Joyner's experience of the Judgment


Starting on page 84, Joyner reports a series of visions in which he is taken into the Hall of Judgment in Heaven and experiences judgment of himself.

This experience includes meetings with people who have already died and been judged. In his conversations with these people he learns much about the Judgment and how life on earth is viewed very differently by the Almighty relative to how men view it.

Insofar as the Day of Judgment is still to come, it is my understanding that these visions were all visions and that Joyner did not actually meet with the people concerned. It is my understanding that, at this time, only Yahooshua has been resurrected and all other souls are in places of waiting pending the Day of Judgment when all the dead will be resurrected.

I understand this to relate to Luke 23:43 "And Yahooshua {Jesus} said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise." (KJV) This indicates that the criminal who came to repentance on the stake, would meet Yahooshua in paradise. However, Yahooshua thereafter went to preach to the spirits in prison, refer 1 Peter 3:19 cited above and was then resurrected. It is my understanding that the criminal who repented is still in Paradise today, together with all others who qualify for that position, and they are awaiting the Day of Judgment.

Notwithstanding that the Judgment has yet to occur, i am certain that Joyner DID experience the visions he describes and that most, but not all, of what is reported in "The Final Quest" IS from the Almighty and is for our edification, instruction and guidance.

Joyner describes the Judgment experience commencing at the outer reaches of the outer darkness until he eventually reaches the throne and subsequently is permitted to have conversations with certain people who are sitting on thrones.

I understand this data to be enormously important for anyone who aspires to spend eternity in heaven.


In the vision, Joyner enters into the Judgment Hall through a door. As the door closes behind him, he finds himself in "the most frightening darkness I had ever experienced" 84 (5). He describes a "terrible battle with fear" and even states that he began to think that he had "stepped into hell itself".

I understand this to be "the outer darkness" referred to in various passages above.

It seems, that there is a place in HEAVEN which is frightening!

It seems from the references in Matthew 8:12; 22:13 and 25:30 that believers can be placed there.

In this location Joyner does not report meeting anyone or having any conversations. This does not mean there were not people there, simply that it was so dark that he may not have met anyone who might have been there and might not have been able to receive what they might have had to say. This is my speculation.

After entering into the outer darkness, Joyner reports that he cried out for forgiveness and for help and then started to see Yahooshua on the stake as a light in the distance and started to move toward it. As he did so he began to experience peace.

As he moved forward he describes no longer feeling "cold", then starting to see a "dim light" which gradually became a "glorious light" which then "became so wonderful that i felt that i was entering into heaven itself".

In 85 (3) Joyner describes how he soon reached a point where "the beauty of it could not even be imagined by any reference to human architecture" he reports that he was "overwhelmed with joy and beauty".

Heaven truly IS exceedingly beautiful and there IS joy to be experienced there.

Also in 85 (3) Joyner reports that he then understood that every time that he had "experienced great pain or darkness of soul, it had been followed by a much greater revelation of glory and peace".

It is perhaps helpful for some who have had experiences of pain or darkness of soul to see that such experiences may well also have had similar benefits.

In 85 (4) and 86 (1) Joyner reports a "holy fear" as he moved towards the judgment seat but that he also experienced the judgment seat as a "source of more security than i ever experienced".


In 86 (3) Joyner describes noticing enormous numbers of people standing in ranks. He describes them as "dazzling, more regal than anyone I had ever seen. Their countenance was captivating. Never had such peace and confidence graced a human face. Each one was beautiful beyond any earthly comparison."

Joyner enters into conversation with one of these people who informs him that they are "the great cloud of witnesses" and that they "know all of you, and we see all that you do."

This information, in its own right, is sobering. This great cloud of witnesses are, in some way, able to observe all that we are doing. In addition to the Almighty they are seeing what we do or do not do. They see what we do in private, they see our arguments, etc.

On page 87 Joyner recognizes someone that he had known on earth and they enter into conversation. In 87 (3) this man states that "Heaven is much greater than we could have dreamed while on earth" and states that the room where Joyner finds himself is "but the threshold of realms of glory that are far beyond the ability we had to comprehend".

Heaven IS clearly a desirable place to spend eternity.

This same man goes on to say "the second death is much more terrible than we understood". A sobering warning.

He says further "If I had known on earth what I know here I would not have lived the way that I did".

In 88 (2) the same man makes the point that there is "a marked difference between honouring one another in love, and worshipping them." He further states that if this was understood on earth we would treat "others very differently".

In 88 (4) this man advises Joyner that "we are the least of those here".

When Joyner questions this, the man continues in 89 (1) "There is an aristocracy of sorts here. The rewards for our earthly lives are the eternal positions that we will have forever. This great multitude are those whom Yahooshua {the Lord} called 'foolish virgins.'" He goes on to explain that the people in this group knew Yah the eternally self existing and trusted in the stake of Yahooshua for salvation, "but we did not really live for Him, but for ourselves. We did not keep our vessels filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit. We have eternal life, but we wasted our lives on earth."

In 89 (3) Joyner protests in response that the "foolish virgins gnashed their teeth in the outer darkness" and in 89 (4) the man he is speaking to confirms that this was the case. He further states "The grief that we experienced when we understood how we had so wasted our lives was beyond any grief possible on earth."

The speaker further confirms that Joyner is standing "among the lowest rank in heaven" and states that "there is no greater folly than to know the great salvation of Yah {God} but to then go on living for yourself. To come here and learn the reality of that is a grief beyond what an earthly soul can experience."

In 89 (5) Joyner questions how this can be since he is experiencing these people as "more glorious and full of more joy and peace" that he imagined possible.

In 89 (6) the other man states that the love of the Almighty is also far greater than is understood on earth.

In 90 (3) the speaker describes further details of the continuum of "rank" in Heaven -- "The next level of rank here is many times greater than what we have. Each level after is that much greater than the previous one. It is not just that each level has an even more glorious spiritual body, but that each level is closer to the throne from where all the glory comes."

This is a confirmation of 1 Corinthians 15:37-44:

"37 And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that body that shall be, but bare grain, it may chance of wheat, or of some other grain:

38 But Yah {God} giveth it a body as it hath pleased him, and to every seed his own body.

39 All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.

40 There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.

41 There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.

42 So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption:

43 It is sown in dishonour; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; it is raised in power:

44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body." (KJV, adjusted)

In 91 (1) the person speaking to Joyner, quoted above, states that he is in Heaven "by grace alone".

Every time i read these above passages, i find myself IMMENSELY challenged in terms of how i am spending my life and find new energy to pray for my life to make an impact and to be led by the Almighty in everything.

In 91 (6) Joyner describes the grief that he experienced in looking back at his life. It seems to me that this is a challenge that everyone of us faces. IF we have eyes to see and ears to hear!

On 92 Joyner meets a man whom he had "esteemed as a great man of God" on earth, also in the place of the foolish virgins, and enters into a discussion. In this discussion various points are raised about discipling people on earth which are outside the scope of this document.

In 94 (1) this man states "Had I not been so self-centered and concerned with my own reputation I would be a king here. All that you [Joyner] have and will accomplish would have been in my heavenly account as well. Instead, much of what I gave my attention to was of very little true eternal significance."

This raises some really challenging points in support of statements made earlier in this document.

It also introduces a concept which, while touched on in the traditional writings, was not previously clear to me. It is a concept that occurs in a number of other passages in "The Final Quest". This concept is as follows:

- All that we do on earth results in debits and credits in our heavenly bank account, this is a reasonably well understood principle.

- All that OTHERS do in response to our influence on them is ALSO accumulated in our account.

So, if we influence others for good, through our teachings, example, whatever, not only do they obtain credit, we ALSO obtain credit. Thus we can continue to earn credit for centuries or even millennia after we die!

Conversely, if we influence others for evil the same applies.

It is my understanding that this is why we will ALL be Judged at the same time.

Thus, there is NOT only an opportunity to accrue credit after our deaths, there is ALSO an opportunity to accrue debits.

So, while we may live a life that is reasonably pleasing to the Father in this life, we can plant seeds that can result in destruction after our deaths which, it seems to me, can eventually cancel out the credits and overwhelm them with debits!

Conversely, we could live a reasonably ordinary life on earth and plant a few seeds that bear great fruit for later generations.

The accounting system for storing up treasure in Heaven is COMPLEX and it seems to me that the only way we can have any hope of a nett positive account balance on the Day of Judgment is to turn totally to the Almighty for mercy, grace and His guidance and judgment in our lives.

It looks to me that anything else is a form of gambling with one's life for eternity.

In 94 (2) Joyner states to the man that he is talking to that in his (Joyner's) opinion, what this man, who is amongst the foolish virgins, had accomplished during his life was "astounding".

In 94 (3) the man replies "What looks good on earth looks very different here. What will make you a king on earth will often be a stumbling block to keep you from being a king here. What will make you a king here is lowly and unesteemed on earth."

This supports the verses quoted earlier in this document. What is important to the Almighty is VERY different to what most of us have believed.

In 94 (5) he goes on to state that because we discern peoples problems correctly that is "never reason to reject someone". He refers to Yahooshua's life and death to support this.

In 95 (1) he states that he became like "one of the goats in the parable" because he rejected the Almighty by rejecting those whom the Almighty sent to him.

In 95 (2) Joyner observes that the "whole battle" is for the people and yet people are often regarded as "the least important". I find this a very sobering statement, one that i so easily loose sight of.


In 95 (4) another man joins the conversation. Joyner describes this man as one who Joyner had considered as "one of the greatest Christian leaders of all time".

This man goes on to say "Paul the apostle said near the end of his life that he was the least of the saints. Then, just before his death, he even called himself 'the greatest of sinners.' Had he not learned that in his life on earth, he, too, would have been in jeopardy of becoming one of the least of the saints in heaven. Because he learned it on earth he is now one of those closest to Yahooshua {the Lord} and will be one of the highest in rank for all eternity."

Such a vital lesson.

In 96 (1) Joyner states that "Seeing this man in the company of 'the foolish virgins' was the greatest surprise" he had yet had.

This man explains that he became proud and even became "an enemy of the true gospel" although, at the end, he trusted in the stake for his salvation.

In 97 (4) Joyner states that he was "stunned" since "history" had given a very "different picture" of this man.

In 97 (5) the speaker states that the Almighty "does have a different set of history books than those on the earth." He goes on to say that Joyner does not yet know "how different" these books are. He continues "Earthly histories will pass away, but the books that are kept here will last forever. If you can rejoice in what heaven is recording about your life, you are blessed indeed. Men see through a glass darkly, so their histories will always be clouded, and sometimes completely wrong."

In 97 (6) Joyner asks why many other leaders "esteemed" this man and the man replies that very few people, including believers, "have the true gift of discernment". In 98 (1) he explains that this "is why we were warned not to judge before the time".

He goes on to say that there have been "good motives in even the worst of men, and evil motives in even the best of them." He also says that on earth we "cannot really know what is in the heart of others".

It is really important that we learn not to judge others.

In 98 (3) Joyner is told that he is having the vision because he prayed for the Almighty to judge him "severely", to correct him "ruthlessly", so that he [Joyner] could serve the Almighty more "perfectly".

He also states that "the wise judge themselves" and the "even wiser ask for the judgments of the Almighty {the Lord} because they realise they cannot even judge themselves well".

In closing 98 (3) Joyner refers to this man as "the famous Reformer". There are not many men to whom this designation could apply and it therefore seems important to prayerfully consider who this might be and what impact the beliefs one may have about him and his work may have on one's life today.

The more we can come to terms with the reality that we do not have the capacity to really understand whether another person is acting in a way that is pleasing to the Almighty or not, the more we may be able to stop judging others and trust the Almighty to lead us.

The wife of the abovementioned man then speaks to Joyner and, in 99 (2) makes the following statement. You can reform the church without reforming your own soul. You can dictate the course of history, and yet not do the Father's will, or glorify His Son. If you commit yourself to making human history, you may do it, but it is a fleeting accomplishment that will evaporate like a wisp of smoke."

In 99 (3) Joyner questions this statement "But your husband's work, or your work, greatly impacted every generation after him for good. It is hard to imagine how dark the world would have been without him".

She replies "True. But you can gain the whole world and still lose your own soul. Only if you keep your own soul pure can you impact the world for the truly lasting eternal purposes of Yah {God}."

There is considerably more jarring information about this man and his wife contained in this section of "The Final Quest" that warrants reading.

In 100 (2) Joyner reports that he realised that much of what he was doing he was doing to "promote" himself rather than the Almighty and His Kingdom. He also states that he began to see how much he did to "prove myself to others, especially those who disliked me, who rejected me, or who I felt in competition with in some way". He refers to seeing that much of his life was "built on the facades of a projected image that belied who I really was".

The important point here is not Joyner's judgment of himself, but to what extent his judgment of himself may be almost universally applicable to men on earth today!

In 101 (3) the "famous Reformer" states "Do not try to teach others to do what you, yourself, are not doing. Reformation is not just a doctrine." He goes on to say that "true reformation" only comes from union with the Almighty and from being "yoked" with the anointing of the Spirit of Yah and carrying "the burdens that He gives you."

He goes on to say that "You can only do His work when you are doing it with Him, not just for Him. Only the Spirit can beget that which is Spirit."

The "famous Reformer" further states that "the things that are done in an effort to make history will at best confine your accomplishments to history, and you will fail to impact eternity. If you do not live what you preach to others you disqualify yourself from the high calling ..."

The need to apply what one teaches in one's own life on a daily basis seems to me to be an ENORMOUS point and an enormous challenge. It is relatively easy to read a text and obtain revelation, or to obtain revelation in prayer - to APPLY it ...!

In 102 (1) it is stated that "the high calling is not out of reach for anyone that the Almighty {the Lord} has called." It is also stated that love for the Almighty alone and seeking His glory alone is what will keep one "on the path of life".

It is further stated in 102 (1) that "Everything you do to exalt yourself will one day bring you the most terrible humiliation." while everything that one does "out of true love" for the Almighty, "to glorify His name, will extend the limits of His eternal kingdom and ultimately result in a much higher place for yourself. Live for what is recorded here. Care nothing for what is recorded on earth."

In 103 (4), in a conversation with the wife of the "famous reformer" it is stated that "All of the relationships that you have on earth are continued here, and they are all purified by the judgment, and by the fact that they are now spiritual just as we are now spirit."

This is a really important point. At one level it seems obvious, at another level i wonder how many of us really think about this in our relationships with others.

Firstly, what will it be like for a husband and wife if one is on a high throne and the other is in the outer darkness? Particularly when the dross of this world has been burned off by the judgment and they then discover that they deeply love one another.

This seems really critical in the context of the indication that so few people will currently make it into heaven if judged today. What will it be like for a husband and wife if one is in heaven and one in the lake of fire for eternity? What about other relationships? What if a man has committed adultery with another man's wife, fallen deeply in love with her and come to repentance while she has continued in her sin? Will he still experience his deep love for her even if she is burning in the lake of fire and he is in heaven? Or vice versa?

The Almighty has indicated to me that this is indeed so.

What about family members and friends we could have interceded for more effectively, witnessed to more constructively, ...?

Consider Luke 16:22-26:

"22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;

23 And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

24 And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

25 But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

26 And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence." (KJV)

Those in hell can speak to those in heaven or paradise AND ask for help and those in heaven can reply but CANNOT help!

What is it going to be like to be in the one place and see others one knew, liked, loved in the other place - whichever way round it works out for you?

What do you choose to do about this?


In 104 (3) it is stated that "The pure truth spoken in pure love, will always attract."

It seems to me that this is a very important principle in how one shares these truths with others, particularly when one is concerned that another is in sin and one hopes to bring them to repentance. It seems to me that pure truth spoken in pure love has an order of magnitude greater probability of being received.

How to get there?

How to deal with one's own hurts, pain, drivenness, fear of rejection, memories of past arguments or encounters, ...?

A great challenge but part of the challenge of seeking to be transformed to become like Yahooshua as the pattern, or way or example that we have been given.

In this age, i have found it really important to come to terms with just how far i am from being like Yahooshua and therefore just how difficult that makes it for me to communicate with others in a way they can receive.

In recent years i have done much work in dealing with childhood hurts and beliefs, using psychological tools and practices, including those taught by the "Life Training Programme". I have found that the depth of these childhood hurts and beliefs about myself and others have had a massive impact on my ability to communicate effectively with others.

I have learned that i have been sending out all sorts of unconscious messages about myself and about others that have seriously detrimented my ability to communicate effectively with them. I have come to understand that these hurts and beliefs in some form or another are present in every human being on earth today and that they contribute in large measure to the extent to which so many relationships, including marriages, are dysfunctional.


Also in 104 (3) it is stated, also by the wife of the reformer, that "Pain is good; it shows you where there is a problem. Do not try to reduce the pain until you find the problem. Yah's {God's} truth often brings pain as it highlights a problem that we have, but His truth will always show us the way to freedom, too. When you know this you will even begin to rejoice in your trials, which are all allowed to keep you on the path of life."


In 105 (5) the wife of the "famous reformer" states that "As your mind is renewed by the Spirit of Truth, you will not see relationships as an opportunity to get from others, but to give. Giving provides the greatest fulfillment that we can ever know. The most wonderful human relationships are but a fleeting glimpse of the ecstasy that comes when we give ourselves to Yah {the Lord} in pure worship."

She continues "True love never seeks to be first, or to be in control, but rather the place of service. If my husband and I had kept this in our marriage, we would be sitting next to the King now, and this great hall would be filled with many more souls."

The pages prior to this statement contain some shocking information about how a dysfunctional marriage in the life of someone with a high calling detrimentally impacted the lives of every generation thereafter AND detrimentally impacted their own eternal destiny.

There is a big lesson here for every marriage.


In 106 (6) another person states that everything that Joyner was learning in the vision had been given to him on earth. I understand this to apply to every one of us. he is told that "Every relationship, every encounter with another person, could teach you what you are learning here if you will keep that cloak of humility on, and learn to always keep your attention fixed on His glory."

The speaker turns out to be a man who had had "a great ministry". This man reports that he became very proud near the end of his life and started to touch the Almighty's anointed and to do His prophets harm. That he and his followers looked for faults in other ministries and exposed them.

In 108 (2) this man states that he became "the worst thing that a man can become on the earth -- a stumbling block who produced other stumbling blocks. We sowed fear and division throughout the church, all in the name of protecting the truth. In my self-righteousness I was headed for perdition. In His great mercy the Almighty {the Lord} allowed me to be struck by a disease that would bring about a slow and humiliating death. Just before I died I came to my senses and repented."

There is an opportunity to change sides right up to the last minute. If you are near the end of your life and experiencing severe illness, it might be really important to check out what the Almighty may be wanting you to learn before it is too late.

In 109 (3) this man states "And we always comforted ourselves by actually thinking that we were doing Yah {God} a favour when we attacked His own children". He goes on to refer to "the worst judgment of all -- the judgment of the stumbling blocks" he also states that those who are doing these things are "doing the work of the Accuser [Satan]".

In 108 (6) and 109 (1) it is indicated that simply allowing people to talk about the errors of another congregation, or asking people to pray for a congregation that is considered to be in error and similar actions are all part of the sin of being a stumbling block. I understand this to relate to judging others and then encouraging others to judge them as well by speaking about their perceived or actual sin to others.

The truth is we are not competent to judge and frequently when we do judge we are judging based on our own pride, error, self righteousness, etc. It is better to notice, move on and pray in one's heart that the will of the Almighty will be done in a particular situation. Don't discuss it and certainly do not tell others about it or issue emails to large numbers of people or publish articles, etc condemning others, no matter how "politely" or "nicely" or "gently" or "lovingly" or ... one thinks one is doing it.

Still in the place of the foolish virgins, Joyner meets a "famous writer" who confesses that, while his writings are widely esteemed in the church, they are "shallow, and filled more with worldly wisdom than divine truth".

This man goes on to state that he had "failed the King of Kings", that he had used his gifts to "draw men more to myself and my wisdom" than to the Almighty, that he "hardly knew" the Holy Spirit, that he did not point men to Yahooshua and the Almighty but to himself and "others like" him. He states that his mind was his "idol".

In 113 (3) this same man states that he buried his talents beneath his "own spiritual pride and ambitions".

He states further that "The more authority you are given, the more potential for both good and evil you will have. Those who will rule with Him for the ages will know responsibility of the most profound kind. No man stands alone, and every human failure, or victory, resonates far beyond our comprehension, even to generations to come."

In 113 (5) this man states "Had I sought Yah {the Lord} instead of knowledge about Him, many thousands who I could have led successfully would have resulted in many more millions being here now." He goes on to say "Never seek influence for yourself, but only seek the Almighty {the Lord} and be willing to take His yoke. My influence did not feed your heart, but rather your pride in knowledge."

In 113 (3) he concludes by saying "Study to show yourself approved unto Yah {God}, not men."

I constantly see this as an enormous challenge, it is so easy to want to be approved by other human beings and lose sight of the approval of the Almighty.

This is particularly so as a consequence of the fallen state of the world. That which is esteemed by the Almighty is generally ridiculed or rejected by mankind in this age. It requires real commitment to seek to please the Almighty!


In 114 (4) Joyner reports "In this first multitude I saw many other men and women of Yah {God} from both my own time and history. I stopped and talked to many more. I was continually shocked that so many whom I expected to be in the highest positions were in the lowest rank of the kingdom. Many shared the same basic story -- they had all fallen to the deadly sin of pride after their great victories, or fallen to jealousy when other men were anointed as much as they were. Others had fallen to lust, discouragement or bitterness near the end of their lives and had to be taken before they crossed the line into perdition. They all gave me the same warning: the higher the spiritual authority that you walk in, the further you can fall if you are without love and humility."


Joyner reports in 114 (5) and 115 (1) "As I continued toward the judgment seat I began to pass those who were of higher rank in the kingdom. After many more veils had been stripped away from me by meetings with those who had stumbled over the same problems that I had, I began to meet some who had overcome. I met couples who had served Yah {the Lord} and each other faithfully to the end. Their glory was unspeakable, and their victory encouraged me that it was possible to stay on the path of life, and to serve Him in faithfulness. Those who stumbled, stumbled in many different ways. Those who prevailed all did it the same way -- they did not deviate from their devotion to the first and greatest commandment -- loving the Almighty {the Lord}. By this their service was done unto Him, not to men, not even for spiritual men."...

115 (2) "When I was still not even halfway to the throne, what had been the undescribable glory of the first rank now seemed to be the outer darkness in comparison to the glory of those I was now passing. The greatest beauty on earth would not qualify to be found anywhere in heaven. And I was told that this room was just the threshold of realms indescribable!"

Truly this is a treasure that is worth seeking to obtain. A treasure that warrants a sacrifice of obedience and love in this life.

The following passage indicates that there are even various levels of throne. 116 (1) "As I approached the Judgment Seat of the anointing of Yah {Christ}, those in the highest ranks were also sitting on thrones that were all a part of His throne. Even the least of these thrones was more glorious than any earthly throne many times over. Some of these were rulers over cities on earth who would soon take their places. Others were rulers over the affairs of heaven, and others over the affairs of the physical creation, such as star systems and galaxies. However, it was apparent that those who were given authority over cities were esteemed above those who had even been given authority over galaxies. The value of a single child surpassed that of a galaxy of stars, because the Holy Spirit dwelt in men, and Yah the eternally self existing {the Lord} had chosen men as His eternal dwelling place. In the presence of His glory the whole earth seemed as insignificant as a speck of dust; and yet it was so infinitely esteemed that the attention of the whole creation was upon it."

This passage indicates that the majority of people who have so far qualified to sit on high thrones for eternity do not conform to human perspectives of who would qualify.

In 117 (2) it is stated that it was both "awesome" and "relieving" to stand before the Judgment Seat and that in the vision Joyner had "passed the point where I was concerned if the judgment was going to be good or bad; I just knew it would be right, and that I could trust my Judge."

This speaks to us in this life as well -- are we willing to trust the Almighty to judge us in this life?

117 (3) "At one point Yahooshua {the Lord} looked toward the galleries of thrones around Him. Many were occupied, but many were empty. He then said, 'These thrones are for the overcomers who have served Me faithfully in every generation. My Father and I prepared them before the foundation of the world. Are you worthy to sit on one of these?'"

Joyner reports in 117 (4) that "I looked at the thrones. I looked at those who were now seated. I could recognize some of the great heroes of the faith, but most of those seated I knew had not even been well known on earth. Many I knew had been missionaries who had expended their lives in obscurity. They had never cared to be remembered on earth, but wanted only to be remembered by Him. I was a bit surprised to see some who had been wealthy, or rulers who had been faithful with what they had been given. However, it seemed that faithful, praying women and mothers occupied more thrones than any other single group."

Again, we see a high proportion of women. Specifically on thrones.

This is an important revelation. There is a widely held belief that the doctrine of women submitting to their husbands in some way makes them second rate citizens or is oppressive. And, there have certainly been many men who have applied these doctrines oppressively and unjustly. However, this does not alter the basis on which a woman will be judged -- did she submit to her husband in everything?

Here we see that, in fact, a substantial proportion of those on thrones are women. This clearly nullifies beliefs that women are second rate citizens.

Taken together with Isaiah 4:1, cited previously, this can also be taken as an indication that the Almighty intends for there to be more women on thrones even after the final judgment.

It seems important that women understand this and that they do not sacrifice an opportunity to sit on a throne or enter Heaven by getting into "women's liberation", rebellion and other prevalent modern sin.

This and other passages also suggests to me that a man needs the support of one or more wives who will underpin him and support him spiritually, particularly through intercession, and assist him to serve the Almighty faithfully.

There is much that is not understood about these concepts in the present age and much that is taught and practised that is in opposition to them.

In response to Yahooshua's question to Joyner in 117 (3) as to whether he (Joyner) was worthy to sit on a throne, Joyner acknowledges in 118 (1) that "There was no way that I could answer 'yes' to Yahooshua's {the Lord's} question".

This is surely the only answer that any human being can give.

In 118 (2) Yahooshua asks Joyner "But do you want this seat?"


This is the essential question of this whole document, do YOU want to sit on a throne with Yahooshua for eternity?

This is a question worth pondering.

By now, you have some idea of what the price is to sit on such a throne, some idea of the sacrifices, the adjustments, the probability of pain and loss in this life, the probability of a major adjustment in your life.

Do YOU want such a seat?

There is no obligation to say "yes".

And i suggest that it is NOT prudent to say "yes" UNLESS you have REALLY thought this through and prayed about it.

If you are not REALLY willing to pay the price, rather don't say "yes", rather be silent and let this moment pass -- it will be better to do that than to say "yes" now and then find that you are not willing to see it through. In such a case the judgment will be harsher in the end.

Rather wait a while and make a QUALITY decision, a decision that you will not compromise on later.

Get in touch with what you REALLY want in life -- nice cars, nice house, approval of your family and peers, etc OR "well done thou good and faithful servant, come up here" on the Day of Judgment.

I am convinced that if anyone REALLY grasps the magnitude of what is being offered, they will say "YES".

What about you?

The following extract from "The Final Quest" gives some indication of what the Almighty might say to you IF you say "yes".

In 118 (3) Joyner replies "I do with all of my heart,".

In 118 (4) Joyner reports "Yahooshua {The Lord} then looked at the galleries and said, 'Those empty seats could have been filled in any generation. I gave the invitation to sit here to everyone who has called upon My name. They are still available. Now the last battle has come, and many who are last shall be first. These seats will be filled before the battle is over: Those who will sit here will be known by two things: they will wear the mantle of humility, and they will have My likeness. You now have the mantle. If you can keep it and do not lose it in the battle, when you return you will also have My likeness. Then you will be worthy to sit with these, because I will have made you worthy. All authority and power has been given to Me, and I alone can wield it. You will prevail, and you will be trusted with My authority only when you have come to fully abide in Me. Now turn and look at My household.'"

118 (5) "I turned and looked back in the direction I had come from. From before His throne I could see the entire room. The spectacle was beyond any comparison in its glory; millions filled the ranks. Each individual in the lowest rank was more 119 (1) awesome than an army, and had more power. It was far beyond my capacity to absorb such a panorama of glory. Even so, I could see that only a very small portion of the great room was occupied."


119 (2) "I then looked back at Yahooshua {the Lord} and was astonished to see tears in His eyes. He had wiped the tears away from every eye here, except His own. As a tear ran down His cheek he caught it in His hand. He then offered it to me."

119 (3) "'This is My cup. Will you drink it with Me?'"

It seems to me that this is the same question that will be asked of EVERY PERSON who seeks to sit on a throne for eternity.

119 (4) "There was no way that I could refuse Him. As Yahooshua {the Lord} continued to look at Me I began to feel His great love. Even as foul as I was He still loved me. As undeserving as I was He wanted me to be close to Him. Then He said:"

119 (5) "'I love all of these with a love that you cannot now understand. I also love all who are supposed to be here but did not come. I have left the ninety-nine to go after the one who was lost. My shepherds would not leave the one to go after the ninety-nine who are still lost. I came to save the lost. Will you share My heart to go to save the lost? Will you help to fill this room? Will you help to fill these thrones, and every other seat in this hall? Will you take up this quest to bring joy to heaven, to Me and to My Father? This judgment is for My own household, and My own house is not full. The last battle will not be over until My house is full. Only then will it be time for us to redeem the earth, and remove the evil from My creation. If you drink My cup you will love the lost the way that I love them.'"

Ninety nine percent of all those who should have been in heaven at that time were NOT!

This is a TERRIBLE statistic.

As mentioned above in the current age the situation for the current generation is worse.

On 17 January 2002, the writer was told by the Almighty that IF the world was to be judged at that moment, only thirty million (30,000,000) people of the entire world population on earth at that moment would qualify to enter heaven.

On Passover 2004 (6 April), the writer was told that this number had reduced to three million (3,000,000).

Right now, can YOU say with total conviction, based on a deep personal relationship with the Almighty, that you have done enough in your life to qualify for heaven and enough NOT to qualify for hell?

Can you TRULY say that your doctrine is sufficiently accurate that you will not be found a liar and a heretic on the Day of Judgment?

Can you TRULY say that you have held lengthy PERSONAL conversations with the Almighty to a point where you are confident that you know His will in your life? Or that, in some other way, you ARE confident that you ARE on the straight way headed for the narrow gate?

Are you CERTAIN?

Or do you want to take a chance?


Is this a time to re-examine your life and take a LONG HARD LOOK at what you have done in your life to date AND what you think your life currently is set to look like if you continue doing what you are doing?



Please consider this prayerfully and carefully and then read on!

In 119 (6) and 120 (1) Joyner describes how Yahooshua placed the tear in a plain cup and gave it to him (Joyner) to drink. Joyner describes how he erupted into tears, crying for the lost, and for Yahooshua and the Almighty.

In 120 (2) Joyner describes how he was then filled with the peace of Yah. Philippians 4:7 "And the peace of Yah {God}, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through the anointing which was upon Yahooshua {Christ Jesus}." (KJV, adjusted)

After this Joyner experienced the glory of the Almighty and was filled with the urge to preach, to worship and to breath every breath for the good news of the Kingdom of the Almighty.


In 120 (3) Joyner realises that the Throne of Judgment is ALSO the Throne of Grace and requests grace to serve the Almighty, for grace to finish his course. He asks for grace to love the Almighty the way he is experiencing in the vision so that he can be delivered from delusions and self-centeredness. He asks for salvation from himself and the evil of his own heart. He asks for the love he feels at that moment to flow continually in his heart. He asks for the heart of the Almighty and His love. He asks for the grace of the Holy Spirit to convict him of his own sin and to testify of the Almighty and of Yahooshua as they really are. For grace to testify of that which is prepared for those who come to the Almighty. For grace to preach the reality of the judgment. For grace to share with those who are called to occupy the empty thrones and to give them words of life to keep them on the path of life. Words that will impart to them the faith to do what they have been called to do.

In 121 (3) Yahooshua states that we must be constantly conscious of both the kindness and the severity of the Almighty and that we must remember both if we are to stay on the path of life and not fall into deception. Yahooshua indicates that it IS grace to know both of these and that all the experiences that Joyner has been given in the visions is grace directed at this objective.

It therefore seems imperative to consciously seek to know both the love and the judgments of the Almighty in our lives, continuously.


In 122 (3) it is stated that Yahooshua is now waiting for his enemies to be put under his feet, that is made his footstool. Refer Hebrews 10:12-13 "12 But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of Yah {God}; 13 From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool." (KJV)

It is also stated that the legions of messengers {angels} that have been on standby for this time have been released and that the "hordes of hell have also been released".

It is stated that what is now unfolding on earth is "the last battle".

So, in considering what has been presented thus far, it is perhaps useful to consider that the spiritual dispensation in which we now find ourselves is VERY different to that which prevailed until a decade or so ago.

Are YOU willing to accept the challenge?


The next section of "The Final Quest" is titled "The Overcomers" and it reports Joyners experience in the vision after he leaves the Judgment Seat and meets with some who are sitting on thrones.

On pages 124 and 125 Joyner reports a form of communication in heaven that transcends words. It is something that in earthly terms might be called "telepathy" but the way he describes it is much more profound.

In 125 (3) it is suggested that this level of communication was lost after the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:9 "Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because Yah the eternally self existing {the LORD} did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did Yah the eternally self existing {the LORD} scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth." (KJV, adjusted)

It is stated that we can only experience such communication when we are freed in the presence of the Almighty.

In 125 (4) Joyner indicates that "when Adam's transgression caused him to hide from the Almighty {God}, it was the beginning of a most terrible distortion of what man was created to be, as well as a severe reduction of his intellectual and spiritual capacities. These could only be restored when we come out of 'hiding,' 126 (1) opening ourselves to the Almighty {God} and to each other, becoming genuinely transparent. It is as we behold the glory of the Almighty {the Lord} with an 'unveiled face' that we are changed into His image. The veils are causing our hiding."

The statement about the reduction in the capabilities of mankind that resulted from Adam's transgression is a really important aspect of understanding our current situation.

Many believers, at some level, seem to believe that the present generation is the most advanced generation technologically and spiritually that has ever walked the earth. The reality, which is not within the scope of this article, but which is alluded to in the above quote, is that mankind has degenerated MASSIVELY spiritually from the time of Adam. In fact, mankind's recent technological "advances" are only a limited recovery of the technology that was in existence at the time of Noah, as evidenced by the books "Dead Men's Secrets" and "The Killing of Paradise Planet", both by Jonathan Gray, available at

It is only when one can grasp just how far the present generation has fallen from knowledge of the Almighty and knowledge of His ways that one can really begin to see how big a challenge it is today to qualify to enter heaven AT ALL and particularly to qualify to sit on a throne for eternity.

In 126 (2) Joyner states "When the Almighty {the Lord} asked Adam where he was after the transgression, it was His very first question to man [after the fall] and it is the first one that we must answer if we are to be fully restored to Him. Of course, the Almighty {the Lord} knew where Adam was. The question was for Adam's sake. That question was the beginning of the Almighty's {God's} quest for man. The story of redemption is the Almighty's {God's} pursuit of man, not man's pursuit of the Almighty {God}. When we can fully answer this question, knowing were we are in relation to the Almighty {God}, we will have been fully restored to Him. We can only know the answer when we are in His presence."

126 (3) "That was the essence of my [Joyner's] entire judgment seat experience. The Almighty {the Lord} already knew all that there was to know about me. It was all for my sake, so that I would know where I was. It was all to bring me out of hiding, to bring me out of darkness into light."

It is really so important that we recognise that the Almighty DOES know all that there is to know about us. He knows about our secret sins, our desires, our dreams, our lusts, our fears, our ... He knows about the painful experiences that have created emotional scars, beliefs, automatic reactions, etc.

When he brings people together in partnership in marriage, in ministry, in business, He knows everything about them. He is NOT surprised by their quirks and their habitual sins.

Yet, so frequently, when believers are convinced the Almighty has brought them together, in marriage, ministry, business, etc, the moment one of them discovers something about the other that they do not approve of or like, they reject them and break the partnership. They lose sight of the fact that the Almighty is NOT surprised.

In 126 (4) Joyner states that the Almighty is seeking to be one with His people, He wants us to see things "in union with Him".

In 127 (1) it is stated that the "darkness in the world was perpetuated by the compulsion to hide that began after the fall. 'Walking in the light' is more than just knowing and obeying certain truths -- it is being true and it is being free from the compulsion to hide."

It seems to me that this is a big part of this message.

Are YOU willing to make a decision to really seek the Almighty rather than hiding from Him. Are you willing to accept that He knows EVERYTHING about you and yet He STILL loves you and wants to heal you and draw you close to Him. And He wants to offer you an opportunity to sit with Yahooshua on a throne for eternity!

It is a WONDERFUL OFFER, if you can accept it!

But, it requires YOUR FREEWILL CHOICE!

In 127 (2) Joyner stresses that part of being free from hiding is that we are also transparent with others.

There is much more in the remaining pages of "The Final Quest". If this message has made an impact on you, please make every effort to read the remainder of the book and then read the whole book. There is much that is contained therein that is not contained in this message.


I, James Robertson, do hereby declare that i have prayed about this document and it's contents. I declare that the Almighty has stated to me that this message is 94% as He would have it.


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"A person who reaches the end of their life as my TRUE FRIEND, one who has progressed from 'Wise Steward', to 'Good and Faithful Servant', to 'Overcomer' and ultimately to 'Friend' will receive rewards and authority of unimaginable splendour including a high throne, status and apparel that is far beyond anything that even the most powerful rulers on earth have ever dreamed of, let alone experienced -- contrast this with the other extreme -- an angry and depraved ancestor spirit (demon) desperately seeking favour in a kingdom where favour is a lesser level of torment and the right to exercise greater control and depravity over those less inclined to serve Satan and his Masterminds  wholeheartedly"
"Do YOU REALLY want to be part of a kingdom where the tortured murder of infants is regarded as one of the highest privileges of rank?"
"The evidence is ALL around you IF you have eyes to see -- the choice is CLEAR -- a Kingdom of beauty, love (chesed) and benign power or a kingdom of atrocities and perversion, a kingdom that regards torture and tormented and protracted death of human sacrifices followed by cannibalism, preferably while the victim still lives, as the HIGHEST form of worship?"
"It is TIME for those who still have some smattering of knowledge of me and my ways to STOP playing games with Satan and start taking back this earth while there is STILL TIME -- it is time for believers to STOP marrying unbelievers and allowing their children to marry unbelievers,, it is TIME to STOP marrying those from Satan worshipping cultures, and to STOP welcoming them into your homes, your cities and your lands -- it is time to STOP acceding to Satanic demands that you cast ME (The Almighty) out of your schools, your halls of Government and your workplaces -- it is TIME to publicly open the day with worship and prayer to me, whether in your places of education, your places of Government or your places of work -- it is TIME to cast out those who will NOT comply instead of being cast out and secretively serving me behind locked doors and, IF you CANNOT set apart that place of learning, or government or work then EXIT PUBLICLY and DECLARE your reasons and gather together with those who WILL agree with you in these matters for it is so that in the spirit one TRUE believer FREE OF SIN can put 1,000 to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight and the power of TRUE BELIEVERS who choose to deal with ALL their sin and live in ALL truth is such that massive transformation IS possible -- note the impact of Noah, Abraham, Moshe {Moses}, Yahooshua {Jesus}, Mohammed and Luther -- YOU TOO can bring about RADICAL reformation and renaissance IF you will lay down your life and seek DEEP and ENDURING FRIENDSHIP with Me!"
"IF you believe, it is TIME to assess exactly WHAT you believe about me and then ACT accordingly!"
"IF you do NOT believe, it is time to assess EXACTLY what you DO believe and then act accordingly!"
"There is NO place for fence sitters -- YOU are either FOR me or by default you are AGAINST ME!"
"Know this -- IF you choose to be a TRUE friend, which means you deal with ALL sin and ALL error and do ALL that is required to ensure that your house is FULLY united behind you the forces of darkness CANNOT TOUCH YOU -- BUT, IF you play games and continue to dabble in your favourite sins and errors in your divided house the forces of darkness will TEAR you limb from limb and UTTERLY destroy you -- there has NEVER been a time in all the history of man on earth where life above sin and total unity of your house has been more important!"
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The Creator Desires a Deep Relationship with YOU

Seven Components in Growing Close to Yah

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Those who come to limited belief initially

Those who come to limited belief initially

The TRUE Name of the Creator is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing

The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Detailed Analysis -- Abstract

Objective, Technical Notes And Technical Caveat

Words Translated "God"

Names Including Yah

Further Words Which Refer To Yah

Names Including Yah

Additional Words Which Relate To Yah

Instances Of Jehovah And Jah = Yah In The Hebrew Lexicon Of The Online Bible

Instances Of Yah In The Hebrew Lexicon Of The Online Bible

Closure Regarding The Name Of Yah

This website is the culmination of applying Engineering Principles to the matters of the Almighty Creator since 1993

Yah, the Creator, desires to have deep personal relationships with people who become His friends

Creator Desires Deep Relationship

7 Components of Growing Close to Yah

Recommended Worship

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?


About James Robertson -- An engineering approach to religion and knowledge of the Most High Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Yah the eternally self-existing

Headlines of the walk of James Robertson with the Almighty Creator (Yah the Eternally Self-Existing)

About End Time Issue Ministries

James Robertson's Business interests -- James A Robertson and Associates Limited -- Executive Level Consulting with Regard to the Effective High Value Application of Business Information Systems

What to do if you disagree with me

Our Logo

Building a close relationship with Yah the Eternally Self Existing, the Almighty Creator

Key Principles with regard to relationship with Yah

Why are we here?

Stages in the Relationship with the Almighty Creator

The Anointing of the Spirit of the Almighty

Worship of the Almighty

Prayer and petition to the Almighty

Prayer in agreement

Fasting as a vital component of drawing close to the Almighty

Hearing Yah

Judge me Severely and correct me harshly

Yah's Emotions -- He has feelings too

Daddy Yah is LONELY please talk to Him and use His true Name

Did YOU bring JOY to your Daddy Today?

Seeking to live a Life WITHOUT Sin

Overcoming and a High Throne

The Continuum between Yah and Satan

Drawing Closer to Yah

Drawing Close to Yah

Chesed = Covenant Love

Yah's Still Small Voice

Visions and Dreams

What IS Inspiration?

If Yah is moving Hold your Peace

The Authority of Believers

Obedience is a vital element of relationship

If you love Yah keep His commandments

You are NOT a glove puppet you ARE accountable

Sacrifice -- The Death of the Stake

Death with Yahooshua

Further Principles relating to Relationship with Yah

Who to Listen To

Even the highly anointed are falling away

Yah is everywhere

Relationship with Yah NOT worship of intellect

The Majority is ALWAYS Wrong

Specific Messages from the Almighty

Yah speaks to James

Yah speaks to the Church

Yah speaks to Believers Generally

Yah speaks to South Africa

Yah speaks to the World

Yah calls His Servants NOT Man

Yah works through His anointed ones

What IS Inspiration?

The Seventy Facets of Yah's Jewelled Words

A Guide to Receiving Personal Prophecy

Seek Truth

Seek Truth NOT Error

Yah's Commandments are BEST

Important Truths

Satan's Most Effective Lies

Pastors and the Church

The Contest

Rules of Engagement

Yah HAS to work through sons of Adam

Satan HAS to work through sons of Adam

The Forces of Darkness Rule on Earth and Yah is Constrained to act through believers

The REAL battle is between the highly anointed versus the highly illuminated ones

Descent into ALL Error

Yahooshua led a Life without Sin

Satan to the Pit

Recovering Lost Truth

A Son of Adam on the Last Day

IF Satan Wins the Contest

IF Satan Loses

Who ARE "Demons"

The Masterminds

Illuminated versus Anointed

Satan's Devices

Combat in the Heavenly Realm

Yah could do MUCH more in earlier years

All authority and dominion on earth has been given to humans, Yah and Satan are constrained to act through them


What IS Hell?

Why IS Hell?

Visits to Hell

Korean Artist

Bill Weise

Angelica Zambrano

Choo Thomas

No one is intentionally going to hell

There are good decent people in hell

Satan rules the world through the leadership of Demonic Masterminds and human Satan Servants

Satan to Pit 2003


Recommended Worship


Important Prayers

The Most Important Prayers


What IS Covenant?

The Blood of a Covenant Means Death to the Person who breaks the Covenant

Covenant between Man and Woman

Tattoos and Piercings


The Importance of Words

Words that Kill

Words that Bring Life

Right Confession

Words with Pagan / Satanic Impact

Words are Spiritual


Take Care is a Curse




The Bible

What to Read Instead

Old Testament versus New Testament

"The WORD" is Semantic Nonsense

The bible is the most pervasive idol

Diverse Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible

The Essence of the issues relating to the Bible

Positive aspects of “The Bible”

Summing up re “The Bible”

About the Bible

The Arrogance of Christian Ignorance

Relationship with the Almighty NOT Worship of Intellect

Getting close to Yah Appropriate prayer and fasting are VITAL (the answer to doctrinal differences)

IF the Bible IS corrupt then WHAT do I do?

Satan’s Lies – Response to Rebuttal

“The bible is a corrupt book compiled by corrupt men”

The Majority is ALWAYS Wrong

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 2

Bible study versus deep relationship

Demonically inspired bible versions -- rebuttal

Demonically inspired bible versions

Believers who abdicate their intellect

Your Heavenly Account

The contents of the bible are but a pin prick in the history of mankind

Clarification re THE WORD

New Testament? No No No

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 3

Yah is at SOME measure in EVERY book (and so is Satan through his demons)

Clarification -- there IS good in the bible

The King James Version of the bible is NOT THE definitive English translation

Yah works through His anointed prophets NOT committees

The origin of the Christian bible

Those who followed Yahooshua did NOT know Torah

What IS inspiration?

The seventy facets of Yah's jeweled words

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 4

The bible IS a useful reference work – period

Covenant – NOT New Testament

James: What do YOU believe about the bible? REALLY?

Pastors – the Prison Warders of Yah's people

Why Yah could do much greater works thousands of years ago (level of anointing and level of prayer)

Proof of a Global Flood -- Turning history on its head

Where will YOU spend eternity?

Are visions precise and free of error?

Understanding Satan's devices

Clergy versus laity

The Name of Yah in the book {bible}

The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Summary

What is the origin and the purpose of man? -- creation versus evolution

Older Articles -- Prior to 2009

Conclusion -- The Bible is NOT what is claimed for it

Yah (The Almighty) says that the bible is "the Greatest Idol" on earth today

Anointed Life

Anointed Life Part 1

What or Who IS an Anointed One?

Worship is Critical

Filled with the Spirit of Yah

Led by the Spirit of Yah

Guardian Messengers {Angels}


Death with Yahooshua

The Mind of Yah



Supply of Needs

Poverty in the Body of Believers

Anointed Life Part 2

Power Anointing

In the World NOT OF the World

Yah is everywhere

The Race

The Armour

Trust and Belief


Your Heavenly Account


Anointed Life Part 3

Good and Faithful Servant


Angelo beggar on a high throne

Authority of Believer

Works that Yahooshua did



Immersion NOT Baptism

Tearing Down Strongholds

The Battle

Spiritual Warfare

The 144,000

Single Anointed Women

Anointed Life Part 4









Let your Yes be Yes


Judge me Severely and correct me Harshly that I may serve You more perfectly

Seek Truth NOT Error

Anointed Life Part 5

Man and Woman in Harmony


Right Confession

Four phases of the Wilderness

Critical Success Factors for Life

Highly Anointed Ones Make Mistakes and Sin

Even the highly anointed are falling away



Body Mind and Spirit


Believe in Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, the Almighty

Chesed {love} the Almighty with all your heart, mind, soul and strength

Yah is ONE

Who IS Yah?

Who IS Yahooshua?

Who IS Satan?

Demonic "gods"

No Trinity

NO Idols

Not Worship the Bible

Not Worship Jesus

Not Worship Cross

Not Worship People

Not Worship Things

Name Yah NOT in Vain


Yes in Afrikaans and German

True Names

Keep Sabbaths

Day Begins at Sunrise

True Sabbath Saturday Sunrise

New Moons

1st Aviv

Pesach -- Passover

Shavuot -- Pentecost

Yom Teruah -- Day of Trumpets

Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement

Sukkot -- Tabernacles 1st Day

Sukkot -- Tabernacles Great Day

False Sabbaths

Levites BREAK the Sabbath

Chesed {love} your Neighbor as yourself

Honor Parents


Curse Mother or Father and Die

NOT Old Age Homes

NO Murder

NO Abortion

NO Abortive Contraception

Death Penalty for Murder

WHY Death Penalty?

NO False Teachings

Anal intercourse is valid birth control

NO Adultery

What IS Adultery?

Breaking Covenant / Treachery


Male with Male

Female with Female


Serial Polygamy



Chick Flicks are Pornography TOO


Phone / Skype Sex

Oral and Anal Sex

Church Marriage

False Monogamy

NO Stealing

Most Prosperity Teaching is Fraud

Fraudulent Contracts

Misrepresentation in Sales

Outright Theft


NO False Witness or Lying

False Teaching by Church

False Teaching in Other Religions

Misrepresentation in Sales

White Lies

ALL Liars will burn

Believe Lies and Die

NO Coveting or Lusting



Most Adverts

Valentines Heart

Lust is visible in the spirit realm

The MARK of the Beast

All of the 10 Commandments as well as the Principal Commandment have been almost universally broken and made of NO effect

The Satanic

The Satanic Part 1

Who is Satan

Fallen Messenger

Principalities, Powers, Thrones, Dominions, etc

We wrestle NOT against flesh and blood

Combat in the Heavenly Realm

The Forces of Darkness Reign and Yah is constrained to act through believers

Illuminated Ones



Ancestor Spirits {Demons}


If Jesus is living in your heart you have a problem

The Satanic Part 2


Take Care is a Curse

Secret Societies

Free Masonry

The Authority of the Believer


Satan's Most Effective Lies

Lilith Adam's first wife

The Satanic Part 3

Treachery is a Spiritual Force

The Peace of Satan

Fear is Faith in the Satanic

Tsunami of Evil Covers the Planet

Satans Devices

What is REALLY happening

Satan sentenced to one thousand years in the Pit on 3 May 2003

Power from drinking blood

Power from eating human flesh

Power from murder

Satanic Dominion

General Satanic

True Names




Mighty One


My Darling Mighty One


Anointing of Yah


Other True Names

The TRUE name of the prophet from Nazareth is "Yahooshua" NOT "Jesus"

Blasphemous Names

Grace withdrawn






Other Incorrect Names



NOT Christ

True Sabbaths

Day Begins at Sunrise

True Sabbath Saturday Sunrise

New Moons

1st Aviv

Pesach -- Passover

Shavuot -- Pentecost

Yom Teruah -- Day of Trumpets

Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement

Sukkot -- Tabernacles 1st Day

Sukkot Great Day

Year of Jubilee

Saturday is the 7th day of the week and is Yah's true weekly Sabbath

Satanic Feasts



On what day was Yahooshua born?


New Year

Valentine's Day

Other Satanic Feasts

Sunday Sabbath

Sunday is the Pagan day of the Sun god and is NOT appropriate for worshipping Yah, the Almighty Creator

Christmas is a Pagan Feast and is an abomination in the sight of the Almighty Creator

Yahooshua died on a Stake NOT a Cross

It is NOT Baptism it is Immersion

The Coninuum between Good and Evil


True Religion

The Great Falling Away

Even the highly anointed are falling away

Seek Truth NOT Error

The End of the Age



Most Christians are NOT Anointed Ones

The Church put Yahooshua to Death

If Jesus is living in your heart you have a problem

Clergy versus Laity

Judgement on the church of Jesus Christ

Planet X Nibiru


Believers who Beg

History Revisited

This Evil Generation

Christian Denominations

Roman Catholic


Jehovah's Witnesses




Who IS Allah

Other Religions

The Inquisitions have had a major impact on believers today

The upsurge of civilization following the Reformation, that is the Renaissance, masks the long term degradation of human beings over time

The turnaround prophets of history are Noah, Moshe, Yahooshua, Mohammed and Luther -- we need to understand their role to understand the world today

The True Religion of the Almighty Creator, Yah, is a synthesis of, and bracketed by, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Christianity has from the outset compromized with paganism and almost every doctrine of Christianity is fatally corrupt and does NOT define the Creator

Tithes are Invalid in this age

Judaism is one of the three main religions serving the Creator

Islam is the third of the main religions serving the Creator


Yahooshua Part 1

Who IS Yahooshua

Yahooshua IS the mightiest CREATED being in the entire creation

Yahooshua was an OLD Testament Prophet

How DID Yahooshua Accomplish what he did?

Thank Yah that the Jews Killed Jesus

Why Yahooshua HAD to die THAT way

Father forgive them they do not know what they are doing

My Darling why have You forsaken me?

The Covenant of Yahooshua

As oft as you eat it in remembrance of Yahooshua

Death with Yahooshua

Yahooshua Part 2

Yahooshua is WAITING for his enemies to be made his footstool

What IS special about Yahooshua?

Yahooshua will return once the true message has been preached to ALL the earth

The Church put Yahooshua to Death

Authority IN the Name of Yahooshua

LIMITATIONS in the Name of Yahooshua

The Blood of the Covenant

Who Yahooshua is NOT

Old Testament versus New Testament

On what day was Yahooshua born?

Those who followed Yahooshua did NOT know Torah

Greater Works than Yahooshua did

There is NO Trinity

Yahooshua is NOT the ONLY way

The man Yahooshua, commonly called Jesus was and is a human being and is NOT the Creator

Yahooshua, commonly called "Jesus" will only return around 3003 and is NOT "coming soon"

The Great Falling Away is right now


Judgment in THIS Life

Judgment of Believers Who Die

Judgment of Unbelievers Who Die

The Day of Judgment

High Throne with Yahooshua

The Outer Darkness in Heaven

The Foolish Virgins in Heaven

The Lake of Fire and Brimstone

Satan to the Pit for a Thousand Years

Judgement on the church of Jesus Christ

Judgment at the End of the Age

Yahooshua is WAITING UNTIL his enemies are made his FOOTSTOOL

Yahooshua will return when the true message has been preached to ALL the world

No one is intentionally going to Hell

Few people are intending to become demons

Obedience as a Basis of Judgement

Judgment THIS Life





Judge me Severely and Correct me Harshly that I may serve You more Perfectly

Believing Men in Lack

Highly anointed ones also make mistakes and sin


Burn for Eternity Yes? or No?

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Part 1 of the eBook -- Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

A Critical Question

An Important Caveat

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

A Vital question: Do we know what sin is? - What is the essence of Judgment?

Cause for Concern - Nearly ALL of mankind is breaking most of the commandments

Part 2 of the eBook -- Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Is there an alternative? -- can one aspire to a High Throne?

It is NOT just heaven or the lake of fire, there is a continuum

It IS POSSIBLE to overcome

What indicators are there about pleasing the Almighty?

How do we overcome? What is the Price?

Some challenging passages from The Final Quest

Joyner's experience of the Judgment


The Final Quest by Rick Joyner

Yah speaks on Rick Joyner

The Call by Rick Joyner

Critical Success Factors for Life

Creation versus Evolution -- What is the Origin and Purpose of Man?

Engineered Creation

Sexual reproduction proves there is a Creator

Part 1 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man


An important assumption and some painful deductions

Some important preparatory points

Use of statistics from

Argument from Incredulity

Progressive development versus Instantaneous Creation

Other religions and spirits

Some other issues with certain religious views of creation

What next?

Part 2 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man


Does this mean deadlock?

A Different approach?

Some issues that arise from the above questions

Science - Engineering - Religion


Suggested principles for further analysis

"Planned (Engineered) Creative Evolution" versus "Unplanned (Unengineered) Spontaneous Evolution"

Part 3 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man

Evidence in Immediate Physical Environment

Tying up loose ends

Various bits and pieces

Some other considerations regarding creation versus evolution

Soft attributes of human beings

 If all else fails, ask for a "sign"?



The World Before the Flood

The Flood Itself

The World After the Flood

Understanding the Impact of the Flood

Why Millions of Years is Invalid

Flood Videos

Overview of the Flood Videos

Section 1 -- Proof of a Global Flood -- Introduction

Section 2: Gold Mines -- Evidence of Massive Hydraulic Flood Action

Section 3: Layered Sedimentary Rocks -- Evidence of a Global Flood

Section 4: The Halfwayhouse Granite Dome -- Massive Surface Disruption

Section 5: African Erosion Surface -- massive flood cutting action

Section 6: Incised Valley deep in massive Granite -- evidence of massive flood action

Section 7: The REAL Age of all this - a flood as recently as 4,500 years ago?

Section 8: Signs Of Judgment -- Real Mount Sinai and Ten Commandments

Section 9: Where DID the water came from? And where did it go? -- Proof of a Global Flood

Section 10: Summing Up -- Proof of a Global Flood

Section 11: End Notes -- Proof of Global Flood

There is global proof of a global catastrophe which is FAR beyond a "flood"

Evolutionary Creation is the ONLY practical explanation of what exists today


The Spiritual Nature of Sex

Yah Created Sex and it was good

The Virgins Covenant

Sex is a Covenant Act

The One-Flesh Bond

Making Love

Transfer of Demons

Soul Ties


Role of Man

Role of Woman

Monogamy and sexual lovemaking

The Bed is Undefiled

The Joy of Sex

Sex -- Permitted and Prohibited

"Sex Before Marriage"

One Night Stands

Men with Men

Women with Women

Anal Sex

Oral Sex




Sexual Thoughts


Spiritual Separation of Man and Woman

Coping with Sexual Need

The Virgin's Covenant is CRITICAL to understand sex, marriage, adultery and divorce

Men & Women

Men and Women and covenant

The Virgins Covenant

Age to Marry



Cleave is NOT Adhere

Isaiah 4:1

Men and Women and Family


Separation of Man and Woman







Is Polygamy Scriptural?



The Book -- The Scriptural Definition of Marriage, Adultery and Divorce

Preamble and Table of Contents

1: Introduction & Concepts

2: How does scripture define the marriage covenant?

3: What does scripture say about adultery?

4: Scriptural Divorce

5: Is monogamy scriptural?

6: Some other scriptures on marriage issues

7: The Tradition of the Elders and Other heresies

8: Consequences of the Heresy of Monogamy and Related false Doctrines

9: Summary and Conclusion

Appendices A to G

Appendices H to P

Appendices Q to V

Appendices W to Index of Key words

Man and Woman in Harmony

Marriage Strategy

Marriage Teachings

Part 1: The Coming Tribulation

Part 1: The Coming Tribulation


Part 3: Scriptural definition of Marriage, Divorce & Adultery

Part 4: Towards Heaven on Earth in Marriage

Part 5: Practical Application of Marriage Teachings

Part 6: Deliverance

Part 7. Conclusion

The Almighty designed us from the beginning such that one man can covenant with more than one woman, this is evidenced by the seal of virginity

There are seven times as many believing women as men on earth today so most need to remain celibate and single

The Responsibility of Believing men towards single believing women

A Letter to a Single Woman

The need of Single Women for Companionship

The impact of Wild Oats (children from casual sex) on the world today

The truth about Divorce



Yahs Commandments

Contest or Compromise

The Mark of the Beast

This Life


ALL are Seed of Noah

Nearly ALL alive on earth today are Seed of Abraham

Most of those alive today are Seed of Yisrael





Yahoodah {Judah}










Middle East


Babylon / Iraq


United Kingdom

Rest of Europe

North America


Central America and Bahamas

South America




The Curse of Canaan

South Africa


Rest of Africa

The Majority is Always Wrong


Yahoodite = Jew

Thank Yah that the Jews Killed Jesus

The Jews are Yisraelites and NOT Khazars

The Jews are Yisraelites and NOT Seed of Satan

Jews are NOT Ominipotent

Blessed for Relative Faithfulness


The Colour of a Person Tells Nothing About Their Bloodline

The Hammite African Spiritual Dispensation

The Curse of Canaan on many Africans


World Trade Center Demolition

New World Order etc

Do NOT Concern yourself with Conspiracy

Y2K (The Year 2000 Computer Fear) -- What WAS it? -- an immature believes conspiracy theory

The REAL Conspiracy



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Seven Components of Drawing Close to the Almighty

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

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The REAL Contest

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Satanic Dominion

Where are YOU headed for Eternity?

What should YOU do about the direction of your life today?

The ULTIMATE GOAL -- deep personal friendship with the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

The ULTIMATE SIN -- unbelief -- believing the Almighty Creator does NOT exist -- by default allegiance to Satan

The TRAP to prevent you achieving the goal of deep personal relationship with the Creator -- Jesus, the Bible, the Church and Pastors and other people

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