This section discusses various aspects of the practice of human beings of worshipping non-visible entities most of which focusses on the Satanic



The TRUTH about the Inquisition

The TV Series on the Yesterday TV Channel in the UK in July 2014 highlights the gross atrocities of the Roman Catholic Church in the so-called "Dark Ages" -- see for more information

The following are some key points about the Inquisition or Inquisitions as there were a number of phases including in France and Spain

Yah says of the Inquisition that "The inquisition largely stamped out the will and knowledge to observe true belief and teaching with regard to matters pertaining to me in ways that continue to impact the world today"

The Inquisitions have inculcated a belief that the Roman Catholic Church was correct and that the believers who were so brutally tortured and murdered were "heretics" and somehow deserved to die

Many of the people tortured and murdered including the Cathars and Knights Templar WERE true believers

Joan of Ark was an anointed Emissary {Apostle} of Yah and had a relatively close relationship with Yah

The Christian Church today is largely and adaptation of the Roman Church of the Inquisitions which has got the majority believing its lies on diverse topics, many of which are addressed on this website, at a level such that the vast majority of Europeans and other Christians are NO threat to Satan

In this context "heretic" is a term used by people who are in error to describe people who do NOT share their errors -- historically the term "heretic" has been used to describe people with true belief

The term "heretic" is NOT appropriate to be used by a true believer since by definition anyone who is NOT a true believer IS a heretic so singling out particular people is entirely inappropriate, furthermore true believers are called to reach out to unbelievers and bring them to belief NOT harass and torture them in the most bizarre and evil ways -- inherently one who uses the term "heretic" to describe others and who acts negatively towards the people they call "heretics" IS a heretic and a servant of Satan

In this sense, true Christianity, which IS the worship of "The Christ" = "Jesus" IS truly heresy

True Christianity, including ALL modern forms is derived from the heresies, that is errors and false teachings, of Rome and collectively constitutes the "Beast of Revelation" -- so, to the extent that there ARE some sincere believers who are still part of Christianity, Yah has been saying to them for more a thousand years now "come out of her my people"

Virtually ALL the major truths that are addressed on this website were opposed and persecuted during the Inquisitions and virtually all the errors and sins identified on this website were propagated and advocated, for example the practice of more than one woman entering into covenant {marrying} one man was viciously opposed during the Inquisition

The focus on homosexuality as gross sin during the Inquisition and which continues to today is Satan's way of distracting people from the true sin which is adultery -- homosexuality (male-male sexual intercourse) is the most explicit form of adultery but a man having sexual intercourse with a woman who is already joined to another man is sin of entirely equal magnitude to homosexuality

The Inquisition almost totally inculcated ignorance of Yah's ways in European and specifically Christian society


The upsurge of civilization following the Reformation, that is the Renaissance, masks the long term degradation of human beings over time

When Adam ate of the fruit of the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" he knew only good and NO evil -- it matters NOT what the "fruit" was, the fact was he rebelled and gave allegiance to Satan

That was slightly over 6,000 years ago and since then mankind has been doing everything possible to gain the knowledge of evil and, in the process, forgotten nearly all good

Even those who today claim to serve the Almighty, be they Jews, Christians or Muslims are in so much error that they scarecely know the truth about the Almighty

By the year 1500 the level of evil in the world had reached a peak in what we know as "The Dark Ages" which included brutal repression and torture including wholesale persecution of the Jews

In 1517 Martin Luther took a stand and, flowing from this, the era known as "The Reformation" began, this led to a recovery or "Renaissance" in European belief and society relative to the Almighty that eventually spread around the globe to give us the advanced civilization that we have today

Prior to this the Satanic realm was winning the contest hands down, and the level of manifest evil was escalating dramatically heading towards a point where Satan would have easily won the Contest

As people turned again to the Almighty as a result of these developments, largely relying on the Bible as a source of information, the Almighty was able to start moving on the earth and this is led to an increase in Civilized standards and advances in technology and other areas that have given rise to the society we have today

In this process the Satanic realm had to revise their approach and set about corrupting and compromising true knowledge of the Creator and faith in Him by allowing many of the wrong practices of the Roman Church to remain and corrupt what became known as "Christianity"

Thus, while Christianity remained in large measure corrupt, it DID lead people back to the Almighty in a significant way

However, this limited return to the Almighty is being progressively corrupted with Bibles and prayer being banned from schools in some places, reference to the Almighty in Government being dropped or prohibited, etc

This degradation will persist and gather momentum to the point where Father Yah says that, barring a MAJOR change in direction, the present Renaissance will reach its peak in about 200 years from now, that is around 2210, and a progressive slide into anarchy and Satanic domination will follow

It is up to each one of us to turn to the Almighty and seek truth at all costs in order to turn the flood of evil which is slowly but surely engulfing the world

In order to do this we must FIRST fight the battle in our hearts and in our heads -- we must seek ALL TRUTH and deal with our sin and our error in order to come to a place of solid right standing with the Almighty

This website is designed to assist committed believers to do this

The turnaround point prophets of history are Noah, Abraham, Moshe, Yahooshua, Mohammed and Luther -- we need to understand their role to understand the world today

In the degradation of human condition that has ensued since Adam ate the fruit of the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" -- whatever that fruit may have been, the essential sin was rebellion and obeying Satan -- mankind has slid progressively into greater and greater evil

This has taken place against the context of The Contest in terms of which Satan and his followers are vying against the Almighty in accordance with a strictly defined set of rules, to establish Satan as ruler on earth for eternity

At various times Satan has been winning hands down and Yah, the Almighty Creator, has had to rely on a single individual who was in right standing with Him and obedience to Him, to initiate actions that would bring about a restoration of the things of the Almighty and cause people to turn to Him

The most significant of these people were:

1. Noah who prayed for judgement on a corrupt world, was given guidance in building a large vessel designed for massively rough seas and who survived a massive catastrophe in which an Ice Comet impacted the earth and caused a massive tectonic upheaval coupled with submerging the planet in water -- in the process all except Noah and his immediate family were wiped out -- during this tectonic (earth surface) upheaval, the core of the Earth, which is a powerful nuclear reactor had reached such a level of heat that the core expanded almost explosively causing the diameter of the planet to increase by about 25% resulting in the formation of the seas and the water draining off the land -- end result was a new civilization that started out with ALL members knowing the Almighty and His ways in significant measure

2. Moshe {Moses} who, when almost the entire planet had forsaken the Almighty, led the children of Yisrael {Israel} out of corrupt Egypt and into independence in the process facilitating a number of dramatic miracles which have kept elements of the resulting Jewish faith at some level true to the Almighty even to today, which is why they continue to be blessed and prosper

3. Yahooshua {Jesus} who, as the first created being, having lived in Heaven with the Almighty throughout the Creation process over millions of years, came to earth as the spirit in the child born to a virgin of Natzareth {Nasareth} and grew up to be a mighty prophet and was eventually put to death on a stake {cross} -- having lived a sinless life he was immediately resurrected from the dead and became the king of all human kings and lord of all human lords -- through observance of his teachings the Christian religion came into existence and has greatly impacted the world for good despite having fallen into much error within a short space of time after Yahooshua died

4. Mohammed who, after a time of seclusion drew close to the Almighty and brought a message of correction and discipline to the Arab people who were descended from Abraham through Ishmael thereby giving birth to the religion we today know as Islam

5. Martin Luther took a stand against the extreme error of the Roman church and started a movement that resulted in many of the most extreme errors of the Roman church being over-turned, however, the Reformation and resulting Renaissance and "Protestant" church compromized in certain key areas, nevertheless this Reformation started by Luther, has dramatically impacted the world for good and caused many to draw closer to the Creator than would otherwise have been the case thereby reversing the slide into total Satanic domination

David and Solomon had an impact in that Solomon sent fleets around the World and brought knowledge of the Almighty to nations across the globe although the full potential of this situation was missed

Writing in 2014 it is apparent that we are facing an increasing slide away from the Almighty, the errors of the Christian Church are huge, as discussed elsewhere on this website and there are also major errors in Islam and Judaism

The problem is so severe that the Almighty says that within 200 years the current Renaissance will peak and there will be an increasing slide into Satanic domination of the world UNLESS another turning point prophet is raised up to do what is necessary to avert the looming disaster

IF you are serious about serving the Almighty I urge you to do ALL you can to seek ALL truth and turn to the Almighty in a much more intense way than you are at present and do what YOU can do to make a difference through intercession, seeking truth, spreading the message, etc -- YOU might even become the NEXT turning point prophet!

See the section on "Relationship with Yah" for information on how you might go about this


The True Religion of the Almighty Creator, Yah, is a synthesis of, and bracketed by, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

There are three major religions on earth today all of which at some level worship the Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, although very few know His true name

Each of these religions is in deep error and deep pride and each regards the sins and errors of the other two while failing to take account of their own error

1. Judaism -- flowing from the time of Moshe {Moses} and the religion into which Yahooshua {Jesus} was born to bring correction

2. Christianity -- the incorrectly named religion that seeks to proclaim the message given by Yahooshua but which is now in even greater error than the Jewish religion and which has caused most sincere Jewish people to reject Christianity because of its evident errors -- Christianity itself has two threads, Protestantism and Catholicism each of which contain different errors

3. Islam -- the religion that was founded by Mohammed in Arabia and which has spread around the world and, while espousing harsh discipline, is closer to the Almighty than any other religion on earth although it, too, is progressively sinking into error

All of these groupings are in competition and conflict with one another, of these Christianity is the most harsh and aggressive

The TRUE Religion of the Almighty Creator is NONE of the above, it is a synthesis of the truths of each of the above religions and is effectively bracketed by them

If one were to draw a triangle with each of the above religions at an apex the TRUE religion of Yah, the Almighty Creator, lies somewhere in the middle of the triangle

In addition to the truths in the middle of the triangle there are truths that have been forgotten or were never known by ALL of the above

IF you are serious about serving the Almighty, be you Jewish, Christian (Protestant OR Catholic) or Muslim, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing is calling you to "come out of her my people" -- He desires YOU to set yourself apart and dissociate yourself from all the existing formal groupings and turn to HIM directly -- He wants a DEEP PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU



Christianity has from the outset compromized with paganism and almost every doctrine of Christianity is fatally corrupt and does NOT define the Creator

Almost immediately following the death and resurrection of the prophet commonly known as "Jesus" but correctly "Yahooshua" his followers found themselves facing intense persecution by both the Jews [Yahoodites] and Romans

As a consequence many fled Yisrael and the religion that sprang up established itself more outside of Yisrael {Israel} and, particularly in Greece and Rome

The generations that came later lost sight of their Hebrew roots and distanced themselves from them in order to reduce persecution, particularly by the Romans

This led in time to the adoption of Greek names and Greek translations of important texts

This progressed to adoption of this religion in Rome and Christianity was born

In all these developments those who followed had limited sources of information and even more limited understanding and, accordingly adapted their existing pagan (Satan worshipping) religion to this new religion about the Almighty Creator

Over a period of six hundred years this new "Christian" religion adapted many of the bad habits of the unbelievers around them and moved almost totally away from the Hebrew roots of the faith

Thus the name of the prophet whose life and death gave rise to the Religion morphed to "Ieousus" in Greek (related to Zeus the pagan god), which eventually became "Jesus" in English

The seventh day (Saturday) Sabbath morphed to Sunday, "the lords day" but ACTUALLY the sun god's day

The feasts and fasts of Yah were forgotten and replaced with Saturnalia (Christmas) and Easter (the feast of the goddess Ashtaroth)

The name of the Almighty was banished and replaced with "God" and "The LORD", the former from pagan (Satan worshipper language) the latter from Jewish error

The "Bible" was compiled using the Jewish book for the time before Yahooshua plus fragments of supposedly inspired texts from the time of Yahooshua onwards and declared to be inspired and in time given a form of divinity (see the page on the Bible for more information)

Yah's statutes with regard to virginity were discarded and legal monogamy was legislated

and so on

Subsequently the Christian church slid into progressively greater error resulting in the intervention of Yah through Martin Luther to protest the greatest extremes of the Roman Church leading to what is generally known as "The Reformation" which in turn led to "The Renaissance" that we continue to experience today

In this Reformation, partly in ignorance and partly to minimize persecution, many of the key errors of Christianity were carried forward and remain in dominance today, this includes worshipping Yahooshua as the Almighty in the flesh when, in fact, it was the Spirit of the Almighty on the MAN Yahooshua that performed the miracles and Yahooshua was resurrected because of his sinless life

The result is that, while Protestant Christianity HAS led the way in the current Renaissance it has done so off a base of serious error which remains with us today

Alongside this at roughly the same time that the Christian Church was consolidating in Rome, Yah raised up the Prophet Muhammed in Arabia and birthed the religion of Islam (one who lives life in service to the Almighty)

In large measure Islam found itself defending the truths of the Almighty in direct opposition to the errors of Christianity but, by the time of Luther and Reformation, Islam had, itself fallen into significant error and ended up in direct opposition to Christianity as continues today with blood wars and brutal accusations

The fact is that BOTH religions are in serious error and Yah's FULL truth lies between those two and Judaism

IF you are serious about serving the Almighty and are directly associated with ANY formal religion or denomination, Yah, the Almighty Creator's message to you is "come out of her my people"

Yah desires a people who do NOT follow men but who turn DIRECTLY TO HIM

Men and women who fast and pray and seek to be filled with Yah's Spirit and led by Him in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY

Men and women who pray the sort of prayers on the Prayers page of this website

Who sing the sort of worship songs presented here

Who set themselves aside from the rush of the modern world to take time to learn about their Father in Heaven from HIM personally

Are YOU serious about serving the Almighty?

Then, come out of there, whichever religion you are in, fast and pray and humble yourself and seek Him no matter what it costs you -- this website is designed to provide you with a selection of reference material to assist you in your quest


Tithing today is NOT from Yah

The tenth or tithe was instituted by the Almighty at a time when there was a body of set-apart people who devoted their entire lives to serving Yah

Sadly, today, all those in the so-called "full time ministry" are in gross error, as evidenced by much of the material on this site, by giving a tenth regularly to such people the person giving YOKES, that is connects, themselves to the sins of the person that they are giving to and open themselves up for judgment and attack by the Satanic realm, see the webpage on Judgment in this Life

The harsh reality is that one of the principal reasons that Yahooshua lived and died was to enable individual believers to walk in right standing with Yah, be led by His Spirit because the Priesthood was corrupt and the Temple was about to be destroyed so the ordinances of Moshe could no longer be observed using the traditional means

Thus we are EACH called to personal relationship with Yah and the harsh reality is that you will NOT get there through your local Priest or Pastor, you will HAVE to turn directly to Yah

Accordingly, financially supporting a Professional Religious Minister, while it may feel good, is NOT productive for you or for them

Yes, Yah may tell you to give money to any person on the planet but, today, He is NOT going to ask you to contribute a tenth of your income monthly to such a Professional

Note also that because of the Yoke you will stunt and hold back your own growth with Yah and IF you attend Church, or Synagogue or Mosque regularly you are likely to be led into serious error, worship Yah in the privacy of your own home, be taught by His Spirit, fast regularly and actively seek to become His friend

But, you say, what about "prosperity"?

The brutal truth?

It is NOT from Yah!

It has taken me a LONG time to get to grips with this but it is the truth

Yah wants us to seek treasure in Heaven, He wants YOU to aspire to become a wise steward, then a good and faithful servant, then an overcomer and ultimately His friend, those are ETERNAL ranks and rewards

Yes, Yah likes to give his children good things in this life but the forces of darkness do NOT want the true servants of Yah, the servants who are making an impact, blessed so it is VERY difficult for a truly committed believer who is actively seeking truth and seeking to get close to Yah to prosper, it IS possible, but it is VERY difficult

You see, there is a catch

As you get closer to Yah you become a threat to the forces of darkness, while you were sitting in church and abdicating your responsibility to seek relationship with Yah to another, you were not much of a threat, so the forces of darkness were NOT too vigilant with regard to sin in your life, BUT once you become serious then Judgment in this Life kicks into HIGH GEAR and they will seek judgment for even the smallest infringement

Thus, the harsh reality, those who are prospering in terms of prosperity teaching are prospering because they are little or NO threat to the Satanic realm, they are using the blasphemous names, worshipping idols (Jesus, the Cross, the Bible, etc) and having little impact so, because they believe that Yah is rewarding them, the Satanic realm goes out of its way to reward them!!  So they prosper in their sin, error and delusion!!

This principle relates to "The Mark of the Beast"! 

But the Mark of the Beast is the micro-chip you say?

NOT SO, the Mark of the Beast is IN the forehead, in other words it is IN your brain in other words it is WHAT YOU THINK and it is IN your right hand so it is what you write and what you shake hands on (covenant on), IF you are breaking ANY of the Ten Commandments in what you think, speak, contract, write or otherwise do you HAVE the Mark of the Beast and you will be able to engage profitably in commerce

Thus most believers are able to prosper in terms of prosperity teaching because they HAVE the Mark and are therefore free to trade -- in other words they are NOT opposed by the forces of darkness in the area of finance -- so, IF you are prospering in terms of Prosperity Teaching you have a serious problem

Once you actively work at cleaning up your life with regard to ALL ten Commandments (see also the section on Commandments) you WILL find that the level of opposition will escalate dramatically and financial survival, let alone prosperity becomes a matter of trust and belief {faith} and harmony (unity, alignment) between man and woman with NO external one flesh bonds

There are VERY few really committed believers who are getting this right, in fact, to the best of my knowledge NO ONE is getting this right, it is something that my wife and I are strenuously working on right now and is highly challenging

What to do with your money?

When Yah tells you to give, then give, but make sure that Yah has spoken and do NOT yoke yourself to people who are in error

Else engage in works for Yah, whatever those may be and use the tenth (tithe) to finance those activities -- YOU are called to minister but support yourself through full time employment


About the Jewish Religion

The religion known today as "Judaism", that is the religion of the Jews, in other words the religion of the "Yahoodites" -- the correct languaging of the word translated "Jew" is based on the religion of Noah, Abraham and Moshe {Moses} as maintained through to the present

This religion contains some key fundamental elements relating to belief in the Creator and an deep trust that they will be blessed and provided for by the Creator

They have deviated from true believe by relying heaving on the ancient writings and on men as teachers and, in the process have taken on considerable error

Yet, today, there are still a significant number of people who at some level believe amongst these people

For this reason the forces of darkness have gone to great lengths to try and destroy these people, most recently during the Second World War

I hope to write more about the religion of the Yahoodites in time


About Islam

The Arabic word "Islam" means "The religion of belief in the Creator", "Allah", is the Arabic form of the Aramaic "Ellah" and the Hebrew "Elohim", generally translated "God", all forms refer to the Almighty Creator

Yah says that in numeric terms there are MORE true believers who worship Him in Islam than in any other religious grouping

There is major hostility and tension between Christianity and Islam and Judaism and Islam in part because Mohammed, who triggered the turnaround that resulted in Islam, was used by Yah to expose major errors in both of these religions, firstly that they worship "The Book" {The Bible} and secondly that Christians worship Yahooshua {Jesus}

The current hostilities between the Christian world and the Islamic world are in large measure a consequence of these hostile tendencies




There is MASSIVE misunderstanding of who Yahooshua {Jesus} is and who he is NOT

Yahooshua was and is 100% a human being, a spokesman {prophet} and emissary {apostle} of Yah

His spirit was the first created spirit and lived with Yah from the beginning of creation and worked with Yah so that when he came to earth in the embryo that was miraculously created in the womb of Mirriam {Mary} he already had a deep personal relationship with Yah and was FULLY informed regarding Satan's methods of operation and the contest between Yah and Satan, that is raging on earth

Because Mirriam was a virgin and curses travel down the bloodline, AND Mirriam was from a relatively set-apart family, she was free of demons, this created a context that enabled Yahooshua to live his ENTIRE life without sin -- this is fundamentally important to understanding Yahooshua -- remember that there were orders of magnitude fewer demons in the time of Yahooshua than there are today -- around 100 billion today versus less than a hundred thousand in Yisrale {Israel} at the time of Yahooshua

Because of his deep knowledge of the things of Yah, and because he was free of demons Yahooshua, once immersed, was filled with the Spirit of Yah (anointed) at a massively powerful level and was therefore able to perform the miracles he did

Yahooshua was also spiritually  in a condition that Yah was able to live THROUGH him and speak through him almost continuously, this created the impression that Yahooshua was Yah in the flesh -- this is NOT so, Yahooshua was an example of what is available to ANY believer who chooses to draw close to Yah, live a life without sin and be filled with the Spirit of Yah

Yahooshua was put to death by choice, by provoking Satan and NOT appealing for Yah's deliverance, without Yahooshua and Yah's CONSENT Yahooshua could NOT have been touched, let alone put to death -- it is vital to understand this -- because Yahooshua who was without sin was tortured and put to death does NOT mean that a believer who is full of error and sin should expect protection, Yahooshua was tortured and killed by consent, a believer today who gets into trouble does so because of their sin

Because Yahooshua was without sin, EVEN as he died with the Spirit of Yah withdrawn from him, he got to the place of transition at which believers are judged before entering Heaven, and it was found that because he had NO sin, he had NO legal basis to enter the judgment process and therefore death had NO legal authority over him

Accordingly he was INSTANTLY restored to life, although he then spent three days revealing the truth of what was happening to the spirits that are in detention awaiting the end of the age

Because he had lived without sin, he became "the FIRSTBORN FROM THE DEAD", the first human being in the history of mankind to live free of sin and he was therefore accorded the MOST SENIOR position of ALL believers in Heaven, as king of all human kings and lord of all human lords, and he was given authority over all things on earth -- death had NO LEGAL hold on him

Yahooshua then returned to earth, entirely voluntarily and under his own control, in order to teach those who followed him what they need to know in order to follow his example

In the process he delegated ALL his authority to those who followed him and told them to restore order on earth

Yahooshua then returned to Heaven and is SEATED at the right hand of the Father, WAITING for his enemies to be made his footstool

Yahooshua will return IF the true message has been preached to ALL the world, AND there is at least one committed believer who is living free of sin AND with the level of anointing and authority to CALL on him to return -- this will happen around May 3003, approximately 989 years from the time of writing this

Yahooshua will then sort the wheat from the tares / the sheep from the goats, in other words the believers from the unbelievers and the unbelievers will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone and utterly consumed and cease to exist

The believers who are alive at the time will be brought to judgment

IF there is NOT a human being free of sin and with the necessary anointing and authority, or the truth has NOT been made available to all on earth so that they can repent, then Yahooshua will NOT return and Satan will then come before the Throne of Yah and declare himself the winner of the contest with Yah

Satan will then return to earth as king on earth and rule for eternity or until the people, demons and messengers on earth destroy themselves with their evil ways -- look to Africa and South America before the arrival of the Shemites as an indication of what earth will degenerate to under Satan's rule

It is vital to understand that it is grievous sin to worship Yahooshua, to make Yahooshua equal to Yah, to refer to a "Trinity", etc. Yahooshua is a notable spokesman of Yah, that is ALL

People who worship Yahooshua, or worse still, Jesus, in this age will be severely judged for their sin, either in this life or the life to come

While there ARE situations in which prayer in the name of Yahooshua is necessary, that is in the context of direct combat with the forces of darkness, this is the ONLY area where the name of Yahooshua is relevant

In all other situations prayer should be to Yah directly

Yah is frustrated and angry regarding the extent to which believers worship Yahooshua, pray to Yahooshua, talk about Yahooshua, etc (and about Jesus), for this reason Yah EXPLICITLY instructed me to put the section on Yahooshua on the third line of the website menu, well away from the articles about Yah, in order to reinforce the point that Yahooshua is ONLY a human and NOT nearly as important as many people believe


The man Yahooshua, commonly called Jesus, was and is a human being and is NOT the Creator

The greatest single error of the Christian Church today is widespread but NOT universal belief that the man commonly known as"Jesus" but whose real name is "Yahooshua" is the Almighty in the flesh with the result that many people worship Jesus interchangeably with "God" and "The LORD" -- this error is followed by many of the most anointed leaders in the Christian faith and is today leading them to destruction and rejection -- the availability of information on the Internet makes this sin, as with the others addressed on this website as being "without excuse"

This false belief, which dates back nearly two thousand years, is the biggest single reason why Jews and Muslims reject Christianity -- and they are correct in rejecting this belief although there are OTHER truths which Judaism and Islam lack and which Christianity has regarding what was accomplished by Yahooshua

On what basis do I assert that Yahooshua {Jesus} is NOT Yah, the Almighty Creator in the flesh?

1. The first of the Ten Commandments given to Moshe on the Mountain in Arabia is "Yah the eternally self-existing is ONE Mighty One you shall have NO other mighty one's before / beside Him"

2. They have different names, the name of Yahooshua, which means "Yah is Salvation", points to Yah and the most important gift that Yah gives, His salvation

3. The Spirit of the Almighty descended on Yahooshua when he was immersed by Yahoochanan (Yah has Graced) {John} the immerser {baptist} -- Bible : John 1:32 -- how could the Spirit of the Almighty descend on Yahooshua if he was the Almighty?

4. The presence of the Almighty LEFT Yahooshua as he was dying on the stake {cross} -- Bible : Matthew 27:45 -- how could the Almighty leave himself?

5. It is so that with regard to the Almighty "in Him we live and move and have our being" -- He holds this entire Universe together -- if He were to die the Universe would collapse and -- if He were dead HOW would He resurrect Himself?

This error comes about through a series of historical compromizes and errors that taken together lead to massive confusion:

1. Changing the name of the man known as "Jesus" from his true name, "Yahooshua" meaning "Yah (The Almighty Creator) IS Salvation" to "Jesus" a meaningless Greek name allied with "Zeus" a pagan (Satan worshipper) god so that the distinction of the names was lost

2. Changing the technical term "anointing" or "anointed one" that designates respectively the smearing or pouring of the Spirit of the Almighty onto a human being and one who is so smeared with the Spirit of the Almighty to "Christ" a meaningless Greek term that over time has been taken to be synonymous with "Jesus" because of "Jesus Christ" and "Christ Jesus" which correctly are "Yahooshua the Anointed of Yah" and "the Anointing of Yah on Yahooshua" -- it is the anointing of the Spirit of Yah that enabled the human being Yahooshua to perform miracles and allow Yah to speak through him -- this same anointing is available to EVERY believer who is prepared to do the work (fasting, self-discipline, worship, etc) necessary to receive it 

3. Substituting the Hebrew phrase "Yahooeh", frequently but inaccurately translated "Yahweh" but actually meaning "Yah the Eternally Self-Existing" with "Adonai" in the Hebrew and subsequently "The LORD" in the English and then referring to "Jesus is Lord" to equate Jesus with "The LORD" and therefore make Jesus God 

4. Use of the word "God" a pagan name to substitute for the Hebrew "Elohim" which means "Mighty One" or "mighty one" or "Almighty" depending on context so that while it IS true that Yahooshua IS a "mighty one" {or god} he is NOT THE "Almighty"

5. Translation of the technical term "qodesh" as "holy" when in fact it means "set-apart" and from that turning "holy" into a title or designation such that the "set-apart Spirit of Yah" a technical description, becomes "THE Holy Spirit" and is given a separate identity to Yah when it is simply a description of the fact that the Spirit of Yah, which IS Yah, IS set-apart, thereby enabling the concept of the Trinity

6. Finally it was expedient to turn Yah and Yahooshua and the Set-Apart Spirit into a "Trinity" all being part of Yah because pagan (Satan worshipper) tradition had referred to a Trinity for hundreds of years and this made the religion more palatable to the pagan's that it was hoped to "convert"

All of these errors / deceptions were in place well before 600 AD and this was a major factor in Yah sending the prophet Muhammed to the Arabs to bring correction because He could NOT get anyone in Judaism or Christianity to listen

To a point Yah has extended grace for this error but this grace was withdrawn on 1 January 2001 and totally rescinded on 3 May 2003 when Satan was cast into the Pit for 1,000 years -- those who worship Jesus now are increasingly worshipping a demonic principality of that name

Accordingly, if you are guilty of worshipping Jesus or even worshipping Yahooshua, it is time to repent and turn to Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, ask Him for forgiveness and give Him the worship that is due to Him 


Yahooshua, commonly called "Jesus", will only return around 3003 and is NOT "coming soon"

There is a widely held belief that "Jesus is coming soon"

Jesus [Yahooshua] has been "coming soon" for as long as I have been an active believer, that is since 1993 and was "coming soon" long before that

In 1996, based on a very plausible analysis of Bible versus I was amongst a group of committed believers who assembled on a hill on the appointed day so see Him come "on the Clouds of Heaven" -- NOTHING happened, some years later Father Yah (the Almighty Creator) said to me "James, forget everything you have ever learned about the book of Revelation and then read it as quickly as you can, do NOT ask any questions until you have finished and I will then explain it to you"

The single most important insight that Father gave me after reading the book relates to Revelation 20:6 which indicates that a certain category of believers will "reign with Christ" for a thousand years after Satan is cast into the Pit for a thousand years -- Father explained to me that the "Christ" referred to here is NOT Yahooshua {Jesus} the resurrected prophet of Galilee but the "anointing of the Spirit of Yah" on anointed believers

Yahooshua will ONLY return after believers have REIGNED on earth with the Spirit of Yah for a thousand years and PREPARED a kingdom for Yahooshua to return to, that is put Yahooshua's enemies under his feet -- until such time Yahooshua will REMAIN "seated at the right hand of the Father waiting for his enemies to be made his footstool"

Satan was sent to the Pit for a thousand years on 3 May 2003

I subsequently met a highly anointed prophet of Yah in 2010 who was travelling the world at Yah's instruction anointing specific believers as kings

Thus, as I write, Yah is looking for anointed believers who will give their lives to Him so that He can anoint them to rule in the spirit realm on earth -- this ruling involves restoring ALL truth, tearing down Principalities, Powers, Thrones and Dominions, etc -- there are many pages on this website that have a bearing on this

By extension, Yahooshua is NOT going to return until around May 3003 and he will NOT return if there is NO believer in right standing on that date to call on him to return

If this happens then Satan will declare himself the winner of the Contest and rule on earth for eternity which is NOT a pleasant picture

You may well have ALL sorts of objections to this interpretation, most of them based on almost universal teachings about the Book of Revelation, fact is the book is based on damaged and corrupt manuscripts and Yah says that only "2% of the entire Bible is inspired" and the Bible is NOT authoritative, read the page on the Bible to fully understand this

IF you want Yahooshua {Jesus} to return, NOW is the time to step forward, fastcleanse yourself, pray, lay down your life for the Almighty and seek to make a way for the enemies of Yahooshua to be made his footstool, that is brought into submission, in order that he may return, right now the overwhelming evidence is that Satan will win

IF you decide to put yourself forward to make a difference you will find much on this website to help you take the first steps in the journey remembering ALWAYS that THE Goal is close relationship with the Almighty and NOT to follow me or any other human being

I challenge you to put yourself forward

Great Tribulation

Since the mid 1990's the rate of falling away has increased progressively

It escalated dramatically commencing in January 2001 when Father Yah started to withdraw grace for all the common errors

Since Satan was sent to the Pit on 3 May 2003 the level of falling away has been accelerating


Most believers are unaware of the significance of judgment in the world and in what is to come, they have been lied to and believe that they just have to believe and everything will be alright, this is FAR from the truth

We are judged in this life and, MORE critically, we are judged when we die

If we become believers we are subject to a more severe judgment than if we are NOT believers

As believers we are expected to adhere to Yah's Commandments and Precepts and, to the extent that at the time we die we have unconfessed and unrepented sin we WILL spend time in the place of correction and judgment, commonly referred to as Hell

As an unbeliever when you die you will be taken to the lake of Fire, shown that this is your destiny UNLESS the forces of Satan defeat Yah in the contest and then  you will be returned to the body you just left and will spend the rest of the 7,000 years as an ancestor spirit or demon

At some level you may try to help Satan to win so that you can have honour and rank in the Satanic realm, or you may just stay as a lonely spirit with no ambition, in the place where you died

At the end of the 7,000 years IF Satan wins and there is NOT a believer on earth without sin to call Yahooshua to return and usher in judgment, you will remain as a spirit on earth under the dominion of Satan for eternity

IF at the end of the 7,000 years Satan loses, you will be gathered up and thrown into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone where  you will be utterly consumed in moment of terror and torment


Judgment in THIS life

Yah sits on a throne, Yahooshua is our advocate, Satan is the accuser, there is a Court in Heaven and judgments are constantly handed down

Loss, lack, illness, accidents, premature death in the life of a believer and even in the lives of unbelievers are at some level a direct consequence of a judgment in the Court of Heaven

The Satanic realm bring an accusation "Joe believer is in adultery we want a sentence of death", Yahooshua the advocate says "Joe is a young believer, I ask for mitigation of sentence", "Yah says, let him break a leg", the Satanic realm goes out and arrange for Joe to have an accident

Whether it is cancer, a burglary or financial lack there is a similar Court process that is required for that thing to happen

It is vital to understand this and, once a judgment is experienced to seek guidance from Yah, confess, repent and clean up so there is NO further judgment

Once you understand judgment in this life it NO longer becomes a matter of casual discretion as to whether you clean up your life and live according to the Commandments and precepts of Yah



Few people have any understanding of what happens in the after life, that is what will happen to you after you die?

There are many false and incorrect teachings but little is known or taught about the TRUE situation

IF you are a believer and TRULY know that there IS a Creator, the Almighty, Yah the eternally self-existing -- then you face a number of possibilities:

Will you spend eternity on a high throne with Yah and Yahooshua, with great power, esteem, authority, as an "overcomer" and a "good and faithful servant" -- one who had a DEEP personal relationship with Yah and made a REAL effort to serve Him during this life -- the prestige and esteem  you will enjoy for ever is beyond ANYTHING that is available to you on earth today, NO matter how powerful you are -- if you REALLY are a high achiever, THIS is what you should be aiming for rather than power on earth -- most of these people seemed as nothing on earth BUT this was because they counted their service to Yah as "a pearl of great price", they lived the "strait" (constrained, restricted, RIGHT) way headed for the "narrow" gate that leads to Yah

OR, will you spend eternity in the "outer darkness" so far from Yah that you cannot even see His throne, isolated in the most intense darkness that exists, the reward you get for at some limited level believing that the Almighty Creator exists but then carried on your life totally ignoring Him -- one stage better than condemned to live as an ancestor spirit on earth as an unbeliever but still a place of NO status and NO esteem, one who is banished to the furthest reaches of Heaven with NO privileges, a reflection of how YOU treated Yah

OR, will you spend eternity a bit closer to the throne, with some level of light, able to see the throne in the distance, with some limited rank, authority and esteem, as one who believed, adjusted one's life somewhat, possibly even a regular church goer but NEVER came to a place of deep personal relationship with Yah coupled to a deep desire and striving to overcome sin and error in your life -- the lot of a "foolish virgin" -- you might even be one who was very active and powerful in the church but you pursued false teachings and your own esteem and power as is, sadly, the lot of many leaders in the church

OR, you might progressively come closer to the throne and have greater rank depending on the extent to which you had relationship with Yah and served Him

BUT the REAL target SHOULD be a high throne alongside Yah and Yahooshua, that is the TRUE treasure of the Kingdom of Yah

If you believed but have sinned at a level leading to rejection

If at some stage you believed but then entered into repeated wilful sin there is a point at which Yah will reject you, in that case when you die you will face the judgment for sin that applies to all believers, that is you will spend time in the place of torment where you will pay the price of all unrepented sin

Once you have served your term you will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone where you will be utterly consumed after a moment of terror and torment

If you are an unbeliever:

If you are an unbeliever you will find that when you die you will be taken to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, which will be your ultimate destination UNLESS Satan wins the Contest, told you have been lied to and have the contest explained and then taken back to  your corpse where you may be left to languish as an ancestor spirit or demon who is NOT considered worth utilizing

As such you may even become a "good demon" or "good ghost" one who regrets your mistake, is demotivated or even passively or actively resists the kingdom of Satan, in such cases you will find yourself relegated to some place where you can do little harm to the kingdom of Satan, such as the spirit of the grandmother that gentles the crying child

Alternatively, IF you are accomplished in sin or die where there is a knowledgeable Witch or other servant of Satan to take charge of you then you will be transferred together with your load of demons onto other humans or onto totem poles or other emblems of Witchcraft and Satanism

Here you will be harshly treated by the demons more powerful than you and pressed into service in the kingdom of Satan

This will often be with harsh discipline, seeking to bring about the defeat of the Kingdom of Yah on earth so that Satan can rule on earth for eternity

Your expertise in sin and error and commitment to it will be brought to bear in bringing false wisdom to the human beings you are assigned to over time and IF you succeed in leading them into increasing error you MAY be progressively promoted to greater and greater status amongst the servants of Satan

If you are REALLY accomplished in your role as a purveyor of sin and error you may over time be promoted to become a counselor to the Masterminds, the most powerful demons who control most of what happens on earth

For your loyal service you will serve a kingdom that is harsh, unloving, demanding, brutal, cruel, the epithomy of evil -- the kingdom that you aligned yourself with, probably through unwitting and unconscious decisions and sin while you were alive

Should you and all those serving Satan succeed in destroying the body of believers on earth such that NOT ONE will be free of sin on the appointed date 7,000 years after the Creation of Adam then Yahooshua will NOT return, any who believe on earth at that date will be removed and you and the more than 100 billion ancestor spirits serving Satan will serve Satan on earth with ALL influence of Yah removed

If one considers the extent to which mankind has degenerated from Adam or even from Noah under the influence of Satan -- we have shrunk from over six meters in height to under two meters in height, our intellect and wisdom is greatly diminished and we have degenerated morally to become the most evil (corrupt) generation that has ever lived -- you will start to get some idea of what awaits you for eternity

Consider how the children of Ham (the people of Africa) have degenerated in their increasingly extreme service of Satan

Also the degeneration of the children of Shem in North and South America who degenerated into primitive indians, more so in South America as their service of Satan increased

Ditto Australia and the Pacific Islands

Consider also Europe during the Dark Ages when Satan was dominating through the corrupt church before reformation restored some limited truth in Europe

There can be no doubt that the earth under the rule of Satan with ALL presence of Yah withdrawn will NOT be a pleasant place to live -- a harsh price to pay for the foolishness that allows an otherwise intelligent being to look at the Universe, the earth, the plants, the animals and decide that there is NOT a Creator -- see the section on "Why Believe" and the section on "Creation" for more information

IF on the other hand the servants of Satan FAIL to take captive EVERY SINGLE believer and there is ONE believer free of sin and material error who can call on Yahooshua to return then the fate of ALL who serve Satan will be to be gathered together as refuse (trash) and cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone where in a moment of torment and terror you will be completely consumed and cease to exist

A BROAD spectrum of opportunities

What will YOU choose?


Creation versus Evolution -- What is the Origin and Purpose of Man?

The debate regarding the origin of man, the animals, the plants, planet Earth, the Solar System and the Universe generally is waged around "the Bible says"

Since Yah refers to the Bible as "this little book", says that "the bible limits me" and that He "hates" the bible because people worship it and rely on it, instead of seeking a close personal relationship with Him, the Bible is clearly NOT a reliable source with regard to defending a thesis that the Creator exists -- see the page on The Bible 

The book presented on this page undertakes a very detailed analysis and was written some years ago

Since then I have come to a much more robust understanding of the debate

As an engineer I know just how much knowledge, experience, precision and discipline is required to design and create even a relatively simple structure, computer system, or ANY other component of Human endeavour

It is also apparent that this knowledge is NOT intuitive or obvious, the "primitive" tribes around the world who are degenerated from Noah, just as we are, evidences this

Accordingly I have to say to you that I now find it inconceivable that ANY intelligent person can TRULY believe there was NOT a creative engineering being behind the systematic, progressive (i.e. evolutionary) development of the Universe, the Solar System, planet Earth, plants and animals

In the same way I have to say to believers who insist on a "biblically based" false view of creation occurring in seven 24 hour "days" as we currently understand days, that I find it inconceivable that ANY intelligent person can TRULY believe this

Those who believe in Creation and have a personal relationship with the Creator to evidence this are CORRECT in many respects, but virtually ALL I have encountered are in SERIOUS error with regard to what they believe to be the mechanism of Creation

In the same way, those who believe in "evolution" without a Creator, are CORRECT in many respects, but virtually ALL I have encountered are in SERIOUS error with regard to what they believe in terms of the motive force behind evolution

It is clear to me that the Almighty progressively created more and more complex components, more and more complex plants, more and more complex animals and finally human beings, each increment part of a learning process in which some things worked better than others and some things simply were obliterated

BUT my entire engineering training teaches me that there HAS to have been an engineer, a Creator, a project manager, a designer, a fabricator, whatever you want to call Him, who engineered this complex being called "man" and all the other complex entities on earth and in the Universe -- they CANNOT possibly have self invented themselves

Males cannot have self invented the penis and sperm and women self invented the vagina and the ovum so that one day, when both were fully formed they would WANT to join together and, having joined together would enjoy such intense pleasure that the male would ejaculate his seed into the woman and THEN the seed would join to the egg and THEN the egg would implant in the womb, pre-prepared to receive the egg and progressively develop into a foetus that is a statistically exact merger of the attributes of both parents

Any person who truly believes that this all happened without a Creator is highly deceived

In the same way, the most elementary understanding of physics will indicate that all the elements of the Universe could NOT have been placed in position instantaneously, the forces and accelerations required for this to happen, are beyond being possible and would result in all sorts of catastrophic events

Likewise the progression that is clearly evident in the different forms of plants and animals, clearly evidences a gradual, progressive, inventive, if you will "evolutionary" process that it is extremely foolish to deny

So, BOTH the Creationists AND the Evolutionists are WRONG AND RIGHT!

And BOTH come to the same ultimate conclusion IF they are honest with themselves

The Creationists are left with there HAVING to be a Creator and they do NOT know where He came from other than that He repeatedly, over 7,000 times in the Bible (despite its shortcomings) is referred to as "eternally self-existing" so, a leap of trust and belief {faith} is required

The Evolutionists are left with the entire Universe having emerged from nowhere as a consequence of a "Big Bang" or some other derivative that postulates that all of the Universe, the Solar System, the Earth, plants, animals and mankind self invented and self created themselves so, a leap of trust and belief {faith} is required

From where I sit, having HEARD the Almighty speak audibly, hearing His voice constantly, having ongoing experience of the presence of His Spirit there is NO contest, I KNOW He exists and IF you are intellectually honest with yourself and ADMIT that you cannot explain where we originated from, and HUMBLE yourself and cry out to Him to reveal Himself to you, I have GREAT confidence that He WILL make Himself known to you IF you have eyes to see and ears to hear what He does, in order to reveal Himself

Get on your knees before Him or, better still IF you REALLY want to find out if He exists, get flat on your face and pray something like "this man, James, says there IS an Almighty Creator, I realize that I CANNOT explain where all of this come from, I now choose to humble myself and I implore you, Yah the eternally self-existing, IF you DO exist, please reveal yourself to me in a way that I am able to experience and KNOW that you are real"

I have GREAT confidence that IF you pray that prayer sincerely, He WILL answer you

IF you WANT Him to reveal Himself He WILL do so

IF you operate in doubt and unbelief and hold your intellect to be more reliable in its delusion, then it is likely that He will NOT reveal Himself to you and even IF he attempts to do so YOU will NOT see or hear what He does to reach you

I close as an engineer, an intellectual, highly qualified, highly educated, with a Mensa level IQ, by saying to you that IF you are truly intellectually honest with yourself, you WILL find evidence of the Creator and IF you humble yourself, you WILL discover that He is real and wants a DEEP PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with YOU



Proof of a Global Flood - Turning history on its head

This page presents a set of videos proving there has been a Global Flood

Following is an overview of the suite of videos followed by links to the full set of videos after that.

These are all available on YouTube at


Following is the summary, followed by an overall discussion of the topic and then the individual presentations


continued at


Overview of the programme


Most people pooh pooh the idea of a global flood


everywhere you go on earth the evidence is STARING YOU IN THE FACE!



This video, "Turning history on its head -- Proof of a Global Flood" presents a comprehensive analysis of the huge diversity of evidence around the world that shouts of the occurrence of a global flood.


evidences that this took place not so long ago

and asks the question

"was this a judgment by the Creator?"


if so

is there another judgment to come?



Where will YOU spend eternity?

Join us for what I truly believe you will find to be a challenging and exciting ride


I have finally completed my project to create a video evidencing the reality of a recent global flood based as far as possible on information that you can verify by inspection of geology and topography not far from where you live and based on your observations of the world we live in.

Interestingly we were busy with the final editing of these videos when the earthquake and tsunami's hit Japan providing reinforcing images of the massive capacity of water to reshape things.

In this programme I have set out to avoid the use of emotive language and "the bible is the word of God and it says there was a flood so you better believe it" language.

As an engineer and scientist, an intellectual and, at some level, an academic I have set out to prove there has been a flood based on entirely systematic, rational argument.

I use standard engineering principles like "proof by contradiction", "extrapolation is to be avoided", "engineers design bridges NOT to fall down" and others to develop my argument.

This is supported by evidence that most physical attributes in the real world exhibit exponential characteristics and that linear extrapolation is invalid and unreliable.

This is supported by images from NASA which evidence large quantities of water in the form of ice comets and other objects that could easily impact the earth, melt and flood the planet, massive instability in the Universe around us, runaway stars traveling at a speed that would take them from the earth to the moon in an hour, and other evidence to prove that millions or billions of years of steady state conditions is entirely unlikely.

We go down a Gold mine to find evidence of massive water deposited sediments over two kilometres thick that have been up-thrust by at least seven kilometres and then baked, as in a furnace, to produce glassy quartzite rock.  We ask how this could happen and conclude that only a massive hydraulic and tectonic event (flood) could explain this.  Dramatic change happens rapidly, NOT slowly.

We travel the world to look at massive sedimentary deposits of water laid material turned to rock, the Grand Canyon, Fish River Canyon, Table Mountain, Uluru (Ayres Rock), all over the world massive depths of water laid material compressed and converted to rock.  The only possible explanation is a massive worldwide flood resulting in massive Tsunami's ripping around the planet.

From there we have a look at the Halfway House Granite dome and other granite dome's around the world, massive intrusions that speak to massive disruption of the earth's surface and sudden and rapid breaking through of the earth's crust by molten magma that solidified almost instantly on contact with cold water and cold mud and slush.

From here we take a look at the African Erosion Surface, a massive level plain about 1,700 meters above sea level and parallel with the sea surface which extends over much of Africa.  We examine the mechanics of constructing and forming plain and level surfaces and conclude that a massive uniform cutting action is the only possible explanation for this land form.  The only possible mechanism is, once again, water!  Massive tsunami's ripping around the planet scything off material uniformly.

But, we see a further problem, all over the world we are confronted with massively incised valleys, cliffs and other land forms which speak of huge volumes of rock and earth dramatically ripped away and deposited hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away. The forces required to do this are huge and, again, can only be explained by massive water action.  This in turn speaks to a massive disruption of the stability of the earth leading to rapid separation of the continents and drainage of water.

Where to next?

Well, traditional theories suggest that this all took place gradually millions or billions of years ago, but there is a further problem, the rocks in many places show sharp clean fracture corners and the rock is clean.  The rounding and moss and lichen growth you would expect to form over millions of years is absent.

We then look at some challenging realities, historical documents that are generally accepted to be at least 2,500 years old that assert that there was a global flood about 4,500 years ago.  Timelines and records from various cultures that corroborate this.  We find, in a passage of writing commonly referred to as "Genesis" and contained in the book commonly called "the Bible" such historical accounts and also an account that says that a man called Noah or Nuh survived a flood in a wooden vessel, commonly referred to as an Ark.

Then, we discover that the remains of a wooden ship of the same dimensions has been found in the mountains of Ararat in Turkey, just where the historical account says they will be found.

So, what do we believe?

"Scientific" theories that defy basic engineering principles to "prove" by dubious extrapolation that these events happened millions or billions of years ago, or mutually corroborating ancient writings which indicate that it happened about 4,500 years ago?

And so,

To the next stage …

HOW did this happen?

We look at large chunks of ice orbiting just outside our Solar System and postulate that one of these could easily be deflected, strike the earth's atmosphere, melt and flood the earth.  We look at Ice Comets only 160 times the distance of the earth to the moon away and draw similar conclusions.

We look at a massive crater on Mars which has characteristics that one would realistically expect from impact by an ice object and see that such a crater stretches from Cape Town to Lusaka, a distance of over 2,000 kilometres.

We also postulate that a near miss by a larger object made partly or entirely of ice could provide sufficient water to flood the earth AND cause the orbit of the earth to shift from circular to elliptical AND cause the earth to tilt on its axis in the process giving rise to massive instability and disruption of the surface of the earth.  All entirely consistent with the facts presented so far.

Thus the mechanism for all the geological and topographic formations presented in the video are entirely explainable at a level of reliability that satisfies my need for engineering "explainability".


We face a further challenge

The writings labelled "Genesis" claim that this event was triggered by the being who it also claims created the heavens and the earth, one who is customarily referred to as God, the LORD, Allah, one whose existence many dispute.

We go on to explore this thesis by examining further evidence of the reliability of the accounts contained in the writings referred to as Genesis and Exodus.  We look at the remains of cities turned to ash in line with what is reported in Genesis as another judgement. We find the remains of chariots, human and horse skeletons on the floor of the Red Sea where Exodus says they will be found, corroborating another alleged judgment.  We find a fire blackened mountain in line with Exodus where it is alleged that this Almighty Creator dictated "Ten Commandments", ten laws, as the basis of judgment of mankind for all time and wrote them on stone.

We consider these commandments and discover that they were placed in a receptacle referred to as "The Ark of the Covenant" and note that this has also been found, together with the tablets of stone, under an execution site which correlates with other historical accounts relating to the execution of a man by the name of Yahooshua, the anointed of Yah (Yah being the true name of the Creator and Yahooshua being the correct name of one commonly known as Jesus Christ).

And so,

We raise the question

Could there be one more judgment?

A judgment which will commit those who fail the test to burn in eternal fire for eternity but qualify those who succeed and overcome to live in a place of great beauty for eternity.  We ask you to consider your options and your opinions.

Did the flood "just happen" or was it the consequence of a judgment by the Creator and, if it was a judgment, is there another judgment to come by fire in which we will all participate?

Finally we wrap up with some interesting but little known religious facts.

We have just released this programme comprising two DVD's with a total of twelve video segments following the outline presented above.

It is accompanied by a computer data CD containing a collection of eBooks and articles and other material for further reading, plus the artwork and other material necessary for you to duplicate and distribute these materials yourself together with the PowerPoint presentations if you would like to translate the material or use it for tailored presentations.

The CD also contains the material from a business course of mine titled "Why your ERP is not delivering and how to fix it" and a selection of articles relating to business effectiveness generally.


Once you become sensitized to the evidence you will find that no matter where you go in the world you WILL find evidence of a global flood and this will strengthen your belief in the Creator.



There is global proof of a global catastrophe which is FAR beyond a "flood"

One of the problems associated with holding the Bible to be complete and inviolate and the "Word of God" is that people then suspend their intellect and critical faculties and take positions that turn unbelievers off of the Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, with the result that Yah says that "a huge number of unbelievers do NOT believe because they do NOT believe in "the God of the Bible punchers"

If one assumes that the earth was as it is today and that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and submerged the entire planet that is palpably foolish, there clearly is NOT enough water

To then say "the Bible says it so I believe it" makes a mockery of logic and intellect where an honest answer would be "I cannot comprehend how this could have happened, there is clearly something I do not understand"

I asked Yah a question along these lines many years ago, in time He answered me by putting me in touch with material from Jonathan Gray and Ron Wyatt that evidence that the remains of a large wooden ship that exactly correspond with the so-called "Ark" or ship of Noah in exactly the location that historical texts indicate have been found

This material went on to postulate that an ice Comet had hit the earth, melted, flooded the earth, knocked the earth off its axis, causes massive tectonic (earth surface form) distortion and finally triggered the release of pent up pressure in the core of the earth so that the earth expanded by about 25% allowing the water to drain off the continents

As an Engineer with training in Geology and research into the formation of rock like materials and their strength and erosion characteristics I evaluated these assertions and found them to be plausible, in my research I discovered that large blocks of ice of the size necessary to flood the Earth occur widely in the Kuiper Belt and I found evidence of such a large block of ice striking Mars and leaving a crater that could only be explained by an ice object

Taking the dimensions of that crater and applying them to earth I calculated that such an object would flood the earth to a depth of several kilometers

As I observed and researched further it became clearly apparent that the ONLY way the land forms we know today could be explained was through such an event

In this research I combined extensive geological knowledge which I already had with observations in the field and proved conclusively to my satisfaction that there had been a massive hydraulic and tectonic event

Taking this research further I established that about 90% of the Earth's surface is covered with rocks of sedimentary origin generally to depths of several kilometers, sometimes much more

The Gold Mines in South Africa have proven reserves to a depth of over five kilometers thrust up by a Granite Dome which extrapolates to a height of at least two kilometers above current ground level indicating a potential depth of water of at least seven kilometers, oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico (which are in Sedimentary Rocks) exist at depths up to ten kilometers below sea level

There are the remains of approximately 20,000 volcanoes and the continents all fit together into one coherent jigsaw puzzle that fits together perfectly if one reduces the diameter of the earth by about 25%, etc

All of this is discussed in detail in the videos on the Proof of Global Flood page on this website

As an engineer it is absolutely clear to me that the massive Earth surface disruptions that are evidenced by the mountains and other land forms around the Earth could ONLY have been formed very rapidly through a massive hydraulic "flood" event in which massive waves swept around the planet eroding and depositing material while at the same time volcanoes, lave flows and granite domes up-welling from the core all dramatically impacted the horizontal sedimentary deposits

It is equally apparent that the separation of the continents could ONLY have taken place rapidly with a massive unstable force situation, gradual movement of the scale that is evident could NOT occur slowly over millions of years, it had to happen nearly instantaneously, a few years at most

This leaves the quandary of where the water went

The answer is simple, when the earth was formed it was relatively cool, however, the core of the earth is a nuclear reactor which keeps the core molten and contributes materially to keeping the earth warm, as this reactor grew in potency over the centuries before the catastrophe increasing pressure built up but, since the original earth's surface was uniform, it acted as a pressure vessel

When the comet struck and the disruption of the surface commenced the first evidence of this pent up pressure was the bursting forth of around 20,000 volcanoes, then granite domes forced their way to the surface and subsequently lava flows

However, as the crust continued to weaken and the effect of the Earth being knocked about 30 degrees off its vertical rotation AND into an elliptical orbit of the sun from a circular orbit this brought massive wrenching forces to bear on the Earth and under these extreme forces the crust cracked and started to split apart thereby enabling the pressure in the crust to be released and the continents to be forced very rapidly apart draining the water off the land extremely rapidly and causing dramatic erosive forms like the Grand Canyon to be formed in a very short space of time

The continents kept moving with considerable momentum until some of them met up again on the other side of the planet giving rise to massive upheavals resulting in the major mountain ranges, the Alps, the Andes (North and South America) and the Himalayas and associated mountain chains

Massive tears in the ocean floor, most notably the Mariana Trench also resulted

When the humans, Noah and his family, stepped out of the ship they found a world that was totally devastated with heavy cloud, volcanic debris in the air, etc -- it took many years for them to build a thriving community and, in the process to use the technology and technological knowledge they brought with them to build a new civilization but within a few hundred years of the flood impressive civilizations such as Egypt, etc started springing up

There is another element to this picture 

Most parameters in the physical world follow an exponential characteristic, the decay of radioactivity ALSO follows such a characteristic

Because the core of the earth is a nuclear reactor and the molten core rocks are therefore highly radioactive and thus the volcanoes, granite domes and lava flows all brought highly radioactive material to the surface, this had two impacts:

1. The radioactive decay curve after this event was one of exponential decay and therefore ALL dating methods based on radioactive isotopes with assumed linear decay are completely false and should be discarded, the entire surface of the earth dates back to the time of this global catastrophe and there is therefore NO longer any basis to discard a hypothesis of the event occurring in recent history

2. The human beings and animals in the ship, the plant seeds in the waters and soil and the fish and other aquatic life in the waters were ALL subject to substantial doses of radioactivity, more than sufficient to trigger mutation at significant levels and so this explains how all human beings on the planet have evolved from the eight on the ship, how all the animals on the planet have evolved from the pairs on the ship, etc -- thus the core genera were on the ship, the wide diversity of species evolved AFTER the catastrophe

Thus, apart from the point of departure (Creation versus Random Self Invention) and the time line (thousands versus millions of years), the "Theory of Evolution" is entirely plausible without saying anything about Creation which is discussed elsewhere on this site

Taking the above into account we are left with the reality that there ARE historical accounts in verifiably very old documents that indicate that this catastrophe took place about 4,500 years ago and that all the ancient civilizations that are now in ruins came into existence within a relatively short space of time after the end of the catastrophe with superior technologies that came from the very advanced technology that existed before the catastrophe, refer the book "Dead Men's Secrets" for more information

The remains of the ship have been found together with the remains of a house and a grave and it turns out that Noah was about 18 feet (6 meters) tall confirming the assertion that human beings were of great stature and intellect when created

This is vital to understanding that we really ARE degrading overall and will continue to degrade over time

Notice also that the continents were all formed of material deposited under water and therefore super-saturated with the result that the Earth has been steadily drying out for 4,500 years as water drains out of the interstecies of the rock, THIS is the primary explanation for "Global Warming" -- the Sahara Desert was once an inland sea as evidenced by ports and ships in the middle of it

Once one understands the above historical facts a lot of things that do NOT really add up fall into place and make belief in the Almighty Creator MUCH easier rather than belief in the "God of the Bible Punchers"

Please have a look at the Videos and give yourself space to think deeply and critically about what is summarized above and presented in detail in those videos and then reassess whether objections to the "God of the Bible Punchers" have gotten in the way of your intellect in accepting the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, see also the page on Evolutionary Creation for more information


Evolutionary Creation is the ONLY practical explanation of what exists today

In understanding the question of Creation versus Evolution it is VITAL to be aware of the Global Catastrophe (aka Flood) described on the previous page

This event totally destroyed the entire surface of the earth and created a totally new surface made up of mostly sedimentary and metamorphosed sedimentary rocks interspersed with about 20,000 volcanoes, lava flows, granite domes and other volcanic upwellings from the core of the earth, also associated with the massive tectonic upheaval that followed the impact of the ice comet that flooded the earth, knocked it off its vertical axis and knocked it out of its circular orbit around the sun

Accordingly there are very few archaeological artefacts that pre-date this catastrophe and the vast majority of archaeology and all geology and geography date from the catastrophe

Added to this because of the upwellings from the radioactive core of the earth associated with the massive landform upheaval associated with the comet strike ALL forms of dating based on levels of radioactivity are fatally flawed

This high level of radioactivity immediately after the catastrophe also led to high levels of mutation in the plants and animals that survived, including humans

In addition, the change in diameter of the earth and therefore reduced gravity and other factors led to progressive deterioration of the plants and animals and particularly mankind, following the catastrophe

There is substantial evidence that this event took place about 4,500 years ago, 2345 BC to be exact, and that the major civilizations such as Egypt, the Indus Valley, etc all sprang up rapidly as the earth was repopulated

The archaeological evidence that DOES exist points clearly to a very advanced civilization with very advanced technology prior to the catastrophe as evidenced by the limited artefacts that have been found from the pre-flood period -- the book "Dead Men's Secrets" presents a very useful catalogue of these findings

The remains of the dwelling of those who survived the flood together with an associated grave indicate that the survivors were of the order of 18 feet (6 meters) tall and were literally giants who possessed very advanced technical knowledge

Please see the videos on the Flood page of this website for a series of videos that provide a comprehensive discussion of all the above

There is also evidence of a major global atomic war around 500 years after the flood event with a number of remains of cities with high levels of radioactivity at various points in the world such that so-called pre-historic ape men are, in fact, humans who mutated following exposure to extremely high levels of radioactivity following this war

The evidence of a global catastrophe is all around us IF one is prepared to suspend disbelief and look openly and critically at the world around us

Once one recognizes that there HAS been a global hydraulic and tectonic catastrophe and that the land forms around the world could ONLY have come into existence through such a dramatic event happening in a short space of time then one is better placed to consider the debate with regard to evolution versus creation

Firstly, once one recognizes the short time frame coupled to the high levels of radioactivity during and after the hydraulic and tectonic catastrophe it becomes entirely possible to visualize the rapid evolutionary divergence of species in a way that is entirely consistent with the observations of Darwin and others, with the exception that it becomes apparent that these evolutionary forms developed over thousands of years rather than the millions of years previously speculated

This same mechanism easily explains all the diverse people forms on the earth today, except that the evolution has NOT been in a positive, improvement direction but in a "devolutionary", that is deteriorating way -- barring a recovery in recent centuries -- see the page on "Reformation masks degradation" 

Thus the people of Africa have degraded at a much faster rate than the people of Europe and Asia -- there are spiritual explanations for this that are discussed elsewhere on this site

If one considers the available information further it is apparent that, whether what exists today came into existence through a process of random selection or a carefully managed creative process, all that exists today in terms of the Universe, our Solar System, our planet Earth and all the plants and animals on the planet have to all come into existence over a considerable period where "millions of years" is entirely plausible

It is also apparent that from a straight forward mechanical developmentally perspective the Universe and the Solar system had to come into position in a manner that allowed them to stabilise in the manner that now exists with our Solar System -- the most basic consideration of physics evidences that this had to take place at manageable speeds and therefore it has taken a very considerable amount of time for all the stars, galaxies, etc that we can observe to reach their present positions and stabilize at some level

That this may have taken place as the consequence of some initial explosive "big bang" event is entirely plausible and cannot be ignored

Any thesis which says "the bible says this was all formed in seven periods of 24 hours" is entirely specious and denies the most elementary laws of physics and common sense

Which is more the case when it is realized that the word translated "day" in the bible relative to creation refers in fact to an indeterminate period of time

Notwithstanding the above one is faced with a range of frequently near hysterical and irrational rhetoric which claims the bible translated into the language of the person making the claims, as the definitive and all knowing authority on the matter 

Please refer to the page on the Bible to see what the Almighty has to say about the bible as a defining authority -- once one is aware of this then it is possible to remove the bible from the debate as a defining authority and limit it to being a collection of provably very old writings that point to some historical developments and understandings within the limitations of the sources of information available to the people who wrote them

In this regard it is important to note that the writings in the bible have all at some stage in history been reduced to fragments of parchments and other documents that have survived various catastrophic human events -- there is NO body of intact documentation that has been meticulously preserved and added to generation by generation, accordingly the bible should be regarded as a very old history book of limited accuracy, NO more

Thus we find ourselves with a reality which indicates:

1.  There was some form of initial event "big bang" that resulted in the formation of the planets

2.  One of these planets was Earth and on this planet conditions for life developed progressively until very simple life forms were able to exist

3. As the climate and environment stabilised and developed more advanced plant and animal life was able to survive until the diversity that is apparent today in the main genera stabilized -- the development of these genera took place on an evolutionary basis with increasingly more complex plant and life forms developing

4. These core genera survived a global catastrophic event which resulted in the survivors being exposed to significant radioactivity which triggered accelerated evolutionary change to give us the huge diversity that exists on the planet today

Barring the errors in radio-carbon and other radioactivity based dating methods all that exists today is accurately described by the full body of scientific knowledge and it is extreme foolishness to champion some bible based hypothesis that is contrary to this

This then brings us to the core challenge: was there some highly intelligent being who architected and engineered the above progression or did it all happen as a result of random evolutionary selection processes in which simple forms progressively and of their own creative volition developed into more complex forms

There are a number of factors that mitigate in favour of a Creator

1.  As an engineer it is my entire life experience that complex things that work require very skilled engineering input to make them work, see also the page on Engineered Creation -- accordingly it is my contention that there HAS to have been considerable very sophisticated external architectural and engineering input to create the Universe in its present form, to create our Solar System, to create planet Earth, to create all the diverse plant and animal forms that populate the earth -- that this took place on a progressive learning, experimentation basis (i.e. evolutionary basis) is, to me, self evident

2.  Given that a huge diversity of plants and animals reproduce sexually which requires a male and female with exactly compatible psychology, physiology, genetics, etc in order to fuse a male gamete (e.g. sperm) with a female gamete (e.g. ovum) to combine their DNA and form a new offspring that is an exact merge of the parent beings and then for that small organism to develop progressively into a full blown adult that is exactly like its parents with attributes that are an exact fusion of the attributes of the parents I contend as an engineer that there HAS to have been an external design agency involved for this to work -- sexual reproduction ONLY works when it works and UNTIL it works there is NO sustainability AND such complex interoperability CANNOT happen randomly on on a self creative basis because it CANNOT exist until the sexual reproductive machinery is working exactly -- see also the page on Sex Proves Creation

There are many other arguments that can be adopted but I hold that these two on their own adequately prove my case

By extension, if you wanted a dog kennel in your back yard would your purchase some wood and some tools and leave them in the yard to assemble themselves or would you carefully measure, cut, fasten, etc the materials to create the required dog kennel? -- I contend that were you to leave the items in the back yard they would NEVER self assemble themselves, even over millions of years but, on the contrary, depending in the climate they would eventually rot and rust until in tens or hundreds or thousands of years there would not be much left

The debate with regard to Creation versus Evolution therefore reduces to the following:

1. There is NO basis for debate relative to the clear evidence for a systematic and EVOLUTIONARY progression of development from very basic forms to the complexity of forms that exist today

2. The ONLY question is whether these developments took place on a random basis with NO intellectual architectural and engineering oversite or NOT

3. Fundamental life experience evidences that complex systems require external engineering input and sexual reproduction evidences the same

I therefore submit for your consideration that it is absolutely necessary for there to have been an external engineering ("creative") being active in this process and therefore we are left with the question of where and how that being originated

This may seem like a difficult question but, in fact, it is no more difficult a question to answer than the conundrum that faces those who do NOT believe there is a Creator which is "where did all this stuff come from?"

The fact is we are here

The fact is that we CANNOT explain how we got here based on any form of human understanding

We therefore face the choice of believing that all this stuff just happened from some place we cannot explain

OR that all this stuff was created by an engineering genius, a Creator who somehow made all this stuff come into existence and guided its progressive, that is evolutionary, development to obtain what exists today

On balance it seems to me that to just believe this stuff all happened, in flagrant disregard for the most fundamental tenets of engineering requires much MORE faith than to believe there IS Creator but we do NOT know where He comes from

Either way we have a religion -- the one is a religion that believes in a Creator who carries out creative miracles and another religion that believes that inanimate objects in the form of chunks of rock flying around in space can come into existence of their own volition, assemble themselves into planets and suns of their own volition, organize themselves into solar systems, galaxies, etc of their own volition, generate an ideal climate for life and generate living organisms which, still of their own volition, progressively self create themselves into more and more complex beings until we get to human beings -- I say again, this requires MORE faith than to believe in a Creator

My bottom line?

I KNOW there is a Creator because I have had innumerable experiences with Him, I have heard Him speak audibly, I have had things happen in response to prayer that could NOT have come about any other way and He converses with me constantly and I totally KNOW that I know that I know that He is real and exists

AND my engineering training and training in biology tell me He HAS to exist

He has told me that His TRUE name is "Yah the Eternally Self-Existing" see the page on "Creators Name Yah the Eternally-Self-Existing"

If you are now convinced that He exists I encourage you to turn to Him and pray along the lines of "Father, I now realize that you exist, please forgive my unbelief and teach me how to have a deep personal relationship with you" -- in this context please see the page on "The Creator Desires Friends" as well as the page on "Why Believe" in order to understand where you go with this decision -- there is much on this website that will answer your questions and provide you with guidance in drawing closer to Him

Above all do NOT rely on human beings to lead you closer to Him, turn to Him, get on your knees, cry out to Him, worship Him, talk to Him -- He WILL guide you IF you choose to let Him do so



Without sex there is NO human race -- sexual reproduction is fundamental to the propagation of humans and is therefore the single most important physical dimension of human existence

Sexual intercourse has, however, a much deeper spiritual significance, when a man reaches sexual climax he not only ejaculates semen, he ejaculates part of his spirit and this will attach to whoever or whatever the ejaculation is directed at, be it in or on a woman, a man or an animal.  When a woman climaxes a similar spiritual ejaculation takes place.  This bond, called the "one flesh bond" was created by Yah (the Creator) so that a spiritual family unit of a man and one or more women could form a deep and tight bond that would hold them together no matter what and would give the family unit considerable spiritual power -- two people with a strong one flesh bond will start to think alike and know one another's thoughts, etc

This bond is also given to us so that we may understand the spiritual bond that is supposed to exist between a human being and their Creator, Yah the eternally self-existing {also incorrectly known as God and The LORD} -- it is NOT possible to fully understand the relationship between Yah and a believer without also understanding the spiritual dimension of human sexual congress

In both areas this understanding has been almost entirely lost amongst those who believe, but this knowledge has, at some level, been retained amongst those who are most committed to serving Satan where widespread fornication gives rise to a vast network of one-flesh bonds that spans the globe and ties all Satanists, Witches, Warlocks, Wizards and other agents of Satan together in a significantly powerful manner that expands to include ALL humans on the planet with uncontrolled one-flesh bonds

The overall lack of understanding results in virtually all believers being sexually joined to other human beings who may or may not be believers who are, in turn, joined to other humans, who are joined to other humans, ad-infinitum such that any human being who is joined to another human being who is NOT part of a closed family unit is, in fact, one with every other human on the planet, including all the agents of Satan mentioned above.  The only exception to this is those other believers who are in closely controlled closed family units

This network of one-flesh bonds gives the forces of darkness, the Satanic realm, significant spiritual power on earth and dramatically weakens the body of believers

There are specific prayers that can be prayed by a believer to cut off sexual ties that have been unwisely formed BUT these prayers are governed by strict spiritual laws, see the article on "The Virgins Covenant" for more information

In addition to these spiritual principles sex is, in and of itself, as a pleasurable act that is enjoyed by most human beings, an extremely powerful gift from Yah

It was given to us so that we could draw close to one another WITHIN a covenant relationship {marriage} and build strong ties spiritually and emotionally as well as giving great pleasure

Not only does sexual intercourse give rise to one flesh bonds it ALSO gives rise to intense soul (emotional) ties AND intense love -- sexual intercourse is NOT called "making love" for nothing, a man and woman or man and man or woman and woman who "make love" sensitively and considerately WILL create a bond of love and soul ties.  Even in abusive relationships these spiritual forces are created at some level

Sexual intercourse also gives rise to "transfer of spirits", the demons on either partner are replicated onto the other partner so those who have numerous sexual partners become massively demonized in time

Sexual relationships also give rise to soul ties, friendship and similar ties

Beyond the above, sex is also intended to be a highly pleasurable act, WITHIN the confines of a close covenant relationship

The huge problem today is that many / most who are at some level religious have a very distorted view of sex and those who do NOT have a deep relationship with the Almighty Creator use sex freely with whomever they like resulting in the massive global spiritual network referred to above

One of the key faults with regard to sex amongst believing people is a belief that the act, itself, is in some way dirty and defiled and that this explains the "biblical" commandments with regard to sex -- nothing could be further from the truth -- Yah created ALL forms of sexual pleasure WITHIN a close covenant family unit of one man and one or more women, to be pure, set-apart and entirely pleasurable -- Yah WANTS us to enjoy sex -- the proscription is on WHO we have sex with NOT how we have sex with those who are permitted

This section of the website seeks to explain in some detail some key aspects of sex viewed from the perspective of the Creator 


The Virgin's Covenant is CRITICAL to understand sex, marriage, adultery and divorce

One of the most difficult to explain human organs is the hymen, the membrane that partially seals the entrance to the vagina of a girl or young woman whose vagina has never been penetrated

It appears to serve NO useful purpose

In the day to day existence of someone who does NOT believe in the Creator and does NOT seek to live life according to His commandments this membrane certainly serves no useful purpose

However, once one understands its REAL purpose it becomes apparent that the hymen is a critically important organ in the plans of the Creator for men and women

The hymen evidences that the woman has never engaged in sexual intercourse and it is therefore safe for a man to join himself to her

If she has already joined herself to another man and she now joins herself to a further man both she and the new man are committing adultery and, IF they are believers, they will both face a period in the place of correction known as Hell after they die

This is unless she is divorced in the Court of Heaven

When a man penetrates a virgin for the first time blood is shed and ushers in a life time blood covenant in terms of which he accepts responsibility for the wellbeing of the woman for life and she accepts that she is one with the man for life

Virginity is an extremely important gift from the Creator and must be given wisely if one is truly committed to serving Him

There are prayers that can be prayed and measures that can be taken in certain cases where virginity has been given or taken unwisely


Men & Women

This section discusses diverse factors relating to men and to women and how Yah intended that they interact with one another
In this discussion it is vital to understand that Yah created men and women to operate together as a harmonious closed spiritual system of great power
He did NOT intend there to be strife and competition between men and women

He certainly did NOT intend for women to be second rate citizens or to be abused or raped or treated badly in any way

He ALSO did NOT intend for me to be undermined and torn down emotionally

How we discern Yah's TRUE plan for men and women and how we chart a course BACK to this is greatly challenging

This section sets out to lay some foundations for this discussion



The Almighty designed us from the beginning such that one man can covenant with more than one woman, this is evidenced by the seal of virginity

Father Yah, the Almighty Creator, says that one of the greatest evils in the world today relates to the lies that are propagated with regard to virginity

Sexual intercourse with a virgin ushers in a life time covenant that cannot be easily broken, see the page on the Virgin's Covenant 

It is possible for a man to take the virginity of more than one woman and therefore it is possible for him to "marry" more than one woman

This is directly contrary to common teaching that there is such a thing as "sex before marriage" and that only legal marriage in front of a pastor, priest or magistrate has any standing

This is NOT so, the taking of virginity gives rise to a life time blood covenant, see the page on the Virgin's Covenant

Since it is possible for a man to take the virginity of more than one woman it is possible for him to "marry" more than one woman

It is apparent from the existence of the hymen, which is the seal of virginity, that the Almighty Creator intended women to have only one sexual partner for life and for men to be able to have MORE than one sexual partner for LIFE -- one night stands are an abomination in the sight of the Creator

It is an abomination to suggest otherwise

Father has said that lies about virginity will result in more people ending up in the place of correction, Hell for a season than any other single error and, in most cases the term will be lengthy and the judgment painful

Father has also said that false teachings about sex in general are keeping more people from believing than any one error of the modern church

In addition, there are approximately seven times more women than men in the body of true believers with the result that huge numbers of women who believe and at some level love the Almighty are in abusive marriages or sub-optimal marriages with unbelievers thereby keeping them away from the Almighty and those men who DO know the Almighty and who have the capacity to meet the needs of more than one woman are prevented from doing so, in both cases these people often fall into fornication because they cannot cope sexually

It is a harsh reality that the vast majority of women in the Western World at least are unable to share their man and it is therefore vital to understand that in entering into a covenant that monogamy must be agreed BEFORE first intercourse -- see the detailed article on the Virgin's Covenant 

There are seven times as many believing women as men on earth today so most need to remain celibate and single

The most tragic consequence of the lies about virginity and the forced doctrine of monogamy relates to women who love the Almighty

There are approximately seven times more women than men in the body of true believers with the result that most of these women are unable to find a believing man to covenant with for life, that is "marry"

The harsh reality is that IF those women truly value their relationship with the Almighty and desire to live life close to Him they are likely to struggle if they do NOT join to "marry" a believer who is at least as strong as they are

This being so it is better for such women to remain single and celibate and pray for Father Yah to take away their need for sex and to be their husband than it is for them to go from one unsuitable man to another or to join themselves with a man who is an unbeliever and who will insist on pagan practices in his home, which applies to most men today

If a believing woman IS joined to an unbelieving man and he refuses to believe once he has had the truth presented to him, again most men on the planet today, the woman has a basis to go before the Throne of Heaven and request a divorce and, in most cases, this will be granted -- see the article on the Virgin's Covenant for more information

If a believing woman is unable to cope sexually on her own she is better to enter into a life time sexual cohabitation partnership with another believing woman than to date and have occasional sex with unbelieving men or believing men who are NOT prepared to commit for life as she is then committing fornication with the corresponding penalties in theplace of torment known as Hell

In this context it is important to understand that the Almighty has NO objection to sexual relationships between women WITHIN a stable setting

If one truly understands the rewards for overcoming in this life then it is easier to deal with the tragic circumstances of the vast majority of believing women -- see the article "Where are YOU going" for more information

Wild Oats

"Wild Oats", the practice of men impregnating women who are NOT their legal wives, generally clandestinely and frequently in their early manhood is a widespread reality that is largely overlooked

This continues even when these men are in legal relationships with the result that a very large number of children are raised in the homes of men who are NOT their biological and spiritual fathers

Where the father is from a blood line that is blessed and of high intellect this results in children who are blessed and excel in social classes and societies where such blessing and achievement are NOT the norm

Thus, a highly intellectual, highly blessed man impregnates a woman from the working class and they conceive a child who has a level of intellect way beyond that of their peers in their apparent social environment, this results in the mistaken belief that all men and women today are equal in potential when, in fact, it is ONLY those who are children of the above average members of society that have these traits

A reverse situation occurs when a woman from an upper class is impregnated by a servant and produces an apparently upper class child of limited ability that is NOT consistent with the claimed father and claimed blood-line

Wild Oats sown throughout history has also resulted in a situation where most of the people on the planet have blood lines that at some point trace back to Abraham and many that trace back to Yisrael {Israel}

Wild Oats has given rise to a situation in which the ONLY reliable record of bloodline and inheritance is in the books of Heaven, the books of men are almost entirely corrupt and erroneous in this area

There are a significant number of situations in which Yah DOES permit divorce

It is generally taught that "God hates divorce", Yah does, indeed, hate divorce when it is between believers in true covenant

But when a believer is married to an unbeliever and the unbeliever shows NO sign of conversion, Yah EXPECTS divorce

If the believer is a woman and she is in an abusive relationship with an unbeliever she has Yah's FULL support in getting divorced

Where there is clear failure to observe covenant terms that were legitimately agreed BEFORE consummation, Yah will also condone divorce, thus, even if both parties are believers, if there is repeated failure to observe legitimate covenant terms Yah will permit divorce

Where the woman was NOT a virgin at the time of consummating the relationship then any church of civil marriage is null and void in the sight of Yah, she must first deal with the issues pertaining to the man who took her virginity and if she is currently in an unsuitable relationship she should exit immediately

There are other circumstances when Yah will permit divorce

In such cases it is important to seek Yah for guidance but understand that in manifestly unjust or inequitable situations Yah WILL sanction divorce

That said it is important to recognize that there are far fewer believing men than women and therefore, once a woman is divorced she should commit herself to life without a man, where a believing man divorces he should be VERY selective about the woman he chooses and should ensure that he has a clear view of the sort of woman that he is looking for BEFORE engaging with prospective partners

Some Internet dating sites give one the opportunity to set up a very clear and very strict set of criteria with regard to the type of match that one is looking for but one must STILL be selective and careful even if the match appears suitable



If we go back a few thousand years we can get some sense of the way Yah intended things to be with communities built up as families grew and expanded

The influence of the Satanic and Demonic and the constant battle between those serving Yah and those serving Satan has greatly corrupted Yah's intention

It is unlikely that we will ever regain a model that is aligned with Yah's ideal  




Commerce as it is conducted today does not pay much attention to what Yah had in mind although some enterprises remain with a model in which they take good care of their staff and provide life time employment 

Matters relating to day to day life

This section examines other aspects relating to life in this world in this age 


About "Jews"

"Jew" is a label applied to a group of people in the world who are mostly prosperous and who are hated by certain groups

True Jews are Yahoodites, that is "Judaens", descended from the son of Yisrael, Yahoodah

There are many false beliefs towards these people, this section seeks to deal with a few of them

They have prospered because, at a basic level, they have retained some level of faithfulness towards Yah even though they have a lot of error and have largely lost the more powerful spiritual gifts and placed undue reliance on their writings 

About "Blacks"

There are all sorts of opinions about people with dark skin colour and there has been great racial dislike associated with this, as with the policy of Apartheid in South Africa

If one moves away from "Black" and focusses on these people as descended from Africa and in Africa being descended from Ham then there are realities relating to this people group that are of significance
The most significant factor is that they are sons of Ham and most are sons of Canaan so they are the most heavily cursed people group on earth and, as a consequence, they have gone further into ancestor (demon) worship and witchcraft than any other major grouping on the planet

They have therefore degenerated more rapidly than any other major grouping on the planet, this degeneration has taken place in terms of physical appearance, intellect and other factors

Beyond this they have interbred with other people groups such that, while NOT visible, most apparently African people are, in fact, also blood line descendants of Yisrael {Israel} however they operate within the framework of African physical appearance, culture, religion, etc but many have the intellect of their European fathers so discriminating on the basis of skin colour is NOT helpful

Rather do NOT judge or at least judge on the basis of actual conduct and performance

There are also various beliefs that allege that Africans are NOT descended from Noah, are genetically descended from Satan, etc -- these beliefs are false




The REAL Conspiracy

The world abounds with Conspiracy theories

Many of these ascribe extreme power and ability to servants of Satan and a level of collusion that, as a management consultant who works constantly with changing the way people do things, I have to say is remarkable

The REAL conspiracy is that of the Satanic and Demonic realm to lie about Yah and draw the entire population of earth into such error that there is NOT a single human being at the end of the contest who can call on Yahooshua to return and declare Yah the winner  



WHY Believe in the Almighty Creator and seek relationship with Him

IF YOU do NOT believe that the Almighty Creator exists and therefore do NOT have a personal relationship with Him you face a terrible fate when you COULD be blessed for eternity

The Creator has said regarding YOU "why would I want someone to spend eternity with me when they do NOT believe I exist?

Please go immediately to the WHY Believe page and give careful consideration to what is presented there

IF you have a DEEP inner conviction of the reality of the Creator, in other words you claim to be a "believer", but you do NOT have a deep personal relationship with Him such that He speaks to you clearly and regularly and you seek His guidance in every area of your life then He has said of you “why would I want someone to be close to me in Heaven, which inherently means I will give them great authority, if they do NOT have a deep personal relationship with me and have NOT proven to me that they can be trusted?”

Please go immediately to the Relationship with Yah page


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This article discusses the basis for such divorce

2014.11.01a The Creator Desires a Deep Personal Relationship with YOU

The Almighty Creator desires a deep personal relationship with YOU -- this article explains the context to this, the basics of what is going on in the world today and the rewards available to those who respond favorably to this invitation

2010.12.03 Christmas – worshipping Satan – the birthday of the sun god

Christmas is a pagan feast day that worships the sun god which dies on the Northern Hemisphere on 21 December and is born again on 25 December -- observance of Christmas is an abomination in the sight of Yah

0010 Introducing End Time Issue Ministries

This article contains more information regarding End Time Issue Ministries.

2010.11.03 Receiving from the Almighty

Some phrases from worship music that seem particularly important

2012.06.05 The True Sabbath

The following article was written in response to an email about "Jesus" being the "Sabbath" -- this article summarizes why the Sabbath is STILL the seventh day, that is Saturday, and why we will burn in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone if we do NOT observe it.

Please refer to the website for more information in support of this.

2011.08.04 Two praying one taken

The verses relating to two people together and one being taken and one not are examined

Dr James Robertson PrEng, emissary and spokesman of Yah, founder of End Time Issue Ministries

Dr James A Robertson is called as an emissary {Apostle} and spokesman {prophet} of Yah, the Almighty Creator and has been set-apart for a number of years writing and publishing what he believes that the Almighty has said to him.

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Contact James at


An Engineering approach to the matters of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth whose true name is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing

By "engineering approach" is meant rigorous, precise, verified, tested, proven, questioning, critical, investigative, scientific, analytical, evolving, improving practical, no nonsense, learn from mistakes, intolerant of sloppiness, realistic, REAL



This site is growing -- Re Blank Pages

As the site grows we from time to time add blocks of new pages which may NOT contain content for a while -- please accept my apologies for the inconvenience, you may find the information you require elsewhere on the site, alternatively email me for the information you are seeking
Note that words in curly brackets {} are words that although they are in common use are inaccurate in terms of the matters of the Almighty and should therefore be avoided

The Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, says: "It is time to choose -- will you be my friend, or my foe? -- there is NO middle ground!"

Yah says further:

"Ultimately THE AIM of this entire experiment is to find those who will make the sacrifices necessary to become My FRIENDS -- NOTHING is more important"
"A friend is one who is concerned about the well-being of the one they call friend and desires to treat that person as they would be treated -- HOW do you choose to treat Me?"
"True friendship is about what you can GIVE -- NOT what you can GET! -- what are YOU prepared to give Me (Yah)?"
"A true friend seeks to know ALL truth about the one whom they call friend AND to help others to know that truth -- Do YOU know the truth about me? Do YOU care?"
"In this age I (Yah) am MASSIVELY CONSTRAINED by the 'Rules of Engagement' in terms of what I can say and do EXCEPT through those true friends and true servants who will do the necessary work to KNOW my will AND proclaim it AND action it"
"There is NO greater love than that a man should lay down his life for his friend! -- Will YOU lay down your life for Me?"
"Technically a martyr is one who lays down their life for Me, NOT necessarily in physical death but also by sacrificing their comfort and well being in favour of doing MY will -- will you do ALL that it takes to serve Me and love Me as your friend, NO MATTER what it costs you? -- Will you be a martyr for Me by your way of living?"
"My true friends take time to spend quality time with Me daily and communicate with Me and consult Me constantly"
"Why Believe?
"Because if you do NOT you WILL find that when you die you are forced to serve and worship Satan for ever or at least until the day the winner of the 'The Contest' is adjudicated
"Realize that serving Satan after you die could be a really HORRIBLE experience, particularly IF you regard yourself as a GOOD person!"
"Imagine what it will be like as an ancestor spirit (demon) knowing the truth about the lies you believed and watching your loved ones making the same mistakes and believing the same lies that you believed and being unable to do anything about it!"
"Imagine what it will be like when you discover that you are irrevocably locked into the same dispensation that is behind the most barbaric and savage cultures on earth"
"IF you are a 'GOOD' person: when you die you may find yourself secretly hoping that Satan WILL lose 'The Contest' so that you can be cast into the Lake of Fire and utterly consumed in a moment of torment and terror, rather than being a participant in the progressive degradation of the human race into utter depravity, barbarism and perversion! -- and yet you will be POWERLESS to do anything about it!"
"The consequences of dying without a PROFOUND realization of my (Yah's) existence AND a DEEP life changing decision to serve Me is too ghastly to contemplate IF you take the trouble to REALLY understand the truth about the world you live in!"
"Imagine what it will be like to be a demon (ancestor spirit) riding on your favourite grandchild and watching them participate in the same empty rituals and mouthing the same meaningless platitudes that you practised during your life and being UNABLE to warn them of the terrible destiny that they are locking themselves into!"
"A person who reaches the end of their life as my TRUE FRIEND, one who has progressed from 'Wise Steward', to 'Good and Faithful Servant', to 'Overcomer' and ultimately to 'Friend' will receive rewards and authority of unimaginable splendour including a high throne, status and apparel that is far beyond anything that even the most powerful rulers on earth have ever dreamed of, let alone experienced -- contrast this with the other extreme -- an angry and depraved ancestor spirit (demon) desperately seeking favour in a kingdom where favour is a lesser level of torment and the right to exercise greater control and depravity over those less inclined to serve Satan and his Masterminds  wholeheartedly"
"Do YOU REALLY want to be part of a kingdom where the tortured murder of infants is regarded as one of the highest privileges of rank?"
"The evidence is ALL around you IF you have eyes to see -- the choice is CLEAR -- a Kingdom of beauty, love (chesed) and benign power or a kingdom of atrocities and perversion, a kingdom that regards torture and tormented and protracted death of human sacrifices followed by cannibalism, preferably while the victim still lives, as the HIGHEST form of worship?"
"It is TIME for those who still have some smattering of knowledge of me and my ways to STOP playing games with Satan and start taking back this earth while there is STILL TIME -- it is time for believers to STOP marrying unbelievers and allowing their children to marry unbelievers,, it is TIME to STOP marrying those from Satan worshipping cultures, and to STOP welcoming them into your homes, your cities and your lands -- it is time to STOP acceding to Satanic demands that you cast ME (The Almighty) out of your schools, your halls of Government and your workplaces -- it is TIME to publicly open the day with worship and prayer to me, whether in your places of education, your places of Government or your places of work -- it is TIME to cast out those who will NOT comply instead of being cast out and secretively serving me behind locked doors and, IF you CANNOT set apart that place of learning, or government or work then EXIT PUBLICLY and DECLARE your reasons and gather together with those who WILL agree with you in these matters for it is so that in the spirit one TRUE believer FREE OF SIN can put 1,000 to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight and the power of TRUE BELIEVERS who choose to deal with ALL their sin and live in ALL truth is such that massive transformation IS possible -- note the impact of Noah, Abraham, Moshe {Moses}, Yahooshua {Jesus}, Mohammed and Luther -- YOU TOO can bring about RADICAL reformation and renaissance IF you will lay down your life and seek DEEP and ENDURING FRIENDSHIP with Me!"
"IF you believe, it is TIME to assess exactly WHAT you believe about me and then ACT accordingly!"
"IF you do NOT believe, it is time to assess EXACTLY what you DO believe and then act accordingly!"
"There is NO place for fence sitters -- YOU are either FOR me or by default you are AGAINST ME!"
"Know this -- IF you choose to be a TRUE friend, which means you deal with ALL sin and ALL error and do ALL that is required to ensure that your house is FULLY united behind you the forces of darkness CANNOT TOUCH YOU -- BUT, IF you play games and continue to dabble in your favourite sins and errors in your divided house the forces of darkness will TEAR you limb from limb and UTTERLY destroy you -- there has NEVER been a time in all the history of man on earth where life above sin and total unity of your house has been more important!"
"IF you choose to serve ME (Yah), understand that you are choosing a VERY strait and VERY narrow path leading to a VERY small door -- gird your loins and FOLLOW the example of the mighty set-apart ones of previous generations!"

Footnote: ALL the above references to "friend" relate to people like you and me seeking to become true friends of Yah, the Almighty Creator

About names, words, etc

The majority of visitors to this site will encounter names and words they are NOT familiar with

It is a harsh reality that the true Name of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth whose true Name is "Yah the eternally self-existing" has been concealed as have all the important names, laws, commandments, principles and concepts

What is taught by the "Christian" church is almost entirely incorrect as is the case with EVERY religion

This website seeks to present these truths for your prayerful consideration and adoption -- see the prayers elsewhere in this side bar for more information on what to pray

Key names and words that are used throughout this site and which are fundamentally important are:

The true Name of the Almighty Creator is "Yah the eternally self-existing", frequently translated as "Yahweh", more accurately "Yahooeh"

The name of the man commonly known as "Jesus" is "Yahooshua" meaning "Yah is salvation"

The commonly used names of "God", "The LORD", "Christ", "Jesus" are ALL of pagan, that is Satanic origin and the Almighty has only responded to these names as an act of Grace, this Grace has now been withdrawn


Business Interests -- James A Robertson and Associates -- The Business Systems Doctor

In addition to this ministry I operate a management consulting business specializing in the strategic application of computer based business information systems - a business in which Father has taught me many leading edge concepts, principles and methods


My logo is based on Professor Malcolm McDonald's strategy -- tactics matrix -- strategy, doing the right things horizontally and tactics, doing things right on the vertical axis -- if your organization does the right things well, it will thrive -- top right quadrant -- this is a fundamental principles when it comes to the matters of the Almighty as well

In my consulting work I seek to enable my clients to do the right things well

I regard Father as my partner, Chairman, counselor and I seek to conduct business in a way that is pleasing to Him, within the context of prayer that He will judge me severely and correct me harshly that I may serve Him more perfectly


I truly believe that Father has given me extremely high value knowledge and experience which will enable your organization, be it commercial, governmental or non-governmental to be more effective and efficient in its operations and, IF profit is your measuring stick, more profitable



I am based in London, United Kingdom and can be contacted for business purposes on

About the articles on this site

Most articles on this site are classified with a reference number comprising the year, the month and a sequence number within the month, thus 2013.12.03 is the third article published in December 2013

Most detailed webpages are organized with the most recent articles at the top and the Article List displays with the most recent articles at the top.  Searches on the articles list in the same way

Because I am constantly learning, newer articles will almost certainly be an elaboration or refinement of earlier articles and in some cases may significantly revise what I said in earlier articles, in most cases the later article is likely to be more accurate than earlier articles

In ALL cases Father Yah forbids me to go back and edit or correct articles, He wants YOU to have a close personal relationship with Him and therefore to turn to Him for clarification where things that I write contradict or appear to contradict one another

The articles from 2009 onwards are generally much more reliable than those earlier but there are important articles from the earlier days as well, in particular, the articles written in 2000 onwards were written during a period when my understanding was being radically changed on a very intense basis and when I was also getting closer to the Almighty at a very rapid rate

Accordingly the early articles should be given appropriate prayer, particularly if the later articles contradict or appear to contradict what is written in the early articles

That said Father Yah has said that there is much of value in the earlier articles and that they should, accordingly, remain on the site

Third Party Articles

This site includes some articles from third parties

In such cases Father Yah forbids me to censor, edit or correct such articles but requires me to present them in their entirety with little or no comment, as with the previous point He requires YOU to research and pray and reach your own conclusion regarding what is truth

Inclusion of third party articles does NOT indicate any form of endorsement of the person who wrote the article other than that it is my understanding that the article contains information of importance.  Such inclusion also does NOT imply any endorsement of this ministry by the person whose work is cited

It is up to each one of us to discern the truth for ourselves See the article on Seek Truth NOT Error for more information

Content you do NOT agree with

It is probable that you will find material on this site that you do NOT agree with, there is much that is highly controversial, click HERE for an article that proposes a way of responding to such differences

See also article -- Getting close to Yah -- Appropriate prayer and fasting are VITAL -- the answer to doctrinal differences



Important prayers to pray IF you believe that the Almighty Creator exists

IF you believe that the Almighty Creator exists then take note that He has said of YOU why would I want someone to be close to me in Heaven, which inherently means I will give them great authority, if they do NOT have a deep personal relationship with me and have NOT proven to me that they can be trusted?

IF you believe that the Almighty Creator DOES exist the following are amongst the most important prayers you can pray

Note that the true name of the Almighty Creator is "Yah the eternally self-existing" NOT "The LORD" or "God"

Father Yah, I ask you to help me to overcome to the end that I may be found to  be a "good and faithful servant" on the Day of Judgment

Father Yah I ask you to show me the level of my present deception and how to correct it

Father Yah I ask you to help me to draw MUCH closer to you and to know your will and to do it

Father Yah I ask you to fill me with your Spirit and lead me into ALL truth by your Spirit

Father Yah I give you my life to do with as YOU see fit

Father Yah I ask you to bring the people that YOU want into my life and to take the people that you do NOT want in my life out

Father Yah I ask you to open the doors in my life that YOU want open and to close the doors in my life that YOU want closed

Father Yah I ask you to judge me severely and correct me harshly that I may serve you more perfectly

There are many other prayers that you can pray but these are amongst the most important

See also the page on developing a close relationship with the Almighty at


Consolidated Volumes of Articles

We are in the process of assembling the articles on this site into annual volumes based on the lunar based cycles prescribed by the Almighty, the following volumes are currently available in Adobe pdf format

The full list of articles is available on the Articles page and also on the listing in this side bar

The documents are formatted for double sided printing

Vol 10 year 6006 from Creation: 29 Mar 2009 to 18 Mar 2010
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Articles on this site from 2009 to December 2013


The Creator Desires a Deep Relationship with YOU

Seven Components in Growing Close to Yah

Recommended Worship

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

WHY Believe in the Almighty Creator and seek relationship with Him

What Actually Happens when someome comes to believe

The First Eight Days after first believing in the Creator

Triple Immersion as a powerful means of cleansing

Fasting as a vital component of being a believer

Worship is essential in drawing close to the Almighty

What to Read once you have come to belief

The First Year after coming to belief

Those who come to limited belief initially

Those who come to limited belief initially

The TRUE Name of the Creator is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing

The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Detailed Analysis -- Abstract

Objective, Technical Notes And Technical Caveat

Words Translated "God"

Names Including Yah

Further Words Which Refer To Yah

Names Including Yah

Additional Words Which Relate To Yah

Instances Of Jehovah And Jah = Yah In The Hebrew Lexicon Of The Online Bible

Instances Of Yah In The Hebrew Lexicon Of The Online Bible

Closure Regarding The Name Of Yah

This website is the culmination of applying Engineering Principles to the matters of the Almighty Creator since 1993

Yah, the Creator, desires to have deep personal relationships with people who become His friends

Creator Desires Deep Relationship

7 Components of Growing Close to Yah

Recommended Worship

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?


About James Robertson -- An engineering approach to religion and knowledge of the Most High Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Yah the eternally self-existing

Headlines of the walk of James Robertson with the Almighty Creator (Yah the Eternally Self-Existing)

About End Time Issue Ministries

James Robertson's Business interests -- James A Robertson and Associates Limited -- Executive Level Consulting with Regard to the Effective High Value Application of Business Information Systems

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Our Logo

Building a close relationship with Yah the Eternally Self Existing, the Almighty Creator

Key Principles with regard to relationship with Yah

Why are we here?

Stages in the Relationship with the Almighty Creator

The Anointing of the Spirit of the Almighty

Worship of the Almighty

Prayer and petition to the Almighty

Prayer in agreement

Fasting as a vital component of drawing close to the Almighty

Hearing Yah

Judge me Severely and correct me harshly

Yah's Emotions -- He has feelings too

Daddy Yah is LONELY please talk to Him and use His true Name

Did YOU bring JOY to your Daddy Today?

Seeking to live a Life WITHOUT Sin

Overcoming and a High Throne

The Continuum between Yah and Satan

Drawing Closer to Yah

Drawing Close to Yah

Chesed = Covenant Love

Yah's Still Small Voice

Visions and Dreams

What IS Inspiration?

If Yah is moving Hold your Peace

The Authority of Believers

Obedience is a vital element of relationship

If you love Yah keep His commandments

You are NOT a glove puppet you ARE accountable

Sacrifice -- The Death of the Stake

Death with Yahooshua

Further Principles relating to Relationship with Yah

Who to Listen To

Even the highly anointed are falling away

Yah is everywhere

Relationship with Yah NOT worship of intellect

The Majority is ALWAYS Wrong

Specific Messages from the Almighty

Yah speaks to James

Yah speaks to the Church

Yah speaks to Believers Generally

Yah speaks to South Africa

Yah speaks to the World

Yah calls His Servants NOT Man

Yah works through His anointed ones

What IS Inspiration?

The Seventy Facets of Yah's Jewelled Words

A Guide to Receiving Personal Prophecy

Seek Truth

Seek Truth NOT Error

Yah's Commandments are BEST

Important Truths

Satan's Most Effective Lies

Pastors and the Church

The Contest

Rules of Engagement

Yah HAS to work through sons of Adam

Satan HAS to work through sons of Adam

The Forces of Darkness Rule on Earth and Yah is Constrained to act through believers

The REAL battle is between the highly anointed versus the highly illuminated ones

Descent into ALL Error

Yahooshua led a Life without Sin

Satan to the Pit

Recovering Lost Truth

A Son of Adam on the Last Day

IF Satan Wins the Contest

IF Satan Loses

Who ARE "Demons"

The Masterminds

Illuminated versus Anointed

Satan's Devices

Combat in the Heavenly Realm

Yah could do MUCH more in earlier years

All authority and dominion on earth has been given to humans, Yah and Satan are constrained to act through them


What IS Hell?

Why IS Hell?

Visits to Hell

Korean Artist

Bill Weise

Angelica Zambrano

Choo Thomas

No one is intentionally going to hell

There are good decent people in hell

Satan rules the world through the leadership of Demonic Masterminds and human Satan Servants

Satan to Pit 2003


Recommended Worship


Important Prayers

The Most Important Prayers


What IS Covenant?

The Blood of a Covenant Means Death to the Person who breaks the Covenant

Covenant between Man and Woman

Tattoos and Piercings


The Importance of Words

Words that Kill

Words that Bring Life

Right Confession

Words with Pagan / Satanic Impact

Words are Spiritual


Take Care is a Curse




The Bible

What to Read Instead

Old Testament versus New Testament

"The WORD" is Semantic Nonsense

The bible is the most pervasive idol

Diverse Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible

The Essence of the issues relating to the Bible

Positive aspects of “The Bible”

Summing up re “The Bible”

About the Bible

The Arrogance of Christian Ignorance

Relationship with the Almighty NOT Worship of Intellect

Getting close to Yah Appropriate prayer and fasting are VITAL (the answer to doctrinal differences)

IF the Bible IS corrupt then WHAT do I do?

Satan’s Lies – Response to Rebuttal

“The bible is a corrupt book compiled by corrupt men”

The Majority is ALWAYS Wrong

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 2

Bible study versus deep relationship

Demonically inspired bible versions -- rebuttal

Demonically inspired bible versions

Believers who abdicate their intellect

Your Heavenly Account

The contents of the bible are but a pin prick in the history of mankind

Clarification re THE WORD

New Testament? No No No

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 3

Yah is at SOME measure in EVERY book (and so is Satan through his demons)

Clarification -- there IS good in the bible

The King James Version of the bible is NOT THE definitive English translation

Yah works through His anointed prophets NOT committees

The origin of the Christian bible

Those who followed Yahooshua did NOT know Torah

What IS inspiration?

The seventy facets of Yah's jeweled words

Further Articles relevant to the discussion about the Bible -- Section 4

The bible IS a useful reference work – period

Covenant – NOT New Testament

James: What do YOU believe about the bible? REALLY?

Pastors – the Prison Warders of Yah's people

Why Yah could do much greater works thousands of years ago (level of anointing and level of prayer)

Proof of a Global Flood -- Turning history on its head

Where will YOU spend eternity?

Are visions precise and free of error?

Understanding Satan's devices

Clergy versus laity

The Name of Yah in the book {bible}

The TRUE Names of the Almighty in the Bible -- Summary

What is the origin and the purpose of man? -- creation versus evolution

Older Articles -- Prior to 2009

Conclusion -- The Bible is NOT what is claimed for it

Yah (The Almighty) says that the bible is "the Greatest Idol" on earth today

Anointed Life

Anointed Life Part 1

What or Who IS an Anointed One?

Worship is Critical

Filled with the Spirit of Yah

Led by the Spirit of Yah

Guardian Messengers {Angels}


Death with Yahooshua

The Mind of Yah



Supply of Needs

Poverty in the Body of Believers

Anointed Life Part 2

Power Anointing

In the World NOT OF the World

Yah is everywhere

The Race

The Armour

Trust and Belief


Your Heavenly Account


Anointed Life Part 3

Good and Faithful Servant


Angelo beggar on a high throne

Authority of Believer

Works that Yahooshua did



Immersion NOT Baptism

Tearing Down Strongholds

The Battle

Spiritual Warfare

The 144,000

Single Anointed Women

Anointed Life Part 4









Let your Yes be Yes


Judge me Severely and correct me Harshly that I may serve You more perfectly

Seek Truth NOT Error

Anointed Life Part 5

Man and Woman in Harmony


Right Confession

Four phases of the Wilderness

Critical Success Factors for Life

Highly Anointed Ones Make Mistakes and Sin

Even the highly anointed are falling away



Body Mind and Spirit


Believe in Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, the Almighty

Chesed {love} the Almighty with all your heart, mind, soul and strength

Yah is ONE

Who IS Yah?

Who IS Yahooshua?

Who IS Satan?

Demonic "gods"

No Trinity

NO Idols

Not Worship the Bible

Not Worship Jesus

Not Worship Cross

Not Worship People

Not Worship Things

Name Yah NOT in Vain


Yes in Afrikaans and German

True Names

Keep Sabbaths

Day Begins at Sunrise

True Sabbath Saturday Sunrise

New Moons

1st Aviv

Pesach -- Passover

Shavuot -- Pentecost

Yom Teruah -- Day of Trumpets

Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement

Sukkot -- Tabernacles 1st Day

Sukkot -- Tabernacles Great Day

False Sabbaths

Levites BREAK the Sabbath

Chesed {love} your Neighbor as yourself

Honor Parents


Curse Mother or Father and Die

NOT Old Age Homes

NO Murder

NO Abortion

NO Abortive Contraception

Death Penalty for Murder

WHY Death Penalty?

NO False Teachings

Anal intercourse is valid birth control

NO Adultery

What IS Adultery?

Breaking Covenant / Treachery


Male with Male

Female with Female


Serial Polygamy



Chick Flicks are Pornography TOO


Phone / Skype Sex

Oral and Anal Sex

Church Marriage

False Monogamy

NO Stealing

Most Prosperity Teaching is Fraud

Fraudulent Contracts

Misrepresentation in Sales

Outright Theft


NO False Witness or Lying

False Teaching by Church

False Teaching in Other Religions

Misrepresentation in Sales

White Lies

ALL Liars will burn

Believe Lies and Die

NO Coveting or Lusting



Most Adverts

Valentines Heart

Lust is visible in the spirit realm

The MARK of the Beast

All of the 10 Commandments as well as the Principal Commandment have been almost universally broken and made of NO effect

The Satanic

The Satanic Part 1

Who is Satan

Fallen Messenger

Principalities, Powers, Thrones, Dominions, etc

We wrestle NOT against flesh and blood

Combat in the Heavenly Realm

The Forces of Darkness Reign and Yah is constrained to act through believers

Illuminated Ones



Ancestor Spirits {Demons}


If Jesus is living in your heart you have a problem

The Satanic Part 2


Take Care is a Curse

Secret Societies

Free Masonry

The Authority of the Believer


Satan's Most Effective Lies

Lilith Adam's first wife

The Satanic Part 3

Treachery is a Spiritual Force

The Peace of Satan

Fear is Faith in the Satanic

Tsunami of Evil Covers the Planet

Satans Devices

What is REALLY happening

Satan sentenced to one thousand years in the Pit on 3 May 2003

Power from drinking blood

Power from eating human flesh

Power from murder

Satanic Dominion

General Satanic

True Names




Mighty One


My Darling Mighty One


Anointing of Yah


Other True Names

The TRUE name of the prophet from Nazareth is "Yahooshua" NOT "Jesus"

Blasphemous Names

Grace withdrawn






Other Incorrect Names



NOT Christ

True Sabbaths

Day Begins at Sunrise

True Sabbath Saturday Sunrise

New Moons

1st Aviv

Pesach -- Passover

Shavuot -- Pentecost

Yom Teruah -- Day of Trumpets

Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement

Sukkot -- Tabernacles 1st Day

Sukkot Great Day

Year of Jubilee

Saturday is the 7th day of the week and is Yah's true weekly Sabbath

Satanic Feasts



On what day was Yahooshua born?


New Year

Valentine's Day

Other Satanic Feasts

Sunday Sabbath

Sunday is the Pagan day of the Sun god and is NOT appropriate for worshipping Yah, the Almighty Creator

Christmas is a Pagan Feast and is an abomination in the sight of the Almighty Creator

Yahooshua died on a Stake NOT a Cross

It is NOT Baptism it is Immersion

The Coninuum between Good and Evil


True Religion

The Great Falling Away

Even the highly anointed are falling away

Seek Truth NOT Error

The End of the Age



Most Christians are NOT Anointed Ones

The Church put Yahooshua to Death

If Jesus is living in your heart you have a problem

Clergy versus Laity

Judgement on the church of Jesus Christ

Planet X Nibiru


Believers who Beg

History Revisited

This Evil Generation

Christian Denominations

Roman Catholic


Jehovah's Witnesses




Who IS Allah

Other Religions

The Inquisitions have had a major impact on believers today

The upsurge of civilization following the Reformation, that is the Renaissance, masks the long term degradation of human beings over time

The turnaround prophets of history are Noah, Moshe, Yahooshua, Mohammed and Luther -- we need to understand their role to understand the world today

The True Religion of the Almighty Creator, Yah, is a synthesis of, and bracketed by, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Christianity has from the outset compromized with paganism and almost every doctrine of Christianity is fatally corrupt and does NOT define the Creator

Tithes are Invalid in this age

Judaism is one of the three main religions serving the Creator

Islam is the third of the main religions serving the Creator


Yahooshua Part 1

Who IS Yahooshua

Yahooshua IS the mightiest CREATED being in the entire creation

Yahooshua was an OLD Testament Prophet

How DID Yahooshua Accomplish what he did?

Thank Yah that the Jews Killed Jesus

Why Yahooshua HAD to die THAT way

Father forgive them they do not know what they are doing

My Darling why have You forsaken me?

The Covenant of Yahooshua

As oft as you eat it in remembrance of Yahooshua

Death with Yahooshua

Yahooshua Part 2

Yahooshua is WAITING for his enemies to be made his footstool

What IS special about Yahooshua?

Yahooshua will return once the true message has been preached to ALL the earth

The Church put Yahooshua to Death

Authority IN the Name of Yahooshua

LIMITATIONS in the Name of Yahooshua

The Blood of the Covenant

Who Yahooshua is NOT

Old Testament versus New Testament

On what day was Yahooshua born?

Those who followed Yahooshua did NOT know Torah

Greater Works than Yahooshua did

There is NO Trinity

Yahooshua is NOT the ONLY way

The man Yahooshua, commonly called Jesus was and is a human being and is NOT the Creator

Yahooshua, commonly called "Jesus" will only return around 3003 and is NOT "coming soon"

The Great Falling Away is right now


Judgment in THIS Life

Judgment of Believers Who Die

Judgment of Unbelievers Who Die

The Day of Judgment

High Throne with Yahooshua

The Outer Darkness in Heaven

The Foolish Virgins in Heaven

The Lake of Fire and Brimstone

Satan to the Pit for a Thousand Years

Judgement on the church of Jesus Christ

Judgment at the End of the Age

Yahooshua is WAITING UNTIL his enemies are made his FOOTSTOOL

Yahooshua will return when the true message has been preached to ALL the world

No one is intentionally going to Hell

Few people are intending to become demons

Obedience as a Basis of Judgement

Judgment THIS Life





Judge me Severely and Correct me Harshly that I may serve You more Perfectly

Believing Men in Lack

Highly anointed ones also make mistakes and sin


Burn for Eternity Yes? or No?

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Part 1 of the eBook -- Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

A Critical Question

An Important Caveat

Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

A Vital question: Do we know what sin is? - What is the essence of Judgment?

Cause for Concern - Nearly ALL of mankind is breaking most of the commandments

Part 2 of the eBook -- Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

Is there an alternative? -- can one aspire to a High Throne?

It is NOT just heaven or the lake of fire, there is a continuum

It IS POSSIBLE to overcome

What indicators are there about pleasing the Almighty?

How do we overcome? What is the Price?

Some challenging passages from The Final Quest

Joyner's experience of the Judgment


The Final Quest by Rick Joyner

Yah speaks on Rick Joyner

The Call by Rick Joyner

Critical Success Factors for Life

Creation versus Evolution -- What is the Origin and Purpose of Man?

Engineered Creation

Sexual reproduction proves there is a Creator

Part 1 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man


An important assumption and some painful deductions

Some important preparatory points

Use of statistics from

Argument from Incredulity

Progressive development versus Instantaneous Creation

Other religions and spirits

Some other issues with certain religious views of creation

What next?

Part 2 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man


Does this mean deadlock?

A Different approach?

Some issues that arise from the above questions

Science - Engineering - Religion


Suggested principles for further analysis

"Planned (Engineered) Creative Evolution" versus "Unplanned (Unengineered) Spontaneous Evolution"

Part 3 of the book What is the origin and purpose of man

Evidence in Immediate Physical Environment

Tying up loose ends

Various bits and pieces

Some other considerations regarding creation versus evolution

Soft attributes of human beings

 If all else fails, ask for a "sign"?



The World Before the Flood

The Flood Itself

The World After the Flood

Understanding the Impact of the Flood

Why Millions of Years is Invalid

Flood Videos

Overview of the Flood Videos

Section 1 -- Proof of a Global Flood -- Introduction

Section 2: Gold Mines -- Evidence of Massive Hydraulic Flood Action

Section 3: Layered Sedimentary Rocks -- Evidence of a Global Flood

Section 4: The Halfwayhouse Granite Dome -- Massive Surface Disruption

Section 5: African Erosion Surface -- massive flood cutting action

Section 6: Incised Valley deep in massive Granite -- evidence of massive flood action

Section 7: The REAL Age of all this - a flood as recently as 4,500 years ago?

Section 8: Signs Of Judgment -- Real Mount Sinai and Ten Commandments

Section 9: Where DID the water came from? And where did it go? -- Proof of a Global Flood

Section 10: Summing Up -- Proof of a Global Flood

Section 11: End Notes -- Proof of Global Flood

There is global proof of a global catastrophe which is FAR beyond a "flood"

Evolutionary Creation is the ONLY practical explanation of what exists today


The Spiritual Nature of Sex

Yah Created Sex and it was good

The Virgins Covenant

Sex is a Covenant Act

The One-Flesh Bond

Making Love

Transfer of Demons

Soul Ties


Role of Man

Role of Woman

Monogamy and sexual lovemaking

The Bed is Undefiled

The Joy of Sex

Sex -- Permitted and Prohibited

"Sex Before Marriage"

One Night Stands

Men with Men

Women with Women

Anal Sex

Oral Sex




Sexual Thoughts


Spiritual Separation of Man and Woman

Coping with Sexual Need

The Virgin's Covenant is CRITICAL to understand sex, marriage, adultery and divorce

Men & Women

Men and Women and covenant

The Virgins Covenant

Age to Marry



Cleave is NOT Adhere

Isaiah 4:1

Men and Women and Family


Separation of Man and Woman







Is Polygamy Scriptural?



The Book -- The Scriptural Definition of Marriage, Adultery and Divorce

Preamble and Table of Contents

1: Introduction & Concepts

2: How does scripture define the marriage covenant?

3: What does scripture say about adultery?

4: Scriptural Divorce

5: Is monogamy scriptural?

6: Some other scriptures on marriage issues

7: The Tradition of the Elders and Other heresies

8: Consequences of the Heresy of Monogamy and Related false Doctrines

9: Summary and Conclusion

Appendices A to G

Appendices H to P

Appendices Q to V

Appendices W to Index of Key words

Man and Woman in Harmony

Marriage Strategy

Marriage Teachings

Part 1: The Coming Tribulation

Part 1: The Coming Tribulation


Part 3: Scriptural definition of Marriage, Divorce & Adultery

Part 4: Towards Heaven on Earth in Marriage

Part 5: Practical Application of Marriage Teachings

Part 6: Deliverance

Part 7. Conclusion

The Almighty designed us from the beginning such that one man can covenant with more than one woman, this is evidenced by the seal of virginity

There are seven times as many believing women as men on earth today so most need to remain celibate and single

The Responsibility of Believing men towards single believing women

A Letter to a Single Woman

The need of Single Women for Companionship

The impact of Wild Oats (children from casual sex) on the world today

The truth about Divorce



Yahs Commandments

Contest or Compromise

The Mark of the Beast

This Life


ALL are Seed of Noah

Nearly ALL alive on earth today are Seed of Abraham

Most of those alive today are Seed of Yisrael





Yahoodah {Judah}










Middle East


Babylon / Iraq


United Kingdom

Rest of Europe

North America


Central America and Bahamas

South America




The Curse of Canaan

South Africa


Rest of Africa

The Majority is Always Wrong


Yahoodite = Jew

Thank Yah that the Jews Killed Jesus

The Jews are Yisraelites and NOT Khazars

The Jews are Yisraelites and NOT Seed of Satan

Jews are NOT Ominipotent

Blessed for Relative Faithfulness


The Colour of a Person Tells Nothing About Their Bloodline

The Hammite African Spiritual Dispensation

The Curse of Canaan on many Africans


World Trade Center Demolition

New World Order etc

Do NOT Concern yourself with Conspiracy

Y2K (The Year 2000 Computer Fear) -- What WAS it? -- an immature believes conspiracy theory

The REAL Conspiracy



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