Yow'aash - Joash - 3101 - given by Yah

Occurrence AV-Joash 47; 47

Judges 6:11 "And there came an angel of Yahweh, and sat under an oak which was in Ophrah, that pertained unto Joash the Abi-ezrite: and his son Gideon threshed wheat by the winepress, to hide it from the Midianites." (KJV, names adjusted)

Strong 3101 Yow'ash (yo-awsh'); or Yo'ash (2 Chron. 24:1) (yo-awsh'); a form of 3060; Joash, the name of six Israelites: KJV-- Joash.

BDB 3101 Yow'ash or Yo'ash (2 Chron. 24:1)- Joash = "given by the Lord"; 1) a son of king Ahaziah and the 8th king of Judah 2) a son of king Jehoahaz and the 12th king of the northern kingdom of Israel 3) the father of Gideon 4) a son of king Ahab 5) a descendant of Shelah the son of Judah; either the son of Shelah or the son of Jokim 6) a son of Shemaah of Gibeah who resorted to David at Ziklag


There are a number of additional words which Brown, Driver, Briggs indicate refer to Yah. However the Hebrew connection is not apparent to the writer and there is a discontinuity in Strong's numbering which seems puzzling IF there IS continuity of reference.

The writer has subsequently concluded that there is NO continuity of reference.

3102 to 3106 make no reference to Yah

Yowzabad - 3107 - Yah has endowed

Occurrence AV-Jozabad 9, Josabad 1; 10

2 Kings 12:21 "For Jozachar the son of Shimeath, and Jehozabad the son of Shomer, his servants, smote him, and he died; and they buried him with his fathers in the city of David: and Amaziah his son reigned in his stead." (KJV)

BDB 3107 Yowzabad- Jozabad or Josabad = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has endowed"; 1) a Korhite Levite, second son of Obededom, and one of the porters of the Temple and of the storehouse there in the time of David 2) one of David's mighty warriors 3) another of David's mighty warriors 4) four other priests or Levites

Yowzakar - 3108 - Yah remembers

Occurrence AV-Jozachar 1; 1

Does not occur in the King James Version in PC Study Bible, DOES occur in 2 Kings 12:21 in the OnLine Bible. PC Study Bible has 3107 in this verse spelt as 3108! A further instance of small discrepancies indicative of differing human interpretations which must cause us to turn to Yah for guidance!

BDB 3108 Yowzakar- Jozachar = "Jehovah (Yahweh) remembers"; a servant of king Joash of Judah and one of his murderers; also called `Zabad'

Yowchaa - 3109 - Yah gives life

Occurrence AV-Joha 2; 2

1 Chronicles 8:16 "And Michael, and Ispah, and Joha, the sons of Beriah;" (KJV)

Strong 3109 Yowcha' (yo-khaw'); probably from 3068 and a variation of 2421; Jehovah-revived; Jocha, the name of two Israelites: KJV-- Joha.

BDB 3109 Yowcha'- Joha = "Jehovah (Yahweh) gives life"; 1) one of the sons of Beriah the Benjamite 2) the Tizite, one of David's mighty warriors


Yowchaanaan - Johanan - 3110 - Yah has graced

Occurrence AV-Johanan 24; 24

2 Kings 25:23 "And when all the captains of the armies, they and their men, heard that the king of Babylon had made Gedaliah governor, there came to Gedaliah to Mizpah, even Ishmael the son of Nethaniah, and Johanan the son of Careah, and Seraiah the son of Tanhumeth the Netophathite, and Jaazaniah the son of a Maachathite, they and their men." (KJV)

Strong 3110 Yowchanan (yo-khaw-nawn'); a form of 3076; Jochanan, the name of nine Israelites: KJV-- Johanan. ***. Yuwtah. See 3194.

BDB 3110 Yowchanan- Johanan = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has graced"; 1) a priest during the high priesthood of Joiakim who returned with Zerubbabel 2) a Jewish captain after the fall of Jerusalem 3) the oldest son of king Josiah 4) a post-exilic prince of the line of David 5) the father of Azariah, priest in Solomon's time 6) a Benjamite, one of David's mighty warriors 7) a Gadite, one of David's mighty warriors 8) a returning exile

Yowyaadaa - Jehoiada - 3111 - Yah knows

Occurrence AV-Joiada 4, Jehoiada 1; 5

Nehemiah 3:6 "Moreover the old gate repaired Jehoiada the son of Paseah, and Meshullam the son of Besodeiah; they laid the beams thereof, and set up the doors thereof, and the locks thereof, and the bars thereof." (KJV)

Strong 3111 Yowyada` (yo-yaw-daw'); a form of 3077; Jojada, the name of two Israelites: KJV-- Jehoiada, Joiada.

Abdb 3111 Yowyada`- Joiada or Jehoiada = "Jehovah (Yahweh) knows"; 1) a son of Paseah, who assisted to repair the old gate of Jerusalem 2) a son of the high priest Eliashib in the time of Nehemiah

YowyaAkiyn - Jehoiachin - 3112 Yah establishes

Occurrences AV-Jehoiachin 1; 1

Ezekial 1:2 "In the fifth day of the month, which was the fifth year of king Jehoiachin's captivity," (KJV)

Strong 3112 Yowyakiyn (yo-yaw-keen'); a form of 3078; Jojakin, an Israelite king: -Jehoiachin.

BDB 3112 Yowyakiyn- Jehoiachin = "Jehovah (Yahweh) establishes"; king of Judah, son of Jehoiakim, and the next to last king of Judah before the Babylonian captivity. His kingship lasted for 3 months and 10 days before he surrendered to Nebuchadnezzar who took him to Babylon and imprisoned him for 36 years, when he was finally released.

Note reference to 3078 alternate spelling again suggesting that there is human error in the original texts in terms of specific precision at the letter level. Both refer to exactly the same man - refer to notes above and for 3078. Both have exactly the same interpretation, Yah establishes.

The 3112 reference is from Ezekial, all other references are from Kings, Chronicles and Jeremiah. Since Ezekial was in captivity with Jehoiachin it would seem probable that his record of the spelling is more likely to be correct. Either way, one or other record is presumably incorrect.

Yowyaaqiym - Joiakim - 3113 - Yah raises up

Occurrence AV-Joiakim 4; 4

Nehhemiah 12:10 "And Jeshua begat Joiakim, Joiakim also begat Eliashib, and Eliashib begat Joiada," (KJV)

Strong 3113 Yowyaqiym (yo-yaw-keem'); a form of 3079; Jojakim, an Israelite: -Joiakim. Compare 3137.

BDB 3113 Yowyaqiym- Joiakim or Jehoiakim = "Jehovah (Yahweh) raises up"; a priest and son of Jeshua, the high priest

Yowyaariyb - Joiarib - 3114 - Yah contends

Occurrence AV-Joiarib 5; 5

Ezra 8:16 "Then sent I for Eliezer, for Ariel, for Shemaiah, and for Elnathan, and for Jarib, and for Elnathan, and for Nathan, and for Zechariah, and for Meshullam, chief men; also for Joiarib, and for Elnathan, men of understanding." (KJV)

Strong 3114 Yowyariyb (yo-yaw-reeb'); a form of 3080; Jojarib, the name of four Israelites: KJV-- Joiarib.

BDB 3114 Yowyariyb- Joiarib = "Jehovah (Yahweh) contends"; 1) the head of the first of the 24 courses (shifts) of priests in David's time 2) a teacher in the time of Ezra 3) a Judaite in the time of Nehemiah.


Yowkebed - Jochebed - 3115 - Yah is glory

Occurrence AV-Jochebed 2; 2

Exodus 6:20 "And Amram took him Jochebed his father's sister to wife; and she bare him Aaron and Moses: and the years of the life of Amram were an hundred and thirty and seven years." (KJV)

Strong 3115 Yowkebed (yo-keh'-bed); from 3068 contracted and 3513; Jehovah-gloried; Jokebed, the mother of Moses: KJV-- Jochebed.

BDB 3115 Yowkebed- Jochebed = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is glory"; the daughter of Levi, wife and at the same time aunt of Amram, and the mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam

Yuwkal - Jucal - 3116 - Yah is able

Occurrence AV-Jucal 1; 1

Jeremiah 38:1 "Then Shephatiah the son of Mattan, and Gedaliah the son of Pashur, and Jucal the son of Shelemiah, and Pashur the son of Malchiah, heard the words that Jeremiah had spoken unto all the people, saying," (KJV)

Strong 3116 Yuwkal (yoo-kal'); a form of 3081; Jukal, an Israelite: KJV-- Jucal.

BDB 3116 Yuwkal- Jucal = "Jehovah (Yahweh) is able"; a son of Shelemiah and a servant of king Zedekiah whom he sent to Jeremiah to entreat his prayers and advice


The following names include Yah embedded in the name.

Zekaryaah - Zechariah - 2148 - Yah remembers

Occurrence AV-Zechariah ; 43

Ezra 5:1 "Then the prophets, Haggai the prophet, and Zechariah the son of Iddo, prophesied unto the Jews that were in Judah and Jerusalem in the name of the Mighty One of Israel, even unto them." (KJV)

Strong 2148 Zekaryah (zek-ar-yaw'); or Zekaryahuw (zek-ar-yaw'-hoo); from 2142 and 3050; Jah has remembered; Zecarjah, the name of twenty-nine Israelites: -Zachariah, Zechariah.

BDB 2148 Zekaryah or Zekaryahuw- Zechariah = "Jehovah (Yahweh) remembers"; 1) 11th in order of the minor prophets; a priest, son of Berechiah and grandson of Iddo, who, along with Haggai, directed the rebuilding of the Temple in the days of Zerubbabel 2) a king of Israel, son of Jeroboam II 3) a son of Meshelemiah of Shelemiah, a Korhite, and keeper of the north gate of the tabernacle of the congregation 4) one of the sons of Jehiel 5) a Levite of the second order in the Temple band in the time of David 6) one of the princes of Judah in the reign of Jehoshaphat 7) a son of the high priest Jehoiada, in the reign of Joash king of Judah, who was stoned in the court of the temple 8) a Kohathite Levite in the reign of Josiah 9) the leader of the sons of Pharosh who returned with Ezra 10) a son of Bebai 11) one of the chiefs of the people whom Ezra summoned in council at the Ahava River; stood at Ezra's left hand when Ezra expounded the law to the people 12) one of the family of Elam who had married a foreign wife after the captivity 13) an ancestor of Athaiah or Uthai 14) a Shilonite, descendant of Perez, grandfather of Athaiah 15) a priest, son of Pashur 16) the representative of the priestly family of Iddo in the days of Joiakim the son of Jeshua; possibly the same as meaning no. 1 above 17) one of the priests, son of Jonathan, who blew with the trumpets at the dedication of the city wall by Ezra and Nehemiah 18) a chief of the Reubenites at the time of the captivity by Tiglath-pileser 19) one of the priests who accompanied the ark from the house of Obed-edom 20) a son of Isshiah of Jesiah, a Kohathite Levite descended from Uzziel 21) the fourth son of Hosah, of the children of Merari 22) a Manassite, father of Iddo 23) father of Jahaziel. He prophesied in the spirit 24) one of the sons of Jehoshaphat 25) a prophet in the reign of Uzziah, who appears to have acted as the king's counsellor, but of whom nothing is known 26) father of Abijah or Abi, Hezekiah's mother 27) one of the family of Asaph in the reign of Hezekiah 28) one of the rulers of the Temple in the reign of Josiah 29) a son of Jeberechiah who was taken by the prophet Isaiah as one of the `faithful witnesses to record' when he wrote concerning Maher-shalal-hash-baz

Yadiydayaah - Jedidiah - 3041 - beloved of Yah

Occurrence AV-Jedidiah 1; 1

2 Samuel 12:25 "And he sent by the hand of Nathan the prophet; and he called his name Jedidiah, because of Yahweh." (KJV)

Strong 3041 Yediydeyah (yed-ee-deh-yaw'); from 3039 and 3050; beloved of Jah; Jedidejah, a name of Solomon: KJV-- Jedidiah.

BDB 3041 Yediydeyah- Jedidiah = "beloved of Jehovah (Yahweh)"; the name given to Solomon through Nathan the prophet

Yirmayaahuw - Jeremiah - 3414 - whom Yah has appointed

Occurrence AV-Jeremiah 147; 147

2 Kings 23:31 "Jehoahaz was twenty and three years old when he began to reign; and he reigned three months in Jerusalem. And his mother's name was Hamutal, the daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah." (KJV)

Strong 3414 Yirmeyah (yir-meh-yaw'); or Yirmeyahuw (yir-meh-yaw'-hoo); from 7311 and 3050; Jah will rise; Jirmejah, the name of eight or nine Israelites: KJV-- Jeremiah.

BDB 3414 Yirmeyah or Yirmeyahuw- Jeremiah = "whom Jehovah (Yahweh) has appointed"; 1) the major prophet, son of Hilkiah of the priestly family in Anathoth; author of the prophetic book bearing his name 2) a man of Libnah and father of Hamutal the wife of king Josiah 3) a Gadite who joined David at Ziklag 4) a Manassehite, one of the mighty men of valor of the Transjordanic half-tribe of Manasseh 5) a Gadite and warrior of David 6) a warrior of David 7) a priest who joined Nehemiah in the covenant ceremony 8) a priest also in the time of Nehemiah; maybe the same as meaning no. 7 9) father of Jaazaniah the Rechabites

Yasha`yaahuw - Isaiah - 3470 - Yah has saved

Occurrence AV-Isaiah 32, Jeshaiah 5, Jesaiah 2; 39

2 Kings 19:2 "And he sent Eliakim, which was over the household, and Shebna the scribe, and the elders of the priests, covered with sackcloth, to Isaiah the prophet the son of Amoz." (KJV)

Strong 3470 Yesha` yah (yesh-ah-yaw'); or Yesha` yahuw (yesh-ah-yaw'-hoo); from 3467 and 3050; Jah has saved; Jeshajah, the name of seven Israelites: KJV-- Isaiah, Jesaiah, Jeshaiah.

BDB 3470 Yesha` yah or Yesha` yahuw- Isaiah or Jesaiah or Jeshaiah = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has saved"; 1) the major prophet, son of Amoz, who prophesied concerning Judah and Jerusalem during the days of kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah of Judah; the author of the prophetic book by his name. Tradition has it that he was sawn asunder in the trunk of a carob tree by king Manasseh and that this is the incident referred to in Heb 11:37 2) son of Hananiah, brother of Pelatiah, and grandson of Zerubbabel 3) a Benjamite 4) one of the six sons of Jeduthun 5) a son of Rehabiah, a descendant of Moses through Gershom, and an ancestor of a Levite treasurer in the time of David 6) a son of Athaliah and chief of the house of Elam who returned with Ezra 7) a chief of the descendants of Merari who returned with Ezra

Miykaayahuw - Micah - 4319 - who is like Yah

Occurrence AV-Michaiah 1; 1

PC Study Bible and OnLine Bible do not agree on relative occurrences of 4319, 4321 and 4322 in terms of verse occurrence.

Strong 4319 Miykahuw (me-kaw'-hoo); a contr. for 4321; Mikehu, an Israelite prophet: KJV-- Micaiah (2 Chronicles 18:8).

BDB 4319 Miykahuw- Michaiah = "who is like God"; a son of Imlah and a prophet of Samaria who predicted the defeat and death of king Ahab of Israel

4321 and 4322 ALSO mean "who is like Yah"

Nachemyaah - Nehemiah - 5166 - Yah comforts

Occurrence AV-Nehemiah 8; 8

Ezra 2:2 "Which came with Zerubbabel: Jeshua, Nehemiah, Seraiah, Reelaiah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispar, Bigvai, Rehum, Baanah. The number of the men of the people of Israel:" (KJV)

Strong 5166 Nechemyah (nekh-em-yaw'); from 5162 and 3050; consolation of Jah; Nechemjah, the name of three Israelites: KJV-- Nehemiah.

BDB 5166 Nechemyah- Nehemiah = "Jehovah (Yahweh) comforts"; 1) the son of Hachaliah, cupbearer to King Artaxerxes, who became governor of Judah after the return from exile 2) one of the 12 heads of the people who returned from exile with Zerubbabel 3) son of Azbuk and ruler of the half part of Beth-zur, who helped to repair the wall of Jerusalem


Obadyaahuw - Obadiah - 5662 - servant of Yah

Occurrence AV-Obadiah 20; 20

1 Kings 18:3 "And Ahab called Obadiah, which was the governor of his house. (Now Obadiah feared Yahweh greatly:" (KJV, name adjusted)

Strong 5662 `Obadyah (o-bad-yaw'); or `Obadyahuw (o-bad-yaw'-hoo); active participle of 5647 and 3050; serving Jah; Obadjah, the name of thirteen Israelites: KJV-- Obadiah.

BDB 5662 `Obadyah or `Obadyahuw- Obadiah = "servant of Jehovah (Yahweh)"; 1) the fourth of the 12 minor prophets; nothing personal is known of him but it is probable that he was contemporary with Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel; the prophetic book by him; prophesies against Edom 2) the father of Ishmaiah, one of the chiefs of Zebulun in the time of David 3) a Merarite Levite overseer of the work of restoring the Temple in the time of king Josiah of Judah 4) the chief of the household of King Ahab of Israel; an devout worshiper of Jehovah (Yahweh) who, at risk to his own life, hid over 100 prophets during the persecution of Jezebel 5) a descendant of David 6) a chief of the tribe of Issachar 7) a Benjamite, one of the six sons of Azel and a descendant of King Saul 8) a Levite, son of Shemaiah and a descendant of Jeduthun 9) a Gadite chief, the 2nd of the lion-faced Gadites who joined David at Ziklag 10) a prince of Judah in the time of king Jehoshaphat of Judah 11) a priest, son of Jehiel of the sons of Joab who returned from exile with Ezra 12) a gatekeeper in the time of Nehemiah 13) one of the men who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah; perhaps the same as meaning no. 12

Tsaphanyaahuw - Zephaniah - 6846 - Yah has treasured

Occurrence AV-Zephaniah 10; 10

2 Kings 25:18 "And the captain of the guard took Seraiah the chief priest, and Zephaniah the second priest, and the three keepers of the door:" (KJV)

Strong 6846 Tsephanyah (tsef-an-yaw'); or Tsephanyahuw (tsef-an-yaw'-hoo); from 6845 and 3050; Jah has secreted; Tsephanjah, the name of four Israelites: KJV-- Zephaniah.

BDB 6846 Tsephanyah or Tsephanyahuw- Zephaniah = "Jehovah (Yahweh) has treasured"; 1) the ninth in order of the 12 minor prophets; a descendant of king Hezekiah of Judah and prophet in the time of King Josiah of Judah 2) the son of Maaseiah and the second priest in the reign of King Zedekiah of Judah. He succeeded Jehoiada and an officer of the Temple. He was killed at Riblah when Jerusalem was captured. 3) the father of Josiah and Hen in the time of the prophet Zechariah 4) a Levite

There are many other such names listed in Appendix A.

Mattihyahu - Matthew - Greek 3156 - gift of Yah

Occurrence AV-Matthew 5; 5

Matthew 9:9 "And as Yahooshua passed forth from thence, he saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he saith unto him, Follow me. And he arose, and followed him." (KJV)

Strongs 3156 Maththaios (math-thah'-yos) or Matthaios (mat-thah'-yos); a shorter form of 3164; Matthaeus (i.e. Matthitjah), an Israelite and a Christian: KJV-- Matthew.

Thayer 3156 Matthaios- Matthew = "gift of Jehovah (Yahweh)" son of Alphaeus, one of the 12 disciples


In progressively documenting findings it became apparent that there were far more words including Yah than had at first appeared.

Time does not permit further detailed extraction such as that presented in this article thus far. Accordingly, further limited coarse extraction has been undertaken for reference purposes. This is presented in the appendices and serves to further demonstrate the great extent to which the Name of our Creator and Heavenly Father permeates every facet of Scripture and the history of His chosen people.

It is hoped that after considering this article readers will have a far better understanding of why the true Sacred Names are so important and an increasing revelation of the Sacred Scriptures!

James Robertson

24 January 2002 with minor amendments 20 November 2010




The following 253 verse instances of Jehovah occur in the Hebrew lexicon of the OnLine Bible. Jehovah has been replaced with Yah in all cases other than those where Yahweh was already indicated in the text.

The majority of the line items that follow relate to names which refer to Yah, a small number are simply notes.

Since the objective of this appendix is simply to provide a more comprehensive picture this data is presented as obtained other than with the substitution of the Name of Yah and limited formatting and editing.

29 Abia or Abiah or AbiYah =" Yah is (my) father"

138 AdoniYah =" my lord is Yah"

168 1c) the sacred tent of Yah (the tabernacle)

172 1) (metaph) Jerusalem as adulterous wife of Yah

216 1k) Yah as Israel's light

223 Uriah or UriYah =" Yah (Yahweh) is my light (flame)"

245 Azaniah =" Yah (Yahweh) hears"

274 Ahaziah =" Yah (Yahu) holds (possesses)"

281 Ahiah or AhiYah =" brother of Yah (Yahu)"

410 1d) God, the one true God, Yah

452 EliYah or Eliah =" my God is Yah" or "Yah(u) is God"

454 Elioenai or Elihoenai =" unto Yah are my eyes"

558 Amaziah =" Yah is mighty"

568 Amariah =" Yah speaks" or "Yah(u) has promised"

683 Azaliah =" Yah (Yahweh) has reserved (set apart)"

912 Bedeiah =" servant of Yah"

964 BizjothYah =" contempt of Yah"

1141 Benaiah =" Yah has built" or "Yahweh has built up"

1152 Besodeiah =" with the counsel of Yah"

or "in the secret of Yah"

1183 Bealiah =" Yah is master"

1197 1a4) Yah's wrath, human wrath (fig.)

1202 Baaseiah =" in the service of Yah"

1229 Bakbukiah =" wasting of Yah"

1232 Bukkiah =" Yah has emptied"

1256 Beraiah =" Yah has created"

1294 people assembled to bless Yah after the overthrow of the hosts

1296 Berachiah or Berechiah =" Yah blesses"

1332 Bithiah =" daughter of Yah"

1361 1a3a) to be lofty (of Yah's ways-good sense)

1436 Gedaliah =" Yah is great"

1530 1b) waves (fig. of chastisement of Yah)

1587 Gemariah =" Yah has accomplished"

1612 1b) of stars fading at Yah's judgment (metaph.)

1614 1b) of Yah's breath (fig.)

1735 Dodavah =" beloved of Yah"

1806 Dalaiah or Delaiah =" Yah has drawn"

1878 1d) (Hothpael) to fatten oneself (of Yah's sword)

1914 Hiddai =" for the rejoicing of Yah"

1937 Hodevah =" praise of Yah"

1938 Hodaviah =" praise ye Yah"

1939 Hodaiah =" praise ye Yah"

1940 Hodiah =" majesty of Yah"

1941 HodiYah =" my majesty is Yah"

1944 Hoham =" whom Yah impels"

1953 Hoshama =" whom Yah hears"

1955 Hoshaiah =" Yah has saved"

2057 Vaniah =" Yah is praise"

2069 Zebadiah =" endowment of Yah"

2148 Zechariah =" Yah remembers"

2185 1a) armour (used in warfare not sanctioned by Yah) (fig.)

2228 Zerahiah =" Yah has risen"

2252 Habaiah =" Yah has hidden"

2262 Habaziniah =" light of Yah"

2293 Haggiah =" festival of Yah"

2396 Hezekiah or Hizkiah or HizkiYah =" Yah is my strength"

he served Yah and did away with idolatrous practices

2446 Hachaliah =" whom Yah enlightens"

2517 Helkai =" my portion is Yah"

2518 Hilkiah =" my portion is Yah"

2619 Hasadiah =" Yah has been faithful"

2736 Harhaiah =" fear of Yah"

2811 Hashabiah =" Yah has considered"

2812 Hashabnah =" Yah has considered"

2813 Hashabniah =" whom Yah regards"

2900 Tobiah =" Yah is good"

2970 Jaazaniah =" Yah hears"

2977 Josiah =" whom Yah heals"

great revivals back to the worship of Yah which he led

2979 Jeaterai =" whom Yah leads"

2984 Ibhar =" Yah chooses"

2997 Ibneiah =" Yah builds"

2998 IbniYah =" whom Yah will build up"

3000 Jeberechiah =" Yah blesses"

3012 Igdaliah =" Yah is great"

3041 Jedidiah =" beloved of Yah"

3042 Jedaiah =" praised of Yah"

3048 Jedaiah =" Yah has known"

5) one honoured by Yah, perhaps one of the above

3050 1) Yah (Yah in the shortened form)

3058 Jehu =" Yah is He"

3059 Jehoahaz =" Yah has seized"

3068 Yah =" the existing One"

3069 1) Yah-used primarily in the combination 'Lord Yah'

3070 Yahweh-jireh =" Yah sees"

of the interposition of the angel of Yah who prevented the

3071 Yahweh-nissi =" Yah is my banner"

3072 Yah is our righteousness

3073 Yahweh-shalom =" Yah is peace"

3074 Yahweh-shammah =" Yah is there"

3075 Jehozabad =" Yah has endowed"

3076 Jehohanan =" Yah has graced"

3077 Jehoiada =" Yah knows"

3078 Jehoiachin =" Yah establishes"

3079 Jehoiakim =" Yah raises up"

3080 Jehoiarib =" Yah contends"

3081 Jehucal =" Yah is able"

3082 Jehonadab =" Yah is willing"

3083 Jonathan or Jehonathan =" Yah has given"

3084 Joseph =" Yah has added"

3085 Jehoadah =" Yah has adorned"

3086 Jehoaddan =" Yah delights"

3087 Jehozadak or Josedech =" Yah is righteous"

3088 Jehoram or Joram =" Yah is exalted"

3089 Jehosheba =" Yah has sworn"

3090 Jehoshabeath =" Yah is an oath"

3091 Joshua or Jehoshua =" Yah is salvation"

3092 Jehoshaphat =" Yah has judged"

3097 Joab =" Yah is father"

3098 Joah =" Yah is brother"

3099 Joahaz or Jehoahaz =" Yah has grasped"

3100 Joel =" Yah is El" or "Yah is Mighty One"

3107 Jozabad or Josabad =" Yah has endowed"

3108 Jozachar =" Yah remembers"

3109 Joha =" Yah gives life"

3110 Johanan =" Yah has graced"

3111 Joiada or Jehoiada =" Yah knows"

3112 Jehoiachin =" Yah establishes"

3113 Joiakim or Jehoiakim =" Yah raises up"

3114 Joiarib =" Yah contends"

3115 Jochebed =" Yah is glory"

3116 Jucal =" Yah is able"

3122 Jonadab or Jehonadab =" Yah is willing"

3129 Jonathan or Jehonathan =" Yah has given"

3130 Joseph =" Yah has added"

3131 Josiphiah =" Yah adds"

3133 Joed =" Yah is witness"

3134 Joezer =" Yah is help"

3135 Joash =" Yah hastens"

3136 Jozadak =" Yah is righteous"

3137 Jokim =" Yah raises up"

3140 Jorai =" Yah has taught me"

3141 Joram =" Yah is exalted"

3143 Josibiah =" Yah causes to dwell"

3144 Joshah =" Yah makes equal"

3145 Joshaviah =" Yah makes equal"

3146 Joshaphat or Jehoshaphat =" Yah judges"

3147 Jotham =" Yah is perfect"

3150 Jeziah =" Yah sprinkles"

3153 Jezaniah =" Yah has listened"

3156 Izrahiah or Jezrahiah =" Yah will shine"

3165 Jehdeiah =" Yah is unity"

3167 Yahaziah =" Yah views"

3169 Hezekiah or Jehizkiah =" Yah has made strong"

3174 Jehiah =" Yah lives"

3181 Yahmai =" whom Yah guards"

3203 Jecoliah or Jecholiah =" Yah is able"

3204 Jeconiah =" Yah will establish"

3210 Jalon =" Yah lodges"

3253 Ismachiah =" Yah sustains"

3269 Jaaziah =" made bold by Yah"

3285 Jaanai =" whom Yah answers"

3298 Jaresiah =" whom Yah nourishes"

3301 Iphedeiah =" Yah will redeem"

3359 Jecamiah or Jekamiah =" Yah raises"

3376 IriYah =" Yah sees me"

3404 JeriYah or Jeriah =" taught by Yah"

3414 Jeremiah =" whom Yah has appointed"

3439 Jeshohaiah =" Yah humbles"

3449 Ishiah or IshiYah or Jesiah =" Yah will lend"

3460 Ishmaiah =" Yah will hear"

3470 Isaiah or Jesaiah or Jeshaiah =" Yah has saved"

3548 1c) priests of Yah

3562 Cononiah or Conaniah =" Yah has established"

3659 Coniah =" Yah will establish"

3663 Chenaniah =" Yah establishes"

3727 reconciling Yah and His chosen people

3742 1a4) as the chariot of Yah (fig.)

4012 Mebunnai =" building of Yah"

4179 Moriah =" chosen by Yah"

4271 Maaseiah =" Yah is a shelter"

4309 Matri =" rain of Yah"

4322 Yah in the cities of Judah

4424 Melatiah =" Yah delivered"

4441 MalchiYah or Malchiah or Melchiah =" my king is Yah"

4532 1) the place in the wilderness where the Israelites tested Yah

4572 Maadai =" ornament of Yah"

4590 Maaziah =" consolation of Yah"

4641 Maaseiah =" work of Yah"

4720 1a4) of Yah

4737 Mikneiah =" possession of Yah"

4777 1a) against Yah

4920 Meshelemiah =" whom Yah repays"

4980 Mattanah =" gift of Yah"

4982 Mattenai =" gift of Yah"

4983 Mattaniah =" gift of Yah"

4992 Mattathah =" gift of Yah"

4993 Mattithiah =" gift of Yah"

5072 Nedabiah =" whom Yah impels"

5129 Noadiah =" meeting with Yah"

5166 Nehemiah =" Yah comforts"

5294 Neariah =" servant of Yah"

5374 Neriah =" lamp of Yah"

5418 Nethaniah =" given of Yah"

5514 1) the mountain where Moses received the Law from Yah;

5553 1b) as stronghold of Yah, of security (fig.)

5565 Semachiah =" Yah has sustained"

5644 Zithri =" protection of Yah"

5653 Abda =" servant of Yah"

5660 Abdi =" servant of Yah"

5662 Obadiah =" servant of Yah"

of Yah who at risk to his own life hid over 100 prophets during

5718 Adaiah =" Yah has adorned Himself"

5724 Adlai =" justice of Yah"

5752 2) a prophet of Yah in Samaria at the time of Pekah's invasion

5798 1) a man slain by Yah for touching the sacred ark

5812 Azaziah =" Yah is mighty"

5814 Uzzia =" strength of Yah"

5818 Uzziah =" my strength is Yah"

5836 Ezri =" help of Yah"

5838 Azariah =" Yah has helped"

5839 Azariah =" Yah has helped"

6007 Amasiah =" Yah is strength"

6018 Omri =" pupil of Yah"

6043 Anaiah =" Yah has answered"

6055 Ananiah =" Yah clouds"

6070 AntothiYah =" Yah's answer"

6222 Asaiah or Asahiah =" made by Yah"

6265 Athaiah =" Yah has helped"

6270 Athlai =" whom Yah afflicts"

6273 Othni =" lion of Yah"

6305 Pedaiah =" Yah has ransomed"

6410 Pelatiah =" Yah delivers"

6411 Pelaiah =" Yah does wonders"

6421 Pelaliah =" Yah has judged"

6494 Pekahiah =" Yah sees"

6611 Pethahiah =" freed by Yah"

6667 Zedekiah =" Yah is righteous"

6846 Zephaniah =" Yah has treasured"

6964 Kolaiah =" voice of Yah"

6984 Kushaiah =" bow of Yah"

7029 Kishi =" bow of Yah"

7041 Kelaiah =" Yah has dishonoured"

7211 Reaia or Reaiah =" Yah has seen"

7345 Rehabiah =" Yah has enlarged"

7380 Ribai =" pleader with Yah"

7422 Ramiah =" Yah has loosened"

7425 Remaliah =" protected by Yah"

7458 1a1) of Yah's word (fig)

7480 Reelaiah =" bearer of Yah"

7485 Raamiah =" thunder of Yah"

7509 Rephaiah =" healed of Yah"

7580 1a) of lion, conqueror, Yah, cry of distress

7621 1b) oath (of Yah)

7645 Shebaniah =" increased by Yah"

7650 1b2) to swear (of Yah by Himself)

7724 Sheva =" Yah contends"

7826 1a) of Yah, wicked men (fig)

7841 Shehariah =" dawning of Yah"

7864 Sheva =" Yah contends"

7894 Shisha =" Yah contends"

7935 Shecaniah or Shechaniah =" dweller with Yah"

8018 Shelemiah =" repaid by Yah"

8098 Shemaiah =" heard by Yah"

8114 Shemariah =" kept by Yah"

8187 Sheariah =" valued by Yah"

8203 Shephatiah =" Yah has judged"

8274 Sherebiah =" Yah has scorched"

8304 Seraiah =" Yah is ruler"


The following 6 instances of Jah occur. They have been substituted with Yah:

118 Adalia =" I shall be drawn up of Yah"

728 or "joyful shouting of Yah (#2Sa 24:18)"

3050 AV-LORD 48, Yah 1; 49

1b2) names ending with 'iah' or 'Yah'

4153 Moadiah =" the set time of Yah"

4573 Maadiah =" adorned of Yah"

4677 Mesobaite =" the one set up of Yah"





The following 46 instances of Yah occur in the Hebrew Lexicon of the OnLine Bible. Most relate to explicit inclusion of Yah in the transliteration of a word.

38 Abijam =" my father is the sea" or "Yah(u) is (my) father"

452 EliYah or Eliah =" my God is Yah" or "Yah(u) is God"

568 Amariah =" Yah speaks" or "Yah(u) has promised"

723 hyra 'arayah ar-aw'-yah'

803 hywva 'ashuwyah ash-oo-yah'

885 Nqey-ynb trab B@eroth B@ney-Ya'aqan be-ay-roth' be-nay' yah-a-can'

1100 leylb b@liya'al bel-e-yah'-al

1142 Nqey ynb B@ney Ya'aqan ben-ay' yah-ak-awn'

1256 hyarb B@ra'yah ber-aw-yaw'

1842 Ney Nd Dan Ya'an dawn yah'-an

1955 hyevwh Howsha'yah ho-shah-yaw'

2425 yyx chayay khaw-yah'-ee

2899 whynda bwj Towb Adoniyahuw tobe ado-nee-yah'-hoo

2970 hynzay Ya'azanyah yah-az-an-yaw'

or whynzay Ya'azanyahuw yah-az-an-yaw'-hoo

3048 hyedy Y@kda'yah yed-ah-yaw'

3095 Mlhy yahalom yah-hal-ome'

3096 Uhy Yahats yah'-hats

or huhy Yahtsah yah'-tsaw or (fem.)

huhy Yahtsah yah-tsaw'

3196 Nyy yayin yah'-yin

3258 Ubey Ya'bets yah-bates'

3268 layzey Ya'aziy'el yah-az-ee-ale'

3269 whyzey Ya'aziyahuw yah-az-ee-yaw'-hoo

3270 ryzey Ya'azeyr yah-az-ayr'

or rzey Ya'zer yah-zare'

3275 Nkey Ya'kan yah-kawn'

3279 aley Ya'ala' yah-al-aw'

or hley Ya'alah yah-al-aw'

3280 hley ya'alah yah-al-aw'

3281 Mley Ya'lam yah-lawm'

3282 Ney ya'an yah'-an

3284 hney ya'anah yah-an-aw'

3285 yney Ya'anay yah-an-ah'ee

3290 bqey Ya'aqob yah-ak-obe'

3291 hbqey Ya'aqobah yah-ak-o'-baw

3292 Nqey Ya'aqan yah-ak-awn'

3293 rey ya'ar yah'-ar

3294 hrey Ya'rah yah-raw'

3295 hrey ya'arah yah-ar-aw'

3296 Mygra yrey Ya'arey 'Or@giym yah-ar-ay' o-reg-eem'

3298 hyvrey Ya'areshyah yah-ar-esh-yaw'

3299 wsey Ya'asuw yah-as-oo'

3300 laysey Ya'asiy'el yah-as-ee-ale'

3460 hyemvy Yishma'yah yish-mah-yaw' or

3470 hyevy Y@sha'yah yesh-ah-yaw' or

3967 hyam me'yah may-yaw'

4438 hyklm malkuyah mal-koo-yah'

6411 hyalp P@la'yah pel-aw-yaw'

7474 hyer ra'yah rah-yaw'

8098 hyemv Sh@ma'yah shem-aw-yaw'



It is hoped that the above article will challenge you and assist you in your walk with Yah.

It is hoped that this article will open a whole new dimension to you regarding the extent to which the Name of Yah permeates Scripture.

It is also hoped that this article will also sensitise readers to the reality that there IS scribal adjustment and human error in the texts of the Inspired Writings that we have today, PARTICULARLY the Greek and English translations.

Yah willing these aspects will be developed further in subsequent articles.

Father, in the Name of Yahooshua may all that is according to Your Will and Your Word in this article find deep root in the hearts of the readers and if there is anything that is not of You let it find no root at all.

It is our prayer 17 that the Mighty One of our Adonai Yahooshua the anointed one, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, 18 the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints [set apart ones], 19 and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power 20 which He worked in Yahooshua when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, 21 far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come. 22 And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the Body, 23 which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all. (Ephesians 1:17-23)

May Yah bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you. In the name of Yahooshua the anointed one, King of kings and Adonai of lords. Amen.

Click here to download pdf -- easier to read


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I have it that Yah has confirmed to me what was written last week and it is up to each reader to form their own opinion.

2012.11.07 Yah judge me severely

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0205 Important directional and defensive prayers

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This document lists a number of prayers that I have found particularly valuable and functional.

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2013.12.03 Correction: Messengers {Angels} CANNOT Father Children

This article corrects an incorrect statement that I made in the article on Race that messengers {Angels} fathered children before the flood of Noah

It is FALSE that messengers {Angels} have or can father children, it is further confirmed that ancestor spirits (demons) ALSO cannot father children

False teachings regarding Africans and Jews having been fathered by messengers are also confirmed as false

2012.07.13 Understanding Divorce

There is considerable incorrect teaching with regard to Divorce.

This article recounts my journey in learning about divorce first hand and outlines the fundamental basis for divorce -- covenant breaking.

WHY Believe in the Almighty Creator and seek relationship with Him

IF YOU do NOT believe that the Almighty Creator exists and therefore do NOT have a personal relationship with Him you face a terrible fate when you COULD be blessed for eternity

The Creator has said regarding YOU "why would I want someone to spend eternity with me when they do NOT believe I exist?

Please go immediately to the WHY Believe page and give careful consideration to what is presented there

IF you have a DEEP inner conviction of the reality of the Creator, in other words you claim to be a "believer", but you do NOT have a deep personal relationship with Him such that He speaks to you clearly and regularly and you seek His guidance in every area of your life then He has said of you “why would I want someone to be close to me in Heaven, which inherently means I will give them great authority, if they do NOT have a deep personal relationship with me and have NOT proven to me that they can be trusted?”

Please go immediately to the Relationship with Yah page


Dr James Robertson PrEng, emissary and spokesman of Yah, founder of End Time Issue Ministries

Dr James A Robertson is called as an emissary {Apostle} and spokesman {prophet} of Yah, the Almighty Creator and has been set-apart for a number of years writing and publishing what he believes that the Almighty has said to him.

Read more >

Contact James at


An Engineering approach to the matters of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth whose true name is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing

By "engineering approach" is meant rigorous, precise, verified, tested, proven, questioning, critical, investigative, scientific, analytical, evolving, improving practical, no nonsense, learn from mistakes, intolerant of sloppiness, realistic, REAL



This site is growing -- Re Blank Pages

As the site grows we from time to time add blocks of new pages which may NOT contain content for a while -- please accept my apologies for the inconvenience, you may find the information you require elsewhere on the site, alternatively email me for the information you are seeking
Note that words in curly brackets {} are words that although they are in common use are inaccurate in terms of the matters of the Almighty and should therefore be avoided

The Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, says: "It is time to choose -- will you be my friend, or my foe? -- there is NO middle ground!"

Yah says further:

"Ultimately THE AIM of this entire experiment is to find those who will make the sacrifices necessary to become My FRIENDS -- NOTHING is more important"
"A friend is one who is concerned about the well-being of the one they call friend and desires to treat that person as they would be treated -- HOW do you choose to treat Me?"
"True friendship is about what you can GIVE -- NOT what you can GET! -- what are YOU prepared to give Me (Yah)?"
"A true friend seeks to know ALL truth about the one whom they call friend AND to help others to know that truth -- Do YOU know the truth about me? Do YOU care?"
"In this age I (Yah) am MASSIVELY CONSTRAINED by the 'Rules of Engagement' in terms of what I can say and do EXCEPT through those true friends and true servants who will do the necessary work to KNOW my will AND proclaim it AND action it"
"There is NO greater love than that a man should lay down his life for his friend! -- Will YOU lay down your life for Me?"
"Technically a martyr is one who lays down their life for Me, NOT necessarily in physical death but also by sacrificing their comfort and well being in favour of doing MY will -- will you do ALL that it takes to serve Me and love Me as your friend, NO MATTER what it costs you? -- Will you be a martyr for Me by your way of living?"
"My true friends take time to spend quality time with Me daily and communicate with Me and consult Me constantly"
"Why Believe?
"Because if you do NOT you WILL find that when you die you are forced to serve and worship Satan for ever or at least until the day the winner of the 'The Contest' is adjudicated
"Realize that serving Satan after you die could be a really HORRIBLE experience, particularly IF you regard yourself as a GOOD person!"
"Imagine what it will be like as an ancestor spirit (demon) knowing the truth about the lies you believed and watching your loved ones making the same mistakes and believing the same lies that you believed and being unable to do anything about it!"
"Imagine what it will be like when you discover that you are irrevocably locked into the same dispensation that is behind the most barbaric and savage cultures on earth"
"IF you are a 'GOOD' person: when you die you may find yourself secretly hoping that Satan WILL lose 'The Contest' so that you can be cast into the Lake of Fire and utterly consumed in a moment of torment and terror, rather than being a participant in the progressive degradation of the human race into utter depravity, barbarism and perversion! -- and yet you will be POWERLESS to do anything about it!"
"The consequences of dying without a PROFOUND realization of my (Yah's) existence AND a DEEP life changing decision to serve Me is too ghastly to contemplate IF you take the trouble to REALLY understand the truth about the world you live in!"
"Imagine what it will be like to be a demon (ancestor spirit) riding on your favourite grandchild and watching them participate in the same empty rituals and mouthing the same meaningless platitudes that you practised during your life and being UNABLE to warn them of the terrible destiny that they are locking themselves into!"
"A person who reaches the end of their life as my TRUE FRIEND, one who has progressed from 'Wise Steward', to 'Good and Faithful Servant', to 'Overcomer' and ultimately to 'Friend' will receive rewards and authority of unimaginable splendour including a high throne, status and apparel that is far beyond anything that even the most powerful rulers on earth have ever dreamed of, let alone experienced -- contrast this with the other extreme -- an angry and depraved ancestor spirit (demon) desperately seeking favour in a kingdom where favour is a lesser level of torment and the right to exercise greater control and depravity over those less inclined to serve Satan and his Masterminds  wholeheartedly"
"Do YOU REALLY want to be part of a kingdom where the tortured murder of infants is regarded as one of the highest privileges of rank?"
"The evidence is ALL around you IF you have eyes to see -- the choice is CLEAR -- a Kingdom of beauty, love (chesed) and benign power or a kingdom of atrocities and perversion, a kingdom that regards torture and tormented and protracted death of human sacrifices followed by cannibalism, preferably while the victim still lives, as the HIGHEST form of worship?"
"It is TIME for those who still have some smattering of knowledge of me and my ways to STOP playing games with Satan and start taking back this earth while there is STILL TIME -- it is time for believers to STOP marrying unbelievers and allowing their children to marry unbelievers,, it is TIME to STOP marrying those from Satan worshipping cultures, and to STOP welcoming them into your homes, your cities and your lands -- it is time to STOP acceding to Satanic demands that you cast ME (The Almighty) out of your schools, your halls of Government and your workplaces -- it is TIME to publicly open the day with worship and prayer to me, whether in your places of education, your places of Government or your places of work -- it is TIME to cast out those who will NOT comply instead of being cast out and secretively serving me behind locked doors and, IF you CANNOT set apart that place of learning, or government or work then EXIT PUBLICLY and DECLARE your reasons and gather together with those who WILL agree with you in these matters for it is so that in the spirit one TRUE believer FREE OF SIN can put 1,000 to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight and the power of TRUE BELIEVERS who choose to deal with ALL their sin and live in ALL truth is such that massive transformation IS possible -- note the impact of Noah, Abraham, Moshe {Moses}, Yahooshua {Jesus}, Mohammed and Luther -- YOU TOO can bring about RADICAL reformation and renaissance IF you will lay down your life and seek DEEP and ENDURING FRIENDSHIP with Me!"
"IF you believe, it is TIME to assess exactly WHAT you believe about me and then ACT accordingly!"
"IF you do NOT believe, it is time to assess EXACTLY what you DO believe and then act accordingly!"
"There is NO place for fence sitters -- YOU are either FOR me or by default you are AGAINST ME!"
"Know this -- IF you choose to be a TRUE friend, which means you deal with ALL sin and ALL error and do ALL that is required to ensure that your house is FULLY united behind you the forces of darkness CANNOT TOUCH YOU -- BUT, IF you play games and continue to dabble in your favourite sins and errors in your divided house the forces of darkness will TEAR you limb from limb and UTTERLY destroy you -- there has NEVER been a time in all the history of man on earth where life above sin and total unity of your house has been more important!"
"IF you choose to serve ME (Yah), understand that you are choosing a VERY strait and VERY narrow path leading to a VERY small door -- gird your loins and FOLLOW the example of the mighty set-apart ones of previous generations!"

Footnote: ALL the above references to "friend" relate to people like you and me seeking to become true friends of Yah, the Almighty Creator

About names, words, etc

The majority of visitors to this site will encounter names and words they are NOT familiar with

It is a harsh reality that the true Name of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth whose true Name is "Yah the eternally self-existing" has been concealed as have all the important names, laws, commandments, principles and concepts

What is taught by the "Christian" church is almost entirely incorrect as is the case with EVERY religion

This website seeks to present these truths for your prayerful consideration and adoption -- see the prayers elsewhere in this side bar for more information on what to pray

Key names and words that are used throughout this site and which are fundamentally important are:

The true Name of the Almighty Creator is "Yah the eternally self-existing", frequently translated as "Yahweh", more accurately "Yahooeh"

The name of the man commonly known as "Jesus" is "Yahooshua" meaning "Yah is salvation"

The commonly used names of "God", "The LORD", "Christ", "Jesus" are ALL of pagan, that is Satanic origin and the Almighty has only responded to these names as an act of Grace, this Grace has now been withdrawn



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In addition to this ministry I operate a management consulting business specializing in the strategic application of computer based business information systems - a business in which Father has taught me many leading edge concepts, principles and methods


My logo is based on Professor Malcolm McDonald's strategy -- tactics matrix -- strategy, doing the right things horizontally and tactics, doing things right on the vertical axis -- if your organization does the right things well, it will thrive -- top right quadrant -- this is a fundamental principles when it comes to the matters of the Almighty as well

In my consulting work I seek to enable my clients to do the right things well

I regard Father as my partner, Chairman, counselor and I seek to conduct business in a way that is pleasing to Him, within the context of prayer that He will judge me severely and correct me harshly that I may serve Him more perfectly


I truly believe that Father has given me extremely high value knowledge and experience which will enable your organization, be it commercial, governmental or non-governmental to be more effective and efficient in its operations and, IF profit is your measuring stick, more profitable



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About the articles on this site

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Most detailed webpages are organized with the most recent articles at the top and the Article List displays with the most recent articles at the top.  Searches on the articles list in the same way

Because I am constantly learning, newer articles will almost certainly be an elaboration or refinement of earlier articles and in some cases may significantly revise what I said in earlier articles, in most cases the later article is likely to be more accurate than earlier articles

In ALL cases Father Yah forbids me to go back and edit or correct articles, He wants YOU to have a close personal relationship with Him and therefore to turn to Him for clarification where things that I write contradict or appear to contradict one another

The articles from 2009 onwards are generally much more reliable than those earlier but there are important articles from the earlier days as well, in particular, the articles written in 2000 onwards were written during a period when my understanding was being radically changed on a very intense basis and when I was also getting closer to the Almighty at a very rapid rate

Accordingly the early articles should be given appropriate prayer, particularly if the later articles contradict or appear to contradict what is written in the early articles

That said Father Yah has said that there is much of value in the earlier articles and that they should, accordingly, remain on the site

Third Party Articles

This site includes some articles from third parties

In such cases Father Yah forbids me to censor, edit or correct such articles but requires me to present them in their entirety with little or no comment, as with the previous point He requires YOU to research and pray and reach your own conclusion regarding what is truth

Inclusion of third party articles does NOT indicate any form of endorsement of the person who wrote the article other than that it is my understanding that the article contains information of importance.  Such inclusion also does NOT imply any endorsement of this ministry by the person whose work is cited

It is up to each one of us to discern the truth for ourselves See the article on Seek Truth NOT Error for more information

Content you do NOT agree with

It is probable that you will find material on this site that you do NOT agree with, there is much that is highly controversial, click HERE for an article that proposes a way of responding to such differences

See also article -- Getting close to Yah -- Appropriate prayer and fasting are VITAL -- the answer to doctrinal differences


Important prayers to pray IF you believe that the Almighty Creator exists

IF you believe that the Almighty Creator exists then take note that He has said of YOU why would I want someone to be close to me in Heaven, which inherently means I will give them great authority, if they do NOT have a deep personal relationship with me and have NOT proven to me that they can be trusted?

IF you believe that the Almighty Creator DOES exist the following are amongst the most important prayers you can pray

Note that the true name of the Almighty Creator is "Yah the eternally self-existing" NOT "The LORD" or "God"

Father Yah, I ask you to help me to overcome to the end that I may be found to  be a "good and faithful servant" on the Day of Judgment

Father Yah I ask you to show me the level of my present deception and how to correct it

Father Yah I ask you to help me to draw MUCH closer to you and to know your will and to do it

Father Yah I ask you to fill me with your Spirit and lead me into ALL truth by your Spirit

Father Yah I give you my life to do with as YOU see fit

Father Yah I ask you to bring the people that YOU want into my life and to take the people that you do NOT want in my life out

Father Yah I ask you to open the doors in my life that YOU want open and to close the doors in my life that YOU want closed

Father Yah I ask you to judge me severely and correct me harshly that I may serve you more perfectly

There are many other prayers that you can pray but these are amongst the most important

See also the page on developing a close relationship with the Almighty at


Consolidated Volumes of Articles

We are in the process of assembling the articles on this site into annual volumes based on the lunar based cycles prescribed by the Almighty, the following volumes are currently available in Adobe pdf format

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The Creator Desires a Deep Relationship with YOU

Seven Components in Growing Close to Yah

Recommended Worship

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

WHY Believe in the Almighty Creator and seek relationship with Him

What Actually Happens when someome comes to believe

The First Eight Days after first believing in the Creator

Triple Immersion as a powerful means of cleansing

Fasting as a vital component of being a believer

Worship is essential in drawing close to the Almighty

What to Read once you have come to belief

The First Year after coming to belief

Those who come to limited belief initially

Those who come to limited belief initially

The TRUE Name of the Creator is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing

The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Detailed Analysis -- Abstract

Objective, Technical Notes And Technical Caveat

Words Translated "God"

Names Including Yah

Further Words Which Refer To Yah

Names Including Yah

Additional Words Which Relate To Yah

Instances Of Jehovah And Jah = Yah In The Hebrew Lexicon Of The Online Bible

Instances Of Yah In The Hebrew Lexicon Of The Online Bible

Closure Regarding The Name Of Yah

This website is the culmination of applying Engineering Principles to the matters of the Almighty Creator since 1993

Yah, the Creator, desires to have deep personal relationships with people who become His friends

Creator Desires Deep Relationship

7 Components of Growing Close to Yah

Recommended Worship

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?


About James Robertson -- An engineering approach to religion and knowledge of the Most High Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Yah the eternally self-existing

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Drawing Closer to Yah

Drawing Close to Yah

Chesed = Covenant Love

Yah's Still Small Voice

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What IS Inspiration?

If Yah is moving Hold your Peace

The Authority of Believers

Obedience is a vital element of relationship

If you love Yah keep His commandments

You are NOT a glove puppet you ARE accountable

Sacrifice -- The Death of the Stake

Death with Yahooshua

Further Principles relating to Relationship with Yah

Who to Listen To

Even the highly anointed are falling away

Yah is everywhere

Relationship with Yah NOT worship of intellect

The Majority is ALWAYS Wrong

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Yah speaks to the Church

Yah speaks to Believers Generally

Yah speaks to South Africa

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The Seventy Facets of Yah's Jewelled Words

A Guide to Receiving Personal Prophecy

Seek Truth

Seek Truth NOT Error

Yah's Commandments are BEST

Important Truths

Satan's Most Effective Lies

Pastors and the Church

The Contest

Rules of Engagement

Yah HAS to work through sons of Adam

Satan HAS to work through sons of Adam

The Forces of Darkness Rule on Earth and Yah is Constrained to act through believers

The REAL battle is between the highly anointed versus the highly illuminated ones

Descent into ALL Error

Yahooshua led a Life without Sin

Satan to the Pit

Recovering Lost Truth

A Son of Adam on the Last Day

IF Satan Wins the Contest

IF Satan Loses

Who ARE "Demons"

The Masterminds

Illuminated versus Anointed

Satan's Devices

Combat in the Heavenly Realm

Yah could do MUCH more in earlier years

All authority and dominion on earth has been given to humans, Yah and Satan are constrained to act through them


What IS Hell?

Why IS Hell?

Visits to Hell

Korean Artist

Bill Weise

Angelica Zambrano

Choo Thomas

No one is intentionally going to hell

There are good decent people in hell

Satan rules the world through the leadership of Demonic Masterminds and human Satan Servants

Satan to Pit 2003


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The Most Important Prayers


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The Blood of a Covenant Means Death to the Person who breaks the Covenant

Covenant between Man and Woman

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Words are Spiritual


Take Care is a Curse




The Bible

What to Read Instead

Old Testament versus New Testament

"The WORD" is Semantic Nonsense

The bible is the most pervasive idol

Diverse Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible

The Essence of the issues relating to the Bible

Positive aspects of “The Bible”

Summing up re “The Bible”

About the Bible

The Arrogance of Christian Ignorance

Relationship with the Almighty NOT Worship of Intellect

Getting close to Yah Appropriate prayer and fasting are VITAL (the answer to doctrinal differences)

IF the Bible IS corrupt then WHAT do I do?

Satan’s Lies – Response to Rebuttal

“The bible is a corrupt book compiled by corrupt men”

The Majority is ALWAYS Wrong

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 2

Bible study versus deep relationship

Demonically inspired bible versions -- rebuttal

Demonically inspired bible versions

Believers who abdicate their intellect

Your Heavenly Account

The contents of the bible are but a pin prick in the history of mankind

Clarification re THE WORD

New Testament? No No No

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 3

Yah is at SOME measure in EVERY book (and so is Satan through his demons)

Clarification -- there IS good in the bible

The King James Version of the bible is NOT THE definitive English translation

Yah works through His anointed prophets NOT committees

The origin of the Christian bible

Those who followed Yahooshua did NOT know Torah

What IS inspiration?

The seventy facets of Yah's jeweled words

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 4

The bible IS a useful reference work – period

Covenant – NOT New Testament

James: What do YOU believe about the bible? REALLY?

Pastors – the Prison Warders of Yah's people

Why Yah could do much greater works thousands of years ago (level of anointing and level of prayer)

Proof of a Global Flood -- Turning history on its head

Where will YOU spend eternity?

Are visions precise and free of error?

Understanding Satan's devices

Clergy versus laity

The Name of Yah in the book {bible}

The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Summary

What is the origin and the purpose of man? -- creation versus evolution

Older Articles -- Prior to 2009

Conclusion -- The Bible is NOT what is claimed for it

Yah (The Almighty) says that the bible is "the Greatest Idol" on earth today

Anointed Life

Anointed Life Part 1

What or Who IS an Anointed One?

Worship is Critical

Filled with the Spirit of Yah

Led by the Spirit of Yah

Guardian Messengers {Angels}


Death with Yahooshua

The Mind of Yah



Supply of Needs

Poverty in the Body of Believers

Anointed Life Part 2

Power Anointing

In the World NOT OF the World

Yah is everywhere

The Race

The Armour

Trust and Belief


Your Heavenly Account


Anointed Life Part 3

Good and Faithful Servant


Angelo beggar on a high throne

Authority of Believer

Works that Yahooshua did



Immersion NOT Baptism

Tearing Down Strongholds

The Battle

Spiritual Warfare

The 144,000

Single Anointed Women

Anointed Life Part 4









Let your Yes be Yes


Judge me Severely and correct me Harshly that I may serve You more perfectly

Seek Truth NOT Error

Anointed Life Part 5

Man and Woman in Harmony


Right Confession

Four phases of the Wilderness

Critical Success Factors for Life

Highly Anointed Ones Make Mistakes and Sin

Even the highly anointed are falling away



Body Mind and Spirit


Believe in Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, the Almighty

Chesed {love} the Almighty with all your heart, mind, soul and strength

Yah is ONE

Who IS Yah?

Who IS Yahooshua?

Who IS Satan?

Demonic "gods"

No Trinity

NO Idols

Not Worship the Bible

Not Worship Jesus

Not Worship Cross

Not Worship People

Not Worship Things

Name Yah NOT in Vain


Yes in Afrikaans and German

True Names

Keep Sabbaths

Day Begins at Sunrise

True Sabbath Saturday Sunrise

New Moons

1st Aviv

Pesach -- Passover

Shavuot -- Pentecost

Yom Teruah -- Day of Trumpets

Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement

Sukkot -- Tabernacles 1st Day

Sukkot -- Tabernacles Great Day

False Sabbaths

Levites BREAK the Sabbath

Chesed {love} your Neighbor as yourself

Honor Parents


Curse Mother or Father and Die

NOT Old Age Homes

NO Murder

NO Abortion

NO Abortive Contraception

Death Penalty for Murder

WHY Death Penalty?

NO False Teachings

Anal intercourse is valid birth control

NO Adultery

What IS Adultery?

Breaking Covenant / Treachery


Male with Male

Female with Female


Serial Polygamy



Chick Flicks are Pornography TOO


Phone / Skype Sex

Oral and Anal Sex

Church Marriage

False Monogamy

NO Stealing

Most Prosperity Teaching is Fraud

Fraudulent Contracts

Misrepresentation in Sales

Outright Theft


NO False Witness or Lying

False Teaching by Church

False Teaching in Other Religions

Misrepresentation in Sales

White Lies

ALL Liars will burn

Believe Lies and Die

NO Coveting or Lusting



Most Adverts

Valentines Heart

Lust is visible in the spirit realm

The MARK of the Beast

All of the 10 Commandments as well as the Principal Commandment have been almost universally broken and made of NO effect

The Satanic

The Satanic Part 1

Who is Satan

Fallen Messenger

Principalities, Powers, Thrones, Dominions, etc

We wrestle NOT against flesh and blood

Combat in the Heavenly Realm

The Forces of Darkness Reign and Yah is constrained to act through believers

Illuminated Ones



Ancestor Spirits {Demons}


If Jesus is living in your heart you have a problem

The Satanic Part 2


Take Care is a Curse

Secret Societies

Free Masonry

The Authority of the Believer


Satan's Most Effective Lies

Lilith Adam's first wife

The Satanic Part 3

Treachery is a Spiritual Force

The Peace of Satan

Fear is Faith in the Satanic

Tsunami of Evil Covers the Planet

Satans Devices

What is REALLY happening

Satan sentenced to one thousand years in the Pit on 3 May 2003

Power from drinking blood

Power from eating human flesh

Power from murder

Satanic Dominion

General Satanic

True Names




Mighty One


My Darling Mighty One


Anointing of Yah


Other True Names

The TRUE name of the prophet from Nazareth is "Yahooshua" NOT "Jesus"

Blasphemous Names

Grace withdrawn






Other Incorrect Names



NOT Christ

True Sabbaths

Day Begins at Sunrise

True Sabbath Saturday Sunrise

New Moons

1st Aviv

Pesach -- Passover

Shavuot -- Pentecost

Yom Teruah -- Day of Trumpets

Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement

Sukkot -- Tabernacles 1st Day

Sukkot Great Day

Year of Jubilee

Saturday is the 7th day of the week and is Yah's true weekly Sabbath

Satanic Feasts



On what day was Yahooshua born?


New Year

Valentine's Day

Other Satanic Feasts

Sunday Sabbath

Sunday is the Pagan day of the Sun god and is NOT appropriate for worshipping Yah, the Almighty Creator

Christmas is a Pagan Feast and is an abomination in the sight of the Almighty Creator

Yahooshua died on a Stake NOT a Cross

It is NOT Baptism it is Immersion

The Coninuum between Good and Evil


True Religion

The Great Falling Away

Even the highly anointed are falling away

Seek Truth NOT Error

The End of the Age



Most Christians are NOT Anointed Ones

The Church put Yahooshua to Death

If Jesus is living in your heart you have a problem

Clergy versus Laity

Judgement on the church of Jesus Christ

Planet X Nibiru


Believers who Beg

History Revisited

This Evil Generation

Christian Denominations

Roman Catholic


Jehovah's Witnesses




Who IS Allah

Other Religions

The Inquisitions have had a major impact on believers today

The upsurge of civilization following the Reformation, that is the Renaissance, masks the long term degradation of human beings over time

The turnaround prophets of history are Noah, Moshe, Yahooshua, Mohammed and Luther -- we need to understand their role to understand the world today

The True Religion of the Almighty Creator, Yah, is a synthesis of, and bracketed by, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Christianity has from the outset compromized with paganism and almost every doctrine of Christianity is fatally corrupt and does NOT define the Creator

Tithes are Invalid in this age

Judaism is one of the three main religions serving the Creator

Islam is the third of the main religions serving the Creator


Yahooshua Part 1

Who IS Yahooshua

Yahooshua IS the mightiest CREATED being in the entire creation

Yahooshua was an OLD Testament Prophet

How DID Yahooshua Accomplish what he did?

Thank Yah that the Jews Killed Jesus

Why Yahooshua HAD to die THAT way

Father forgive them they do not know what they are doing

My Darling why have You forsaken me?

The Covenant of Yahooshua

As oft as you eat it in remembrance of Yahooshua

Death with Yahooshua

Yahooshua Part 2

Yahooshua is WAITING for his enemies to be made his footstool

What IS special about Yahooshua?

Yahooshua will return once the true message has been preached to ALL the earth

The Church put Yahooshua to Death

Authority IN the Name of Yahooshua

LIMITATIONS in the Name of Yahooshua

The Blood of the Covenant

Who Yahooshua is NOT

Old Testament versus New Testament

On what day was Yahooshua born?

Those who followed Yahooshua did NOT know Torah

Greater Works than Yahooshua did

There is NO Trinity

Yahooshua is NOT the ONLY way

The man Yahooshua, commonly called Jesus was and is a human being and is NOT the Creator

Yahooshua, commonly called "Jesus" will only return around 3003 and is NOT "coming soon"

The Great Falling Away is right now


Judgment in THIS Life

Judgment of Believers Who Die

Judgment of Unbelievers Who Die

The Day of Judgment

High Throne with Yahooshua

The Outer Darkness in Heaven

The Foolish Virgins in Heaven

The Lake of Fire and Brimstone

Satan to the Pit for a Thousand Years

Judgement on the church of Jesus Christ

Judgment at the End of the Age

Yahooshua is WAITING UNTIL his enemies are made his FOOTSTOOL

Yahooshua will return when the true message has been preached to ALL the world

No one is intentionally going to Hell

Few people are intending to become demons

Obedience as a Basis of Judgement

Judgment THIS Life





Judge me Severely and Correct me Harshly that I may serve You more Perfectly

Believing Men in Lack

Highly anointed ones also make mistakes and sin


Burn for Eternity Yes? or No?

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Part 1 of the eBook -- Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

A Critical Question

An Important Caveat

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

A Vital question: Do we know what sin is? - What is the essence of Judgment?

Cause for Concern - Nearly ALL of mankind is breaking most of the commandments

Part 2 of the eBook -- Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Is there an alternative? -- can one aspire to a High Throne?

It is NOT just heaven or the lake of fire, there is a continuum

It IS POSSIBLE to overcome

What indicators are there about pleasing the Almighty?

How do we overcome? What is the Price?

Some challenging passages from The Final Quest

Joyner's experience of the Judgment


The Final Quest by Rick Joyner

Yah speaks on Rick Joyner

The Call by Rick Joyner

Critical Success Factors for Life

Creation versus Evolution -- What is the Origin and Purpose of Man?

Engineered Creation

Sexual reproduction proves there is a Creator

Part 1 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man


An important assumption and some painful deductions

Some important preparatory points

Use of statistics from

Argument from Incredulity

Progressive development versus Instantaneous Creation

Other religions and spirits

Some other issues with certain religious views of creation

What next?

Part 2 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man


Does this mean deadlock?

A Different approach?

Some issues that arise from the above questions

Science - Engineering - Religion


Suggested principles for further analysis

"Planned (Engineered) Creative Evolution" versus "Unplanned (Unengineered) Spontaneous Evolution"

Part 3 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man

Evidence in Immediate Physical Environment

Tying up loose ends

Various bits and pieces

Some other considerations regarding creation versus evolution

Soft attributes of human beings

 If all else fails, ask for a "sign"?



The World Before the Flood

The Flood Itself

The World After the Flood

Understanding the Impact of the Flood

Why Millions of Years is Invalid

Flood Videos

Overview of the Flood Videos

Section 1 -- Proof of a Global Flood -- Introduction

Section 2: Gold Mines -- Evidence of Massive Hydraulic Flood Action

Section 3: Layered Sedimentary Rocks -- Evidence of a Global Flood

Section 4: The Halfwayhouse Granite Dome -- Massive Surface Disruption

Section 5: African Erosion Surface -- massive flood cutting action

Section 6: Incised Valley deep in massive Granite -- evidence of massive flood action

Section 7: The REAL Age of all this - a flood as recently as 4,500 years ago?

Section 8: Signs Of Judgment -- Real Mount Sinai and Ten Commandments

Section 9: Where DID the water came from? And where did it go? -- Proof of a Global Flood

Section 10: Summing Up -- Proof of a Global Flood

Section 11: End Notes -- Proof of Global Flood

There is global proof of a global catastrophe which is FAR beyond a "flood"

Evolutionary Creation is the ONLY practical explanation of what exists today


The Spiritual Nature of Sex

Yah Created Sex and it was good

The Virgins Covenant

Sex is a Covenant Act

The One-Flesh Bond

Making Love

Transfer of Demons

Soul Ties


Role of Man

Role of Woman

Monogamy and sexual lovemaking

The Bed is Undefiled

The Joy of Sex

Sex -- Permitted and Prohibited

"Sex Before Marriage"

One Night Stands

Men with Men

Women with Women

Anal Sex

Oral Sex




Sexual Thoughts


Spiritual Separation of Man and Woman

Coping with Sexual Need

The Virgin's Covenant is CRITICAL to understand sex, marriage, adultery and divorce

Men & Women

Men and Women and covenant

The Virgins Covenant

Age to Marry



Cleave is NOT Adhere

Isaiah 4:1

Men and Women and Family


Separation of Man and Woman







Is Polygamy Scriptural?



The Book -- The Scriptural Definition of Marriage, Adultery and Divorce

Preamble and Table of Contents

1: Introduction & Concepts

2: How does scripture define the marriage covenant?

3: What does scripture say about adultery?

4: Scriptural Divorce

5: Is monogamy scriptural?

6: Some other scriptures on marriage issues

7: The Tradition of the Elders and Other heresies

8: Consequences of the Heresy of Monogamy and Related false Doctrines

9: Summary and Conclusion

Appendices A to G

Appendices H to P

Appendices Q to V

Appendices W to Index of Key words

Man and Woman in Harmony

Marriage Strategy

Marriage Teachings

Part 1: The Coming Tribulation

Part 1: The Coming Tribulation


Part 3: Scriptural definition of Marriage, Divorce & Adultery

Part 4: Towards Heaven on Earth in Marriage

Part 5: Practical Application of Marriage Teachings

Part 6: Deliverance

Part 7. Conclusion

The Almighty designed us from the beginning such that one man can covenant with more than one woman, this is evidenced by the seal of virginity

There are seven times as many believing women as men on earth today so most need to remain celibate and single

The Responsibility of Believing men towards single believing women

A Letter to a Single Woman

The need of Single Women for Companionship

The impact of Wild Oats (children from casual sex) on the world today

The truth about Divorce



Yahs Commandments

Contest or Compromise

The Mark of the Beast

This Life


ALL are Seed of Noah

Nearly ALL alive on earth today are Seed of Abraham

Most of those alive today are Seed of Yisrael





Yahoodah {Judah}










Middle East


Babylon / Iraq


United Kingdom

Rest of Europe

North America


Central America and Bahamas

South America




The Curse of Canaan

South Africa


Rest of Africa

The Majority is Always Wrong


Yahoodite = Jew

Thank Yah that the Jews Killed Jesus

The Jews are Yisraelites and NOT Khazars

The Jews are Yisraelites and NOT Seed of Satan

Jews are NOT Ominipotent

Blessed for Relative Faithfulness


The Colour of a Person Tells Nothing About Their Bloodline

The Hammite African Spiritual Dispensation

The Curse of Canaan on many Africans


World Trade Center Demolition

New World Order etc

Do NOT Concern yourself with Conspiracy

Y2K (The Year 2000 Computer Fear) -- What WAS it? -- an immature believes conspiracy theory

The REAL Conspiracy



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